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[eeiks] n.

Ethics are moral beliefs or rules about right or wrong. -* The act of stealing certainly doesn’t go against some people’s ethics.


[iksplisit] adj.

If something is explicit, it is very clear, open, and truthful. —► The man gave a very explicit account of the car accident.


[freimwark] n.

A framework is a set of rules or ideas that people use to solve problems. —*His ideas fit into the framework of a successful business plan.


[masnjafaektja:/-] v.

To manufacture something means to make it in a factory. -> My father’s company manufactures steel building materials.


[mekamzam] n.

A mechanism is a part of a machine that performs a certain function. —►I can’t open my car door because the locking mechanism is broke. m i n im iz e [mmamaiz] v.

To minimize means to reduce something to the lowest possible level. —►I checked my homework twice to minimize errors I might have made.


[nektar] n.

Nectar is a sweet liquid produced by flowers that bees and other insects collect. —* Bees use nectar to make their honey.


[noujan] n.

A notion is an idea or belief about something. -* I have a notion that this route would get us to the beach. p r o n e tproun] adj.

When things are prone to some bad thing, they are likely affected by it. —►Some people are more prone to catching colds than others.


[streitfo:mard] adj.

When something is straightforward, it is good because it is easy to understand. -* The teacher’s grading system was straightforward and fair.

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