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[eesid] n.

An acid is a chemical that can burn or dissolve other substances. —*In chemistry class, we mixed two acids together and watched the reaction.


[adminastreijan] n.

An administration is the group of people who manage a company or organization. —►She hoped she could be promoted to a job in the administration.


[adminastreitiv] adj.

Administrative describes anything related to managing a company or organization. - » I work as an administrative assistant to the owner of the company.


[baiouteknalad3 i] n.

Biotechnology is the use of living parts, such as cells, in industry and technology. —►Researchers at the biotechnology company use bacteria to make medicine.


[kalestaroul] n.

Cholesterol is a substance in fat, tissues, and blood of all animals. -» When people have too much cholesterol, they are at a high risk for heart problems.


[koualijan] n.

A coalition is a group of people or organizations working for a common purpose. -* The companies formed a coalition to make trade less expensive.


[diseptiv] adj.

When something is deceptive, it encourages one to believe something that is false. —► The scary-looking man’s appearance is deceptive, but he is actually very nice.


[daiabf:tis] n.

Diabetes is a medical condition where a person has too much sugar in their blood. —» Overweight people are more likely to suffer from diabetes than slimmer ones.




To eliminate something that is unwanted means to completely remove it. -» Wearing a seatbelt eliminates some of the dangers of driving a car. e r o s io n [irou3 an] n.

Erosion is the destruction of rock or soil due to flowing water or weather. —► Canyons are formed because rivers of fast-moving water caused erosion.

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