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CgAlfl n.

A gulf is a gap between people who do not understand each other. —* There has been a gulf between James and Tony since their parents died.


[hJiKmsenatiz] n.

Humanities are subjects which analyze human ideas, such as history and literature. -» Jennifer has always been more interested in humanities than science.


[nat] n.

A knot is made when you tie the ends of rope or cord together. —►He tied a knot in his shoelaces, so they wouldn’t come off during the race.


[tirjgwist] n.

A linguist is someone who studies languages. —► Tony is a good linguist and speaks four different languages.


[partisapant] n.

A participant is someone who joins in a social event or competition. -+ There were thousands of participants in this year’s marathon.


[pldizabal] adj.

If something is plausible, it is reasonable or possible. —►It is plausible that Jack isn’t here today because he is sick.


[ritjusl] n.

A ritual is a formal custom that people do regularly. —►Ken was very interested to learn about the religious rituals of the natives.


[siblir]) n.

A sibling is a brother or sister. —»Jane has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister.


[skmi] adj.

If someone is skinny, they are extremely thin. —►Polly is very skinny. I think she needs to eat more. Vague



If something is vague, it is not clear, and it gives very few details. -* I asked him about his mother’s health, but he was very vague about it.

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