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Word L i s t


a g g re g a te [cfegragit] adj.

When a number is aggregate, it is made up of smaller amounts added together. -♦ The company totaled its aggregate sales for the entire year.


[aentibaidtik] n.

An antibiotic is a medical drug used to kill bacteria and treat infections. -> The doctor gave me a shot of an antibiotic when I got the flu.


[sarkit] n.

A circuit is a piece of an electronic device that allows electricity to flow. —*Be very careful not to shock yourself when fixing an electrical circuit. co m p le m e n t [kdmplament] V.

To complement something or someone is to make them better. -*■ The wool scarf complemented her lovely eyes. r

co m p re ss [kampres] V. To compress something means to press or squeeze it so that it takes up less space. - » I compressed my clothes to fit into a single suitcase. d a ta b a se [deitabeis] n.

A database is a collection of data that is stored in a computer. -» The company has a database of all the names and accounts of their customers.


e q u iva le n t [ikwivalant] n.

An equivalent is an amount or value that is the same as another amount or value. I worked the equivalent of sixty hours this week.


im m u n e [imjum] adj.

When someone is immune to a disease, they cannot be affected by it. -+ Children usually get shots to make them immune to certain diseases. C

inp u t [input] n. Input is information that is put into a computer. -* Type the input into the computer program.


intim ate [intamit] adj. When a relationship is intimate, the two things are very closely connected. —►I only tell my secrets to my most intimate friends.

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