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Exercise f Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. Who would most likely serve in a corps? a. A teacher b. A baby

c. A minister

2. What would you find near a compound? a. A fence c. A parade

b. A napkin d. A computer program

d. A soldier

3. Which would you most likely see inan auditorium? a. A shark b. A river c. A crowd

d. Birds

4. Who would most likely be involved in combat? a. A warrior b. A teacher

c. A swimmer

d. A dancer

5. Which of the following is a dumb thing to do? a. To go swimming c. To play with matches

b. To chop wood d. To trim your fingernails

Exercise 2


Choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the given word. 1. foe a. shovel

b. friend

c. room

d. thumb

2. amnesty a. education

b. prison

c. energy

d. highway

3. combat a. peace

b. brush

c. carpet

d. bird

4. sacred a. brave

b. better

c. evil

d. warm

5. distract a. increase

b. pretend

c. return

d. focus

6. dumb a. kind

b. wrong

c. loud

d. hurt

7. commonplace a. unusual

b. fresh

c. pleasant

d. actual

8 . hack a. mend

b. sneeze

c. blame

d. dig

9. aggressive a. smart

b. tall

c. calm

d. young

b. burn

c. tire

d. soothe

10. provoke a. mash

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