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Readi ng Compr ehens i on PART o

Mark each statement T for true or F for false. Rewrite the false statements to make them true.


A donor gave the school a painting with a sports theme as a stimulus for students to play sports.


The painting showed a referee congratulating two athletes.


Billy was implicated in the crime because a fellow student received a packet with a videotape showing him doing it.


Everybody gossiped about Billy, and even some of our kin think he did it.


The principal threatened to terminate Billy’s education if his parents didn’t pay his tuition.

PART © Answer the questions. 1. What did the principal say about Billy?

2. What was Mr. Meyers’ suspicion?

3. What did the videotape show?

4. What did the attorney suggest to the principal about the boy responsible for the crime?

5. Why did Billy say he wanted his major to be law when he went to university?

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