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Exercise Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. Which is a place that you would graduate from? a. An island b. A school c. A house d. A party 2. Which of the following has a shaft? a. A calendar b. A keyboard c. A basketball d. A pool stick 3. What is one responsibility of a referee? a. To make sure a game is fair b. To stop crime c. To guard athletes d. To be a good parent 4. Why might somebody hire an attorney? a. To watch security tapes b. To pay for their bills c. To prove they didn’t do a crime d. To help them decorate their home 5. How would you describe chronic pain? a. It hurts a lot. b. It hurts all the time. c. It hurts in the morning. d. It hurts only when it is cold.

Exercise 2 Choose the one that is similar in meaning to the given word. 1. kin a. relatives 2. chronic a. useless 3. attorney a. police officer 4. gossip a. plans 5. sever a. to watch 6. stab a. to cut 7. theme a. a book 8. suspicion a. lunch money 9. guardian a. a protector 10. terminate a. to wait

b. boxes

c. friends

d. principals

b. unskilled

c. constant

d. again

b. lawyer

c. teacher

d. instructor

b. an untrue talk

c. culture

d. evil

b. to cut off

c. to keep

d. to hit

b. to prove

c. to get help

d. to wonder

b. a preview

c. a main idea

d. a perspective

b. classes

c. mistrust

d. clothes

b. a judge

c. intelligence

d. truth

b. to end

c. to destroy

d. to hurt

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