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[kin] n.

Kin is a person’s family and relatives. —►His kin were all farmers.


[refan:] n.

A referee is a person who makes sure that the rules are followed in sports. —► The soccer player didn’t agree with the referee.


[sever] v.

To sever something is to cut through it completely. —>He severed the string using scissors.


[Jasft] n.

A shaft is a handle of a tool or weapon. —► The golf club had a long wooden shaft that he held in his hands.


[stasb] v.

To stab means to cut someone or something with a sharp object like a knife. -* He stabbed the fork into the potato and passed it to his daughter. s t i m u l u s [stimjeles] n.

A stimulus is something that causes growth or activity. -+ Having a lot of money is a stimulus for people to buy more things.


[sespifan] n.

A suspicion is a feeling that something is possible or true in a crime. —► The police had a suspicion that the driver had stolen the purse.


[termeneit] V.

To terminate something means to stop or end it. —» The trip was terminated after the car broke down.


[ei:m] n.

A theme is the main subject of a book, movie, or painting. -» The students discussed the book’s theme in class.


[tjidjan] n.

Tuition is the amount of money paid to go to a school. —► University tuitions have increased by fifty percent in the last five years.

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