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Word L i s t attorney

[atami] n.

An attorney is one who gives others advice about the law. —* The attorney appeared in front of the judge for me.


[krdnik] adj.

When something is chronic, it happens over and over again over time. —►He had chronic pain in his chest and needed to see a doctor.


[disaplin] n.

Discipline is training that helps people follow the rules. —► One of the teacher’s jobs is to teach her students discipline. d o n o r [dounar] n.

A donor is somebody who gives something to an organization. —►He was proud to be a blood donor.


[feiou] n.

A fellow is someone who shares a job or quality with someone else. —►All of my fellow patients at the hospital have also complained about the food.


[gasip] n.

Gossip is information that might be untrue but is still discussed anyway. -» The friends exchanged gossip about the people they knew in school.


[graecfeueit] v.

To graduate from a school means to complete and pass all courses of study there. —♦At the end of the spring, my friends and I will graduate from high school.


[graffiti:] n.

Graffiti is words or drawings in public places. -» The wall was covered with colorful graffiti.


[gaxdian] n.

A guardian is someone who protects somebody or something. —► The librarians are the guardians of the books.


[Implakeit] V.

To implicate someone is to show that they have done a crime or something bad. -* The man was implicated in the theft at the store.

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