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Readi ng Compr ehens i on PART © Mark each statement T for true or F for false. Rewrite the false statements to make them true. 1.

Archeological evidence shows there were prehistoric parachutes in China.


Archeology experts cite an old Chinese book that describes a parachute that corresponds with modern parachutes.


Sebastian brainstormed with scientists to invent a device that would allow people to jump from buildings safely.


On Sebastian’s first jump, he used a large blanket to restrict his speed as he traveled to the ground.


Jean-Pierre was a hot air balloon addict.


Answer the questions.

1. Why did Sebastian use umbrellas on his first jump?

2. What did Sebastian think that a parachute would do?

3. Where did Sebastian jump with the parachute he refined and knitted?

4. How was Jean-Pierre’s outlook different from Sebastian?

5. Why did Jean-Pierre jump from his hot air balloon?

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