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Choose the answer that best fits the question. 1. Someone with integrity______ . a. invents new things c. lies

b. tricks people d. is honest

2. What does a person with a good understanding of a budget take care of? a. Their safety b. Their possessions c. Their money d. Their pet 3. Which of the following might an archeological expert be interested in? a. Reading about ancient devices b. Studying the effects of height and speed c. Learning how to save lives d. Finding his car keys 4. What does it mean to be a parachute addict? a. To want to be on land b. To want to jump from a plane witha parachute c. To always ride in hot-air balloons d. To want to be at sea 5. In order to refine an invention, one has to_______. a. spend money on it b. make it better c. be ignorant d. know Italian

Exercise 2



Write a word that is similar in meaning to the underlined part. 1. The teacher held classes in the outdoor area surrounded by walls on warm days.

2. The airport is usually hectic on Saturdays because many people were traveling.

3. The teacher made sure the correct answers matched with the questions on the test.

4. The student gave an example from an interview she heard on the radio.

5. The victim of the crime of tricking told the police about her experience.

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