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[fro:d] n.

Fraud is the crime of gaining money by lying or by tricking people. —►Experts say that credit card fraud increases around the holidays. h y d r o g e n [haidradjan] n.

Hydrogen is a gas that has no taste, color, or smell. -» Balloons filled with hydrogen can easily float away if you aren’t careful.


[integrati] n.

Integrity is honesty and good morals. —» The principal had a lot of integrity.


[nit] v.

To knit is to make fabric by connecting strings together. -+ My grandmother knitted me a sweater.


[autliik] n.

An outlook is a person’s opinion or way of thinking about something. -* He changed his outlook about rats after he read a book about them.


[paeraju:t] n.

A parachute is a device that helps people and things fall to the ground safely. —► They used parachutes dropped from airplanes to send supplies to the civilians.


[pri:/?istd:rik] adj.

When something is prehistoric, it is from a time when there was no written history. -> The scientists found prehistoric pots used by the people in the area.


[prapounant] n.

A proponent is a person who supports an idea or a plan. —*He was a proponent of using environmentally friendly products.




To refine something is to make it better by making changes. —» The principal refined his method of controlling students over the years.


[ristrikt] v.

To restrict is to limit something and prevent it from getting bigger. —► The club restricted the amount of members.

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