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Karen Collins

This photoshoot by photographer Karen collins is simular to what i would be interested in doing with the background being in a forest or even like this one with the leaves which are just as effective. the colour of the shoot is iinteresting with the colours being quite suttle and not so bold and vibrant which is perfect for nature. the way the model is standing is graceful and well positioned showing the clothes off well.

These are a few images by atomatic attack who are a illistrators with fashion i think their work is really effective in the way that they have used nature such as leaves with darkness, showing two different contrasts. The pose of the models is reall interesting in the way that they are standing with a slight bend as if they were moving. The lighting if really effective as it is not too heavy. i would like to use this as an inspiraion for my work.

Automatic Attack

Klimt This artist Klimt’s work i find is really interesting with the shapes and colours that have been used. its strange that it looks like a photograph. The colours are all natural and have soft elemnets to them. it would be fun to incorporate some drawing into the photoshoot with the same style as KLIMT.

My ideas moodboard These are a few key images which are to do with my ideas. the fasion no-no’s such as the socks and sandals,the brown and black, red and pink and showing off your bra straps. Also the idea of the forests and nature. I also am a saggitarian so i thought that would be a nice way to incorporate that into my ideas.

My Personal moodboard These are a few images that are personal to me and what means something, such as family friends having your nails painted and savory with sweet. From my ideas i would like to incorporate them into my final outcome, so my fianl piece will mean something to me.

Image and communication  
Image and communication  

AAfew pages on my ideas and inspiration