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Name: Hana Harlow Age: 20 Ethnicity: Mixed Race (half British, half Japanese) Location: Camden, London Education: Currently studying Fine Arts at University. Shops: mostly online but sometimes goes into the vintage part of Urban Outfitters, or just goes out to Camden Market when she wants. Music: She likes unsigned artists, indie bands and underground artists like Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (mostly Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean). She downloads the mix tapes from the internet, and sometimes downloads the albums or just buys them online. Movies: Watches foreign films a lot (like Ghibli Studio films) and other indie films such as Big Nothing, Brick Lane. TV: She doesn’t watch much TV but enjoys stand up comedy on channels such as Dave and watches E4 when she’s looking to waste time. She’s very reluctant to listen to mainstream music, and mostly enjoys listening to underground. She keeps up with the news and often expresses herself within her group of friends. She enjoys going online to blog, while also keeping up with her interests, like music and photography.

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