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Andrew Marshall

Once More

Synergy and Mode of address The connection of our three products was done through the constellation imagery, in our music video it was seen in the video that the artist’s girlfriend made for him, when she points to her shoulder (although not seen properly in the music video); on the back cover of the digipak and on the magazine advert. As well as the imagery, we used the colour purple to link the three together. We used the colour purple because of the science theme, (with the stars and the constellations) Original shot

The same typography is seen in all three products. The san serif font connotes a casual and more friendly approach, which keeps with the artist’s approachable brand. It also keeps in with the constellation lines, with the lines being thin, which makes the font look more technical, keeping with the science theme.

The mode of address is slightly emotional, with the lyrics of the artist aiming to connect with the audience. In the performance, he keeps eye contact with the camera , as if to speak directly with the audience and convey his message.

Branding and style The artist when performing, looks laid back and natural. His body language is relaxed and not tense, which fits in with this branding of being a cool headed, down to earth kind of person. The colours we’ve used quite calm, in the first still the colours are natural and not bold, in the second they’re more subtle hues of purples and blues. By using this toned down colour palette, it keeps with this branding. His costume is simple , most of which being casual wear such as hoodies and a t-shirt or a jumper and chinos. This simple, unbranded clothing makes him look more approachable, like an everyday guy.

For the performance shots, we left the lighting natural and not adding any colour ways to it, the impressionist shots on the other hand we had either the purple projection or purple over the footage. This contrast was so because the performance shots show the artist as he is, calm and composed while the impressionist shots reflected more on the mood of the song and the memories along with it. The projection aided the memory like effect, with the artist sitting in the centre and the footage being projected all around him, as if he’s thinking aloud.

Evaluation Part 3  

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