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AUDIENCE RESPONSE SYSTEMS The Audience Response System is the communication mode between the presenter and the audience. It is the device based on new technology including fun activities. Moreover, these systems can be utilized for both small and large audiences positioned in various places. It is mainly used in the classroom lectures, seminars, corporate events, as voting pads and many more. It is the perfect blend of hardware and software. There are a number of names for this technology which include dial tests, student response system, clickers, voting pads, audience-response meters, realtime response and many more.

WHAT IS THE FUNCTIONALIT Y OF THE AUDIENCE RESPONSE SYSTEM? We have seen many events where the organizers speak and the rest of the audience listen to them. Do they really get interested in listening speaker? Isn’t it like a boring lecture? Most of the people find these events boring due to lack of audience engagement in the event. Thus, using an audience response system in the events is a boosting audience attraction with others and with the speaker. Yes, as per surveys it is found that it increases the more audience engagement and lead to the successful event due to the participation of all. An audience response system allows a group of people to communicate with each other and take a role in question votes. The ARS is a device used by all the individuals present in the event and ensures they are able to get entangled and learn in a fun atmosphere.

WHAT IS IT? The device is embedded with both wireless hardware and presentation software. It increases the audience engagement and their response in voting polls using their phones and clickers which can be connected to the monitor through internet and televisions. Multiple receivers are positioned around the room which can be elected up by the presenter’s computer. After getting all response, the results from the polls can be calculated easily and can be shown in the graphical format. Based on the requirement, you can disclose your identity or make it public as you wish.


Improve consideration and engagement Audience response used for the engagement Increase information retention Unnamed audience voting Real-time response Display polling results instantly Create an interactive and fun learning atmosphere Authorize audience thoughtful of key points promptly Speed up decision making Collect data for reporting and analysis Track individual responses


Silent Equipment Rental is known for presenting best electronic voting pads/Clickers in the market for conferences and seminars. Their services are dynamic and af fordable. An extensive range of of fers is given by the Translation India for voting pads, schools, meetings/seminars, and conferences. In brief, all businesses whether it is a large -scale or small like to use wireless audience response system when they need to accumulate data from the public. Rather than buying an audience response system, you can go for the rental system which will be more beneficial for you. They broadly provide the range of high quality, ultra -advanced voting pad systems on rent from a diversity of locations in India.

AUDIENCE VOTING SYSTEM COSTS It i s imperati ve that l ocal univer sities, bu sine sse s, school s, and training programs stay up to date with modern educational tec hnology. It can be a great i nvestment for you to purchase and get i nvol ved with as the system is easy to use and proven to be ef fective . There are a number of factor s on which the cost of an ARS depends. The so f tware and hardware devices have dif ferent prices ; therefore, prices depend on the sc heme you are choosi ng for your event . Al so, another factor i s the invol vement of how many devi ces and receiver s you need to b e placed i n your ro om . Rental facility i s the best if you have a l ow budget . They will guide you i n the entire process that made thi s organization a one-stop solution for all ser vices in the audience response system . How to Use ARS All the associate d member s with the organization are fully trained and responsible for the success of even. They ensured the fully functioning of the event and audience engagement. there are some steps you should follow before using this system:  1 . Keep either the hardware or sof tware systems that would befit you  2. Connect the devices to the receiver s and the presenter’s screen  3. Choose the questions and polls you would like to ask  4. Answer the questions subsequentl y.

Get in Touch If you are interested in finding out more information about audience response systems feel free to talk with the organization. Their specialists have years of experience and expert knowledge in this arena with the key information and details required. Simply fill out the inquiry form provided they will get back in contact as soon as possible .

If you need the technical specifications, user manual, more reference pictures, or other information, please contact at or call @ 91 9811844244



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Audience Response Systems in Delhi, Voting Pads  

The Audience Response System is the communication mode between the presenter and the audience. It is the device based on new technology incl...

Audience Response Systems in Delhi, Voting Pads  

The Audience Response System is the communication mode between the presenter and the audience. It is the device based on new technology incl...