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Heat on tweet

Sajid Nadiadwala legally forbids Priyanka and Ranbir from talking about Anjaana Anjaani on social networking websites SUBHASH K JHA


Ranbir Kapoor

ajid Nadiadwala is the first film producer to actually take the much-needed step against stars putting up information about underproduction films on social networking websites. This especially applies to one microblogging site, which according to one producer, is the “souten of all confidentiality clauses in film contracts.” While other producers and directors have only been talking about it, Sajid Nadiadwala has belled the cat. He has contractually forbidden his cast and crew from going on any social networking site to write about his new film An-

jaana Anjaani. This critical decision had to be taken after Nadiadwala saw a constant inflow of pictures and information being put up on the said site. Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor are both on the site. The former is especially active on the network. Sajid had a closed-door meeting with his director and decided enough was enough. Says Sajid, “I actually took the decision to forbid my cast and crew from putting any information on websites after an incident that happened with Sajid Khan, my director of Housefull. We were doing a photo-session with the film’s stars. We weren’t even finished and Sajid Khan had already put one of the pictures on the site. I was horrified. That’s when I decided it was time to make the confidentiality clause a legal issue in all my contracts.” Sajid Nadiadwala laments the lack of privacy

among stars today. “I remember when my father produced JP Dutta’s Ghulami, we’d stand outside Dharmendra’s van for hours waiting for him to emerge so we could see what he wore, how he styled his hair, what watch he had on, etc. Today the stars volunteer all this information on the social networks even before the director takes his first shot. I think all of us need to make confidentiality compulsory for every film.” Sajid says the internet syndrome started to affect him during Kambakkht Ishq. “But then it wasn’t so bad because the fad hadn’t become an epidemic in our film industry. Kareena and Akshay Kumar were not on such sites,” observes Nadiadwala. Needless to say, Priyanka Chopra’s ceaseless tweeting prompted Nadiadwala to take the decision to forbid his films from being discussed minute-by-minute on the internet.

Priyanka Chopra

The film will both shock and entertain you With Dibakar Banerjee’s Love, Sex Aur Dhokha, newcomer Anshuman Jha makes his interesting launch as the “New Age Rahul”. Sapna Sarfare speaks to him about his rather engaging debut


alaji Telefilms and Dibaker Banerjee’s interestingly shocking film Love, Sex Aur Dhokha or LSD has Anshuman Jha making his debut. The youngest to pass out from Barry John’s academy, he has worked with big names in theatre. Is LSD as intriguing as its name? It is all about the name. It has got all three ingredients, as the title says. And your role in the film is... I am playing a character called Rahul. He is the romantic lead. He is a film student and his aspirations are just like the films — happily ever after. He is a charming guy. His lines are lot like Shah Rukh Khan’s lines, but he is not a spoof on SRK. The film seems risky for a debut... I am a newcomer and no one is going to launch me. I didn’t want to be someone’s best friend. I want to work with the best of directors. I auditioned and Dibakar liked me for the film. I enjoyed the script and so took it up. I am always willing to take risks. I would also love to work

How much of Barry John’s training is going to help you here? Acting can be polished, not taught. Barry makes you realise things which are useful for actors. I have a lot to offer and I will tap areas which are good for me. Barry is the best possible acting guru. He told me while giving me my DA certificate, “I wish I was as good as you are at 17”, because I was the youngest to pass his diploma. I told him, “I wish I get as good as you are at your age.” He is a brilliant actor himself. Anshuman Jha with someone like Karan Johar. You are just 24. Are you not afraid of burning out, by starting young? I was born to be an actor. In fact, 24 is late. I should have started at 22. I am going to stay for more than 50 years. I am a perfect balance, though not many believe in me. At 20, I met Subhash Ghai and he told me to wait for another three years. I think this is the perfect time.

Share your experience of the film. It is a different film. It is the first digital film in India. It had to have someone like Dibakar to make it. There were hidden cameras which we didn’t know about. So, our reactions were natural. It was a unique and different experience. It is a risky film in an entertaining way. Being typecast is a possibility. Not at all! At the end of the day, it is all about how well you manage your career. Everyone was telling me about how difficult it is to get films,

but at present, it is all about what I am getting now, after LSD. I want to work with people like Anurag Kashyap and Vishal Bharadwaj. Honestly, I think I have got the chalk and cheese. “I will be the ugliest face to debut in 2010, yet the most attractive and effective.” Interesting statement. I have been told that I don’t look like a hero. They were being polite in not saying that I am ugly. It stayed with me. But I know what I am. I have the skill and will attract people. I know whatever I do, people will like it and remember. Any advice for viewers, while watching LSD? I am nobody to speak on that. The audience and the press are sensible. Thanks to the press, filmmakers can make such films. The film will both shock and entertain you. The audience will go to watch good cinema. Love, Sex Aur Dhoka releases on March 19, 2010


The actor and his steady girlfriend Priyanka Bhatia have officially split; Neil will move back to his parents’ house at Napean Sea Road

NEIL single again SUBHASH K JHA


eil Nitin Mukesh and his girlfriend, designer Priyanka Bhatia, have called off their relationship. The couple had been seeing each other for almost two years. This comes as a bit of a shock because Neil had confessed not too long ago that they were as good as married and their parents had heartily endorsed the union. In an earlier interview to Mirror, Neil had said, “Priyanka and I spend so much time together, so making it official is hardly going to make a difference to our equation. There’s absolutely no family pressure on either of us. In fact, God forbid, if we ever decide not to carry our relationship further, our parents will disown us.” So then what went wrong? Neil refused to specify, only saying, “I really don’t want to discuss it but since you’re asking me, I won’t lie. It is true that Priyanka and I are no longer a couple. The parting was by mutual consent and very amicable. We’re still friends and always will be. Priyanka is still as welcome in my home as I am in hers,” says Neil, adding that there were a number of reasons behind the decision. “I can’t discuss them all but mainly my profession, namely acting, was far removed from her world. To her credit, Priyanka tried to be part of my world but it just didn’t work.” Considering that they were talking about an imminent engagement followed by marriage, this comes as a real shock to all of Neil’s family and friends. Neil adds, “I really wanted us to be together for keeps but sometimes destiny has other plans. To compound my problems, I am currently staying alone in our flat in Powai. But considering what happened now, I plan to shift back with my parents.” The one good thing that Neil’s stint alone has taught him is cooking. “I can make everything from biryani to pasta…but I wish I had someone in my life to make them for me,” says Neil. For the moment though, he isn’t bothered about his single status. “I just want to concentrate on my work,” he says. Neil Nitin Mukesh

Pune mirror  

Another interview with anshuman

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