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What’s Up

Odesa: Sex Trafficking Capital of Europe


ecent reports from visitors returning from a trip to Odesa stating that the number of prostitutes working in the Black Sea port seems to have grown astronomically this year have been backed up by an excellent piece by Mark Townsend of the British newspaper, the Guardian which states that Odesa has become the main hub for sex-trafficking in Europe. Last week, the US state department published the most comprehensive study ever undertaken into human trafficking worldwide. The Trafficking In Persons report estimates that up to 800,000 human beings continue to be traded across borders. Many end up working in brothels across Europe, and many come from Ukraine and are enslaved in Odesa. According to the report, the numbers of Ukrainians forced into prostitution continued to increase in 2010, and it seems the government is doing nothing about it. In fact, local politicians and police appear to be complicit in the enslavement and trade in young girls. Many of the girls come from Moldova or its extremely poor breakaway republic, Trans-Dniester, but the majority of the girls come from the Odesa oblast. According to locals, all the villages in the region have been virtually emptied of their young female populations who have all been lured to Odesa by promises of legitimate jobs, only to be enslaved and put to work on the streets as

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soon as they arrive. Many are then trafficked across Europe having been given false papers which are removed upon arrival. As the girls have travelled under these false papers, there is no record of their whereabouts and absolutely no chance of tracing them. Last week’s US report highlighted the role of government officials in trafficking. Prosecutors, counter-trafficking police and border guards are all implicated in the sex trade, taking bribes to turn a blind eye. A charity working in the city Faith Hope Love has received thousands of reports from girls forced into sex that they’ve been beaten and abused by the police when they try to report their plight. Until now, the most common tactic has been to lure women into a trap with promises of a better life abroad, but now the traffickers have become so brazen, secure in the fact they are virtually immune from prosecution, as to abduct girls on the street. It is impossible to estimate the number of girls being enslaved and trafficked in Odesa, but despite the risks, there is no shortage of women, presumably unaware of the potentially horrendous outcome, willing to risk all in the hope of moving to the UK or other western European countries. And it seems incredibly easy for people to get involved, if so inclined. In the taxi from the airport, Mark Townsend was asked by his Armenian driver if he was interested in girls. He said he would be, but only if they were interested in relocating to the UK. Within an hour he received a phone call from a woman calling herself Olga who told him she’d found someone suitable. By text he received instructions to wait outside the Steakhouse of Deribasovska Street. A 25-year-old girl called Lesya from a nearby town appeared on time. She was very shy, blushing and curtsying upon meeting. She worked as an accountant but was desperate to leave Ukraine, her heart set on a life in London. Mark told her he had good contacts in London and would find her work. Lesya did not ask what kind of work or ask for any form of identification. The following day, Mark met a woman offering ‘Odesa Brides’. He explained he was looking for women, not for marriage, but for work in London. That evening, he had a meeting with a 27-year-old girl called Olena, also an accountant, who explained she was sick of the corruption in Ukraine. Again, she was willing to take Mark up on his offer of work in London, without asking what sort of work. These examples show just how vulnerable the women in this region are. So desperate are they to leave the poverty of a corrupt Ukraine behind, they are prepared to risk everything by trusting in a man they’ve only just met. Luckily for Olesya and Olena, Mark Towsend is a reporter, but he could quite easily be a pimp taking them to a life of enforced prostitution and violence. It doesn’t take much to work out that this massive increase in human trafficking has taken place under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, and we call on him, as we hope all residents of Ukraine will, to put an end to this barbaric practise. These are the young women of the country you rule over, Mr President: it is your job to protect them! For Mark Townsend’s full report, go to jul/02/odessa-ukraine-sex-trafficking-investigation

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Privatisation of Gas Pipeline to Get Approval So, as Tymoshenko sits in a stuffy court on Kreshchatyk charged with abuse of office when negotiating gas contracts with the Russians, the government talks about privatising the Ukrainian gas transit system, looking for funding from Russia and Europe. Since the current administration signed the deal with Russia extending the lease of Black Sea Fleet naval base in Sevastopil for another 25 years in return for a discount on gas they’re not happy with, the Russians have been pushing for a ‘merger’ between the giant Gazprom and the much smaller Nagtogaz. This, of course, would amount to a takeover, handing control of Ukrainian energy to the Russians. Yanukovych and Azarov said no to this suggestion when it was first aired, but now it looks as though they’ll hand over control through the back door with this ridiculous proposal. The Party of Regions are, not surprisingly, onboard with the proposal, and now it seems the Our Ukraine- People’s Self Defense opposition party will vote in favour as well, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of defense of the people in that decision at all. The hypocrisy is so rank it’s enough to make one pass out.

Builders Destroy Kyiv’s Myth Another massive construction scandal broke at the weekend when bulldozers and excavators moved in and started leveling the historically important Shchekavytsya hill at the weekend. According to the ancient legend of the foundation of this great city, three brothers Kyi, Shchek

Naked Breasts Attack Yes, that uniquely Ukrainian feminist movement, FEMEN have been up to their old tricks again, this time at a graduation ceremony in Shevchenko National University, which must have given the grey-haired professors a bit of a shock. As per FEMEN’s now traditional method of protesting, Inna Shevchenko burst into the ceremony half-naked, breasts bared, holding a placard that declared “Dormitories for Students”. The reason for the demonstration this time? Apparently students in the city are going to be forced to vacate their dormitory accommodation during the 2012 EURO football championship in order to make way for visiting supporters. Again, this is not really a feminist issue, and much as we like to see these beautiful young ladies protest in this manner, they might be much better focusing on the issues that would normally fall under a feminist banner. As a suggestion, ladies, why don’t you head down to Odesa and protest against all the young Ukrainian women being forced into prostitution there? Now that’s something really worth protesting against! Please tell us girls, do you really understand what feminism means?

and Khoryv came here and built a town on three mountains, which bear their names. Standing high above Podil Shchekavytsya became a fortress in the 12th century, and later a massive cemetery for victims of the plague in the 18th century. It is of huge historical importance, but now it looks like it could disappear altogether as its offerings of wonderful views across the Dnipro seem to have seduced builders and corrupt Kyiv officials who are now planning to con-

struct four-storey elite apartments on the site. Indeed, half of the hill has already gone and the diggers are still working as activists and ecologists pour to the site in the hope of saving it. Kyiv’s head architect Serhiy Tselovalnyk claims he knows nothing about the work taking place, but promised that if indeed the hill is being destroyed illegally, he will ensure it is fully restored. Now that will be a neat trick worth watching!

Cyprus and Ukraine Deepen Relations President of Cyprus Demetris Christoflas arrived in Kyiv on Monday for a tete-a-tete with the big man himself, who said that he’s very interested in intensifying bilateral cooperation between the two countries. “Your visit to Ukraine is convincing proof that our states are seeking to strengthen cooperation. I am convinced that we will have something to talk about today,” Yanukovych told his Cypriot counterpart at the beginning of their meeting, going on to note the importance of the visit as it’s the first time a Cypriot president has visited Ukraine. Of course, what we here at What’s On are wondering is did Yanukovych set up offshore holding companies in Cyprus in order to take advantage of the reduced taxes. Interesting…

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Picture Perfect Jumping Fires

Photo: UNIAN

The Ivana Kupala celebrations on 6 July demonstrate just how close this country remains to its pagan past, and when people celebrate the natural world with such fun and fervour, that can’t be a bad thing. The most fun part of the day is jumping the fire, and this man has picked a rather big one. We hear he escaped with only first degree burns to his feet.

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Kateryna Kyselyova


Kyiv Culture

Behind th

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Most Kyiv theatres have already swept the stage for the last time this season, turned off the lights and closed the door. The Kyiv Opera Theatre, in its infinite richness and romanticism, however, has opted to remain open for one more week so that they may delight audiences with the sights and sounds of the longawaited Russian opera – Iolanta!


remiering in Kyiv this July – the end of theatrical season, this tradition of ending with a premiere is one the Opera House often enjoys each year. Finishing on one fervently bright and inspiring note, What’s On had the grand opportunity to get a behind the scenes glimpse of all that goes into a performance of this magnitude.

The Sanctum Sanctorum The rain is coming down in huge drops as I make my way up Bohdan Khmelnytskoho. It is a gloomy morning. However, the rain shrouds the Opera Theatre in mist and mystery and I can’t help but feel energised as I make my way toward this building which houses so much talent. Opening the stage door, an entrance reserved solely for performers and stage hands, I feel as though I am being let in to some secret service office. There is a guard on duty with a list: if you’re not on the list, you’re not getting though. Lucky for me, the general director himself has ensured my name appears today and I am allowed access. The whole process is one of the strictest I have ever been through, but I chalk it up to my charm and diligence as a theatre-lover that I have even got this far! Passing the guard, I walk down narrow corridors where large drums and boxes full of other such instruments lie worn from years of love and use. Finally I find the door to back stage, only to find more boxes and containers which hold sets and decorations enough for one hundred performances! Slipping past it all, almost unseen, I make my way into the hall where I find a seat in the first row.



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As if it were a performance for thousands, conductor Volodymyr Kozhukhar strikes up his orchestra at 11.30 sharp, and once they have made it past the intro, the curtain rises on the garden of a 15th century monastery. Had this been an evening performance, I would have the libretto in my hand to help me better understand just what is about to happen. But it is not, and I do not. Lucky for me, however, I studied up before I came. Written in 1892, Iolanta is Petro Tchaikovsky’s last opera. He was inspired by “King Rene’s Daughter” by Danish playwright Henrik Hertz, and writes of a young girl, the daughter of a king, born blind but unaware of her disability. Living out her days in a beautiful garden in a monastery, no one is allowed in to see her or talk to her. Until one day, a young prince happens upon the garden where he meets Iolanta in all of her innocence for the first time. Dramatic twists and turns lead to an invariably happy ending for she is healed and is finally able to look at the world in all its beauty.


The Boss Playing the part of Iolanta is National Opera House soloist Liliya Hrevtsova. While this is clearly a dress rehearsal for all involved, she

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Kyiv Culture

is dressed in street clothes so as not to spoil her own costume for the premiere. As she sings, I am absolutely astonished to see how convincingly she plays her part. Turning my attention to the man playing her father, King Rene, his suffering at the hands of his child’s misfortune is so real that my mind can’t help but say, “I believe you.” While everyone works as a team, the guy in charge, as far as I can see, is the conductor. He goes fairly unnoticed come time for performance. However, he is the one that keeps the musicians playing, the singers singing and generally keeps everyone on track. From his spot on the stand, he hears everything: an off note of the violin, the lost beat of a drum, the sour pitch of a vocalist, and therefore demands perfection. Addressing those on his team, his comments do have the power to sting: “Where do you think you are, a gymnasium? You’re a duke of the 15th century! Sit up straight! Lounging like that you destroy the entire orchestra!” While he is closer in proximity to those in the orchestra pit, those on stage are not exempt from his comments either: “You trust yourself, and then I want you to trust me and the music. Swallowing a bar here or there and the whole opera will limp behind for a quarter measure!” Addressing the cellists and the bassists after this affront, I can feel his almost angry energy: “You guys give me some male energy here. Let the audience feel it!”

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Amazed, I cannot believe how all of these participants – both singers and orchestra – obey the conductor and more importantly his stick. Starting the fragment over again, everyone understands what they are supposed to play, how they are supposed to sing, and where they are supposed to stand. I can only imagine how many times this would have had to have been repeated in order to gain such perfection in coordination and precision! After this first outburst, the rehearsal goes fairly smoothly until the end of the last scene. This is the most dramatic part of the entire opera as it is when Iolanta finally sees the light. And while you would think she would be happy at this prospect, instead she demonstrates a physical sort of pain. The light beats down upon her and with it comes a great fear of an unknown world she must now face. With the support of the choir, the stage and the genius of Tchaikovsky, this final scene is so powerfully extraordinary, I think I see the light myself.

Behind the Scenes So impressed by what I have just seen and heard, I catch Liliya Hrevtsova afterwards to see how she feels about her role in this opera. “This role is special,” she says. “I have to imagine how this young girl feels living her life blind, and what is even more difficult is trying to understand her desire to see. I’ve been singing for 10 years. But today, it was like the first time I’d stepped on stage. Everything in front of me was so dark!” Asking her about the process of meeting a new role head on like this Hrevtsova says, “It is always a long and difficult process and all aspects of the staging process are important: when I first learn the role with the concert master; when I face the character on stage for the first time; during rehearsals in trying to understand how the producer sees everything; and then finally during the last rehearsals when the concert master/conductor fits all of the pieces of the puzzle together to make them fit.” Feeling the power

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This Week Festivals Territory of Art

Ethno Music, Cinema and Literature in the Open-air

Art-Pole Festival, Unizh Vllage, Ivano-Frankivsk region

12 – 16 July The Art-Pole festival, formerly named Sheshory, is one of the biggest and most popular ethnic music festivals in Ukraine. Having changed location, moving the event to the village of Unizh, it remains a well-organised and memorable festival, attracting Ukrainians and guests of Ukraine to the picturesque Dniester canyon. The festival unites music with landscape as well as performance art – each of which encompasses a number of facets – so get ready for a little experimentation. Add to the mix bands such as DahkaBrakha (Ukraine), Perkalaba (Ukraine), Village Kollektiv (Poland), Feloche (France), Wild Marmalade (Australia) and more, and you’re bound to have a very unforgettable few days. For more information visit

8-14 July 2011

Rurysko Festival, Berezhany, Ternopil region

9 – 10 July Rurysko is a grand two-day festival presenting exceptional Ukrainian music from all corners of the country. Taking place in the marvelous area of Rurysko, drowning in fragrant field flowers and herbs surrounded by forests, this festival promises to be an extraordinary event. With a musical line-up as well as a fabulous cinema programme right out in the open air, the literature scene too will present modern Ukrainian poetry and contemporary theatre the likes of which visitors have never seen before. Organisers are claiming this to be a festival of Ukrainian culture to beat all such festivals. It’s definitely worth your time!!! For more information visit

Organ Music in Lviv Diapazon International Organ Music Festival, Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music (S Bandery 8)

25 June – 17 July Taking into account that this is a pretty musically-minded country, among all cities of Ukraine Lviv tops them all for its ancient tradition of organ music. In fact, archival documents prove organ musical notation goes back as far as 1405 due to a musician of German origin who stayed on to perform in the town a few years later. Since that time, the organ houses of Lviv have been crowded with listeners eager to hear this unique sound. Because of this bountiful history, Lviv has also given birth to numerous organ composers and organ masters who have since gone on to gain fame in Ukraine and abroad. In continuing this grand tradition, St Magdalena Cathedral is a housing its fifth annual international organ music festival which includes some of Europe’s most well-known organists. Giving sophisticated music lovers a unique chance to enjoy musical history, on 10 July especially, a Luxemburg organist will be giving a concert – don’t miss it! For more information visit

Crimea Turns into a Region of Festivals Summer Evenings on Karaimska Street, Yevpatoria, Crimea

Kozak Fights and Games Kozak Mamay’s Saber Tournament, Mamajeva Sloboda (M Dontsya 2)

9 – 10 July For the second time this summer, Mamajeva Sloboda is housing thier international Kozak Mamay’s Saber Tournament. All guests will get the chance to see the spectacular two-day show of fights, games and all around knight nautiness. Ukrainian Kozaks, Crimean Tatar riders, Polish cavaliers as well as soldiers from Sweden and Italy will show off the fighting skills most well known in their respective countries, while a traditional market-fair of crafts and souvenirs, tasty Ukrainian food, dancing, singing, and much more will keep those light of heart more suitably engaged. It promises fun for the whole family! For more information visit

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1 July – 31 August Yevpatoria is one of the most comfortable and beautiful places in Crimea with its golden sand beaches and historical monuments all over town. The district most interesting for history-lovers has to be Small Jerusalem which includes the Djuma-Djami mosque, Turkish baths from the 16th century, the ancient gates and more. Come every Friday in the summer this district turns into a fair-market that includes dancing, singing and stilt performers! Live sculptures line the streets alongside vendors selling hand-made souvenirs and stylish interior decor. Should you happen to find yourself in Crimea this summer, don’t miss out on your chance to visit this colourful fair-market providing fun and good spirit! For more information visit

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Live Music

8-14 July 2011

Sweet Dreams

ROCKING WOLVES (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

Dream Theatre (metal, hard-rock), Palace Sport (Sportyvna Pl. 1)

14 July at 19.00

CARTE BLANCHE (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

Pioneering American progressive metal band Dream Theatre are finally bringing their outstanding stage performance to Kyiv. Renowned among musicians of many genres for their technical virtuosity, this band, which found life at the famous Berklee College of Music in the United States, has won accolades the world over for pushing back the boundaries of “metal” and blurring the lines between genres. Kyiv-based fans of Dream Theatre are guaranteed a unique show, since the band never plays the same set list twice and their gigs are known to take audiences on a long, loud, fast, yet melodic journey to the frontiers of modern rock music. Tickets are 250 – 650hrv. For more information call 246-7406.


Friday TABULA RASA, ASHYPKI (POP-ROCK) Time: 22.00 Admission: 60hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 CHARLIE'S ANGELS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Khmilna (B. Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 G SOUND (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Moskovskiy Pr 17/1) 461-8788 BEEFEATERS (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551 MAD HEADS XL, UKRAINSKA, LEMONS (ROCKABILLY, COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717 ANTYTILA, EASTERN EXPRESS (POP-ROCK, COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 KHASH, MR OCH AND HIS ROOT BOYS (COVER BANDS) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865 IN LOVE (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900 DEAD BOY'S GIRLFRIEND (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366

TETYANA AREFEEVA (JAZZ) Time: 20.30 Admission: free Jazz Do It (Chervonoarmiyska 76a) 289-5606

STRONG TIME, CHILL OUT (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

ROCK FOR (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

MAD HEADS XL, CARNIVAL HEAT (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 70hrv Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

SHUBIN BAND (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Kostelna 4) 278-0490

VASYA CLUB, ANIMALS' SESSION (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865


LUCKY BAND (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900

Saturday MJ PROJECT (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 50hrv Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137 GOOD, EVIL, BAD (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Khmilna (B. Khmelnytskoho 3b) 390-6106 CARTE BLANCHE (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: call and check Bochka Pyvna (Khreshchatyk 19a) 459-0551

THE RED STERNS (BLUES) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366 OLENA PUHACHEVA (JAZZ) Time: 20.30 Admission: free Jazz Do It (Chervonoarmiyska 76a) 289-5606 RESONANTS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

SERHIY OVSYANIKOV (JAZZ) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366 DMYTRO GARKAVENKO (JAZZ) Time: 20.30 Admission: free Jazz Do It (Chervonoarmiyska 76a) 289-5606

TARTILA (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Kostelna 4) 278-0490




Monday EUGENE UVAROV'S BAND (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

TRES DESEOS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 20hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

NIGHT BLOCK (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

MR OCH AND HIS ROOT BOYS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

EASTERN EXPRESS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

GERA & SECOND BREATH (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

ANIMALS' SESSION (COVER BAND) Time: 19.00 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

VALET MECHEY (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

YUKHYM DYM (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

MAX TAVRICHESKIY (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979


JACK LONDON (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Thursday NO COMMENTS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

LEMONS (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

EAST SIDE (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366


MORE KHUANA (COVER BAND) Time: 21.30 Admission: free Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528

SOYUZ 44 (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

SPACE MAN (POP-ROCK) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865

JUKE BOX (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

TROPICANA (LATINO PARTY) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Star Pub (Popudenka 1a) 292-2900




JULIAN TOMAS & FRIENDS (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

OLEKSANDR MURENKO & FUSION BAND (JAZZ) Time: 22.00 Admission: free Art Club 44 (Khreshchatyk 44b) 279-4137

THE MAGMA (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: 30hrv Docker’s ABC (KhreshchatykZankovetskoi 15/4) 278-1717

CRAZY TRAIN (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: call and check Docker Pub (Bohatyrska 25) 451-8528 ROCKING WOLVES (COVER BAND) Time: 21.00 Admission: free Route 66 (Zhylyanska 87/30) 239-3865 SWEETLO (COVER BAND) Time: 20.00 Admission: free Divan (Besarabska 2) 235-7366 ACE VENTURA (COVER BAND) Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Porter (Mishuhy 3a) 536-9979

Jazz Fusion Mike Stern Band (USA, jazz fusion), October Palace (Instytutska 1)

13 July at 20.00 Jazz is beginning to gain a well deserved reputation in Kyiv, especially with this next entry into Ukraine’s musical archives. Famous jazzman Mike Stern (Blood Sweat & Tears) returns to Kyiv not solo but with violinist Didier Lockwood, bassist Tom Kennedy and drummer Dave Weckl. Together they are ready to impress Ukrainian audiences with their fusion of jazz, jive and blues all mystically combined to ensure a fabulous night of music for all. Tickets are 150 – 500hrv. For more information call 279-1582. : What's On Recommended

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This Week Art

8-14 July 2011

PASSION FOR S(Z)URBARAN Exhibition of works by Oleksandr Roytburd Collection Gallery (Pankivska 8) Until 18 July 287-3766 A HORSE AND A WOMAN Exhibition of paintings by Oleksandr Pavlov, Tryptykh Art Gallery (Desyatynna 13)I Until 12 July 279-0949

DRINK OF THE LAND Exhibition of works by Vyacheslav Malyna Mystetska Zbirka (Tereshchenkivska 13) Until 31 July 050-136-4737

CANARIAS Exhibition of paintings and photographic works by Rufina Santana and Poldo Sebrian M17 (Antonovycha 102-104) Until 31 July 596-2030

Myth Becoming Reality Country U, Exhibition of works by Yaroslav Derkach, Zeh Gallery (Frunze 69)

From 7 July The aim of this next exhibition from Zeh, called Country U, is to make real the myth of a prosperous and joyful Ukrainian life. This myth aggressively opposes a reality where many feel handicapped, unable to change their own life as well as the lives of those they love. The other intention of this project is to show just how overloaded with both stimulative and delusive designs the Ukrainian artspace truly is. These latter items are often promoted as stylistic genius, which is why artist Yaroslav Derkach has been busy with his own figurative works so that they may function as a substitute to this mass consumeristic idea. Claiming his works elicit true joy, he invites everyone out to have a look at his dream of the way art should look. For more information visit

PAINTINGS AND INSTALLATION Exhibition of works by Anatoliy Halytsky Museum of Modern Art (Hlybochytska 17) Until 24 July 201-4945

PAINTINGS Exhibition of paintings by Vasyl Ermylov Mystetsky Arsenal (Lavrska 12) Until 17 July 288-5130

FREEDOM TO BE YOURSELF Exhibition of works by Deva Lay Wunjo-Art Gallery (Heroiv Stalingrada 10a) Until 15 July 228-6620

FAIRTALE AFTER THE FAIRYTALE Exhibition of authors' dolls Parsuna gallery (Khoryva 43) Until 1 August 425-2415


Xtraction All summer long In need of something to keep the kids busy this summer? You needn't look far! In fact, you don't even have to head out of the city! Xtraction boasts a number of differnt water activites for your kids to drown themselves in, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing, waterslides and more! Don't want to get wet? Try paintball or mini golf, or just get them busy on the many recreational areas they have on site. The list is long and it's only July! So grab the sunscreen, pack a lunch and come on down to the park that is every parent's dream!!! For more information visit

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CIRCUS Peremohy 2 (metro Vokzalna) 486-3927

MUNICIPAL PUPPET THEATRE Mytropolska 1 513-1500

ZOO Peremohy Pr. 32 241-7769

MARIONETTE THEATRE Sahaidochnoho 29/3 (metro Poshtova Ploshcha) 417-3058

DYVOSVIT 4D cinema, children’s labyrinth, attractions Marshala Malinovskoho 24/10 502-0088

BUTTERFLY ULTRAMARINE Cinema, children’s playground, bowling, arcade Uritskoho 1A (metro Vokzalna) 206-0350 KOBZOV CIRCUS 239-2181 Prospekt Pobedy 82 MYSTICAL-AQUARIUM CENTRE Koshytsa 8A (metro Poznyaky) 502-1796


PIPPI-LONGSTOCKING Musical in 2 acts for children7+ Time: 12.00 Lypska Youth Theatre 253-6219

THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO Musical in 2 acts Time: 12.00 Kyiv Theatre of Opera & Ballet for Children & Youth 425-3116


Druzhby Narodiv Park

PUPPET THEATRE Hrushevskoho 1A (metro Maidan Nezalezhnosti) 278-5808


NEMO DOLPHINARIUM Akademika Glushkova 9 520-5550 KYIV PLANETARIUM Chervonoarmiyska 57/3 287-7508 AQUAPARK TERMINAL Aquapark, shopping and entertainment centre Kyivska 316 in the town of Brovary 200-1450

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Puppet-play for children 3+ Time: 11.00 THE MYSTERIOUS HIPPOPOTAMUS Puppet-play for children 3+ Time: 13.00 Kyiv Puppet Theatre 278-0566

YASNOGORODSKYA OSTRICH FARM Podlesnaya 32, Yasnohorodska (30km outside of Kyiv) 782-3240 HOPAK IN KYIV Hopak Training Centres 332-7747 or 067-933-3244 Visit NABEG HORSEBACK RIDING CENTRE Vishgorodska 85 067-712-3384


THE GOLDEN CHICKEN Puppet-play for children 3+ Time: 11.00 LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Puppet-play for children 3+ Time: 13.00 Kyiv Puppet Theatre 278-0566

FABLES IN THE ATTIC Fairytale in 1 act Time: 11.00 A FAIR MESS Burlesque in 2 acts for children 7+ Time: 12.00 Lypska Youth Theatre 253-6219 KYIV HORSE RACE TRACK Akademika Glushkova 10 266-2223 STATE MUSEUM OF TOYS Klovskiy 8 253-5400 INTERESNIY KIEV Tours in and around Kyiv in English! 491-1176 or 068-121-4458 Visit tour/english

PYROHOVO OPEN AIR MUSEUM Folk architecture and life Marshrutka #3/156 from metro Lybydska 526-5542 MAMAEVA SLOBODA Outdoor Cossack Museum Mykhayla Dontsya 2, Otradniy region 361-9848

NIVKY PARK Children’s playground, rifle ranges, walking paths, cafes Prospect Pobedy 82 KURENEVSKIY PARK Playgrounds, attractions, cafes Frunze 134 NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN Open year round Timiryazevskaya 1

7/5/11 4:41:30 PM



8-14 July 2011


MOULIN ROUGE NIGHT – DJ MISS FTV, DJ BRO, DJ RUNOV, MC PILIGRIM, TOPLESS SHOW Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150

Friday RAVE ON – MINIANIMAL, OLEKSANDR GALICKY, VERONIKA, VIRT Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-20hrv, G-25hrv, after L-40hrv, G-50hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 BACK2BACK – STEPKILLAH, MAX NRG, JIKE, KATWON, STRINGER, PURPLE UNIT, ZARIN, MISS SUE, SHK, D-WHITE, MNIAL, SW1TCH, FRAI, BH Time: 22.00 Admission: 60hrv The Most Open Air (Moskovskiy Bridge, Druzhbiy Narodiv Park) MEGA FOAM PARTY – DVJ BURZHUY, DJ IRA CHAMPION, DJ INDIGO Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-25hrv, G-30hrv, after L-50hrv, G-60hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 PLUR PARTY - UKRAINIAN HARDSTYLERZ, AGAMI MOSH, LIBERTY, STRADI (UK), KYUFEE (UK), SONS OF DESTRUCTION, LILAC RATATOUILLE 2B2 BOOM, COLLAPSE Time: 22.00 Admission: 40hrv Shtorts Club (Polkovnika Potekhina 12) SUMMER KISS – SUNNY, IVAN DEMSOFF, SHATYRKO, DJ PITCH & SMIRNOV, DJ KOSS, MC VESELKIN Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, after L-50hrv, G-50hrv Go-Go Beach Bar (Trukhanivskaya 1) 233-0617 DEEP SESSION PROJECT – DJ FLIP, DJ SMIRNOV Time: 19.00 Admission: free Cartel (Shamrilo 23) 494-0734 FANTASTIC FICTION – ASPID, TARASOV & TONIX, ISH TIMELESSNESS, LUNATIC PANDORA, EGO PROGRESSUS, GENESIS, SANSKRIT Time: 23.00 Admission: 25hrv Lenin Summer Park (Mykola Hrinchenko 18) 067-327-0457 GIRLS NIGHT OUT – DJ RUNOV, DJ ROCKET, ARENA SHOW GIRLS Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-200hrv Arena (Baseina 2a) 093-947-7476 MISS PATIPA JULY – DJ MISS FTV, DJ ROCKET, DJ GREG VINTAGE Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150 DISCO FOREVER Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 HORSE PARTY – MILKIS, M ANTON, ESTRIN, LASHKO, SASHA PETROV & DIM PO, VOLOS, SETMER LANVIN, ANTONI, LUNNI, STASTWEE, NOIZAR, HARDTENNIS, MARKOV & TAGIR, RICHARD GORN & POPGORN, D’ARTS DANCE PROJECT Time: 23.00 Admission: 100hrv (300hrv for those not in dress code) Byblos Green Theatre (Parkovaya Doroga 2) 469-2677

SEXY HOUSE – DJ LADY BEAUTIFUL, DJ DAVID, DJ MISS MONIQUE, MC TAY D Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-15hrv, G-20hrv, after L-30hrv, G-40hrv Prime (Nauki 8) 524-2209

A Meeting of Musical Minds Global Gathering, Chaika Airfield (Petropavlovska-Borshchahivka, 2km from Kyiv on Zhytomyr highway)

9 July at 14.00 Global Gathering is an annual dance music festival by Angel Music Group, the company behind Godskitchen, and is a key player in the international festival market. With its first event in the UK in 2001, it continued to expand throughout the world until it reached Ukraine in 2008. This year there is a huge line-up of top electronic musicians and DJs starting with the tremendous DJ Tiesto, dance doctor Richie Hawtin, terrific trancer Markus Schulz, house guru Laidback Luke, the fabulous Ferry Corsten and tonnes more! This IS the event of the summer – don’t miss out! Tickets start at 349hrv for general admission and go up to 2499hrv (for 6 people) for top VIP treatment. For more information visit

DISCO FRIDAY FOAM PARTY & LADIES NIGHT – DJ KARIBSKY, DJ NIKOLAI NICK, DJ AEROBODY, DJ TORI BLANCO, MC LIFE, DIONIS SHOW Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, after L-40hrv, G-50hrv Prime (Nauki 8) 524-2209 PRE-PARTY – DJ UZHANSKIY, DJ BODROV Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Shokolad (Saksahanskoho 8) 289-0194 ALL MINE! Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after L-50hrv, G-90hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 FRIDAY SLAG – BELLA OGURTSOVA, STAS SHURINS Time: 22.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv Bomond (Rybalskaya 22) 225-3290 DISCOLOCADOS + DISCOTHEQUE Time: 22.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-150hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 PARTY IN BED – DIAMOND DJS, AZURE SHOW GIRLS, Time: 20.00 Admission: L-free, G-150hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 CHUPA CHUPS PARTY Time: 22.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-100hrv BabyFace (Shchorsa 44) 286-0777


Saturday CLUB SOUNDS – DUB MAKERS, JOSS, REYNA & RUBY, DJ MUVIK, DJ WATSON, MC UGIN Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-30hrv, G-35hrv, after L-60hrv, G-70hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780 GLOBAL GATHERING AFTER PARTY Time: 04.00 Admission: call and check Party Room (V Vasylkivska 5/3) 050-187-6003 RAI MOSCOW CLUB SHOW – A PARTY FROM THE BEST CLUB IN MOSCOW Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check D’Lux (Hrushevskoho 3) 200-9009 PRE-PARTY – DJ SASHA SKY, DJ VOVA BLACK Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Shokolad (Saksahanskoho 8) 289-0194 ERASURE AFTER PARTY – DJ SHOW GIRLS Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-150hrv Arena (Baseina 2a) 093-947-7476 FOAMTHERAPY – DJ UNDERHILL, DJ ID CRASH, DJ MARKA POLA, DJ CLUBER, MC ROMA’N Time: 22.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-25hrv, G-30hrv, after L-40hrv, G-50hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070

SPONGEBOB PARTY – REAL O, DIO FILMY, POPGORN Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Olmeca Plage (O Dolobetskiy, Hydropark) 232-2244 F NIGHT Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after L-50hrv, G-90hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DISCOLOCADOS + DISCOTHEQUE Time: 22.00 Admission: L-100hrv, G-150hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290


Sunday PROGRESSIVE NIGHTS PARTY – DJ ANDREY BALKONSKY, DJ SHELESTOFF, DJ UNDERHILL, MC IVAN POTEKHIN Time: 23.00 Admission: 30hrv Maximym (Dekabristov 12/37 562-6262 ASSAI (RUSSIA) Time: 19.00 Admission: call and check Sullivan Room (Prorizna 8) 066-485-5555 R’NB BOOM – DJ LADY, DJ MISHA MYKHANYK, DJ MUKHVIK, MC YOUNG T, МC GIGA.LIVE YOUNG T, D.K., STAVELLI, ANGY FEVER, MIRENA Time: 22.00 Admission: L-20hrv, G-30hrv Forsage (Harmatna 51a) 232-6780





PROFI PARTY Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150

GIRLS NIGHT – MC CLUBNICHKA, EROTIC SHOW Time: 21.00 Ladies only before 00.00 Admission: before 00.00 L-free, after, L-50hrv, G-90hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024

RETRO PARTY Time: 21.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 SALSATEQUA Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after L-20hrv, G-50hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

12 Tuesday RUNAWAY BRIDE – HOROSH, MISS FTV, PINK CREAM, INDIGO, MC PILIGRIM Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150 HEY AMIGO! Time: 21.00 Admission: free Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DISCOTHEQUE OF THE 80S – DJ VELSKIY Time: 21.00 Admission: free Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 LATINO DISCO Time: 22.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

MEN’S DAY! Time: 22.00 Admission: L-50hrv, G-free Sorry Babushka (Dmytrivskaya 18/24) 486-0300 SALSATEQUA Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after L-20hrv, G-50hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 LATINA FIESTA PARTY – DJ STALKERA, MC ADAMA, GO-GO SHOW Time: 21.00 Admission: free Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494


Thursday MAKE LOVE NOT WAR – MAGMA Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after G-90hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 LADIES NIGHT! Time: 22.00 Admission: L-free, G-50hrv Sorry Babushka (Dmytrivskaya 18/24) 486-0300 LATINO DISCO Time: 22.00 Admission: L-40hrv, G-60hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290 LADIES NIGHT Time: 23.00 Admission: L-free, G-100hrv Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494

I WANNA ROCK – WHITEBLACK, DJ SHKED, DJ SPEEDY, MC BLACKY Time: 22.00 Admission: call and check Patipa (Muzeyniy 10) 253-0150 TECHNOLOGY CRAZY! – DJ MARIKA ROSSA, DJ KIRILL MIXER, DJ PURPLE UNIT, DJ MITCHELL, DJ ROCKS, DJ MC DIM, MC MALYSHEFF & DJ SEMENOFF Time: 22.00 Admission: L-15hrv, G-30hrv Saxon (Trutenko 4) 257-4070 BIG FISH Time: 21.00 Ladies only before 00.00 Admission: L-free, G-90hrv Shooters (Moskovska 22) 254-2024 DISCOMANIA PARTY – DJ VELSKIY Time: 21.00 Admission: free Azure (Leontovycha 3) 234-7494 SALSATEQUA Time: 21.00 Admission: before 23.00-free, after L-20hrv, G-50hrv Caribbean Club (Kominternu 4) 288-1290

Legends Hit Up the Capital Erasure (UK, synthpop) in concert, Arena Concert Plaza (Baseina 2a)

9 July at 19.00 As unbelievable as it is, the Vince Clarke and Andy Bell synthpop duo are here in Kyiv this summer with their fabulous Top 20 hits, including I Love to Hate You. Having been a big part of the international music scene for over 25 years, their time has been well spent working on 14 studio albums, 4 concert albums and 4 CD collections. There are also rumours that work on a new album is going on right now, so chances are new hits are on the way. This summer is going to sizzle with the Loveboat in town so make sure you’ve got your ticket! Tickets are 300 – 1200hrv. For more information call 492-0000. : What's On Recommended

25.indb 15

7/5/11 4:41:42 PM

25.indb 16

7/5/11 4:41:45 PM

25.indb 17

7/5/11 4:41:56 PM

25.indb 18

7/5/11 4:42:09 PM

25.indb 19

7/5/11 4:42:20 PM


Coming Soon Tango 3.0 Tour

Mastering the Environment

Gotan Project (France), Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

Exhibition of photographic works by young Ukrainian photographers, Brucie Collections (Artema 55b)

30 September at 19.00 These guys are not world famous, but they should be. Taking classic world music and mixing it up with beats and breaks reminiscent of the sounds coming from top DJs around the globe, the Gotan trio have done something really special. Coming together in 1999, Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H. Müller love love love everything tango (as you can see, if you look close enough, at their name). Featured in Schindler’s List, The Scent of a Woman, Shall We Dance and more, their tracks are so intense they will send shivers up your spine. Deserving of all the acclaim they receive and more, take these guys in. Tickets are 200-1900 hrv. For more information call 247-2316

From 20 July Brucie Collections has a reputation for the most up to date, authentic and admirable photographic works from all over the world. However, starting mid July, the gallery will be exhibiting the snapshots of a number of fine young Ukrainians whose work fits in perfectly with what is going on in the world at the moment. Allowing a little poetry, romance, humour and even some sarcasm into their pieces, these youngsters are themselves creating trends, and convinced that our reality always has some piece of surrealism attached, they beckon you to look closer. For more information call 205-4264.

Powerful Sound Waves

Inflaming Flamenco Carmen by the Antonio Gades Ballet (Spain), Palace Ukraine (V.Vasylkivska 103)

Tsunami Bass, Green Theatre (Parkovaya Doroga 2)

23 November at 19.00

15 July at 22.30

Antonio Gades, an outstanding flamenco dancer, and his ballet have been busy advancing the genre of flamenco through their latest stage creation, Carmen. Performances not only include all the flair and footwork that is flamenco, but authentic song and original music accompaniment also. With a cast of 25, this Carmen presents a story that has fused together three areas of the arts making this show something you won’t see just anywhere. Perfectly executed choreography, heart-rending song and true passion await all those open to the emotional experience. Tickets are 80 – 1500hrv. For more information call 247-2316.

A tsunami is headed this way!!! Pushing its way through the city there will be no hills, no sand blocks, no tall buildings are will stand in its way. This sound tsunami is wild and frantic that only party-goers equal in strength will be able to wield it! So make sure you grab your swim suits and surfboards to catch hold of Minikin, Duberman, Katwon, Trash Yourself, Misha Katsurin, Karasi, Ke’be Wild. Consider yourselves warned! Admission is 50hrv. For more information call 469-2677.

An Apocalyptic 7th Symphony Apocalyptica (Finland, symphonic metal), Palace Sport (Sportyvna Pl 1)

2 October at 19.00 After their Worlds Collide European tour and their debut here in Ukraine, Apocalyptica left the country with only one wish and that was the wish to come back. Making their own dream come true, the band’s 7th studio album, entitled 7th Symphony, is what will be featured this evening. Using instruments heard mostly in orchestras, three cellists and one drummer make up the Apocalyptica quartet and play everything from symphonic to neo-classical heavy metal. You won’t hear Metallica, Slayer, Faith No More, Pantera or Sepultura complaining, however, as it was their hits that first got this unique metal band from Finland on the go. Tickets will soon be on sale. For more information call 246-7406.

25.indb 20

An Immense Talent Valeriy Meladze (Russia, pop), Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

26 October at 19.00 Valeriy Meladze, owner of that marvellously smooth voice, is returning to Kyiv this autumn. Having got to where he is today because of his talent only, this upcoming show promises something really special. Featuring special effects, sets and backup song and dance that are sure to please, it is Mr Meladze and his sultry sound that keep fans coming back again and again. Tickets are 250 – 1750hrv. For more information call 247−2444.

7/5/11 4:42:35 PM


The Woodstock of the East Kazantip, Popovka Village, Evpatoriya

30 July – 20 August

Rock Legend Graces Kyiv Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)

31 July at 19.00 Legend, ground-breaking and influential are but three of the adjectives that have been applied to Robert Plant. And with good reason. From not entirely humble beginnings, Plant and Led Zep reeled off a stunning string of blues-infused hard rock hit albums, spawning chart-topping hits like Communication Breakdown, Heartbreaker, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Kashmir and, of course, Stairway to Heaven. Fol-

lowing Zep’s break-up, undeterred and with a considerable amount still to offer, Plant soldiered on, notably releasing a platinum (and 5 Grammy-winning) album entitled Raising Sand, in collaboration with American singer Alison Kraus. On tour with his new band, Plant will be arriving in Kyiv as one of the most beloved rock singers of all time. This concert will be, if there is any justice in the world, sold out and tickets will move fast, so you may want to Ramble On down to your box office as soon as tickets go on sale. Tickets are 300 – 3000hrv. For more information call 247-2316.

On the Hunt Night Snipers (Russia, pop-rock), Arena Entertainment (Baseina 2a)

15 July at 20.30 One of the things that has been an iconic symbol about this band for years is the relationship between the former acoustic guitar/violin duo Diana Arbenina and Svetlana Surganova. While Sveta left the band in 2002, Diana ploughed on winning a Triumph for her achievements in literature and the arts. It’s been awhile since she’s been to Kyiv. Having made her fans wait an indelibly long time, however, this next show is sure to please. Especially since Arbenina has been working on a few new hits. Admission is 250hrv. For more information call 492-0000.

25.indb 21

The Republic of Happiness is often the way Kazantip is described, as a month-long spell of electronic music held on the shores of Crimea always attracts thousands of beach bums every single year. Continuing on from a 19-year legacy, this event, which was once just an amateur beach party, has become a real, authentic, international summer fest. And playing 24/7 for the whole month of August, you never know who is going to perform. The only thing you can be assured of is the best of the best will be making an appearance. Previous years have seen world famous DJs hitting the turntables, such as Lexy & KPaul, Infected Mushroom, James Zabiela, Nic Fanciulli, Dub Fire, Tigerskin, Njm Clark and Dirty Crew. For more information visit

No Tramps Here A Lady and Her Gentlemen (Russian comedy), Kyiv Operetta (V Vasylkivska 53/3)

3 August at 19.00 This lyrical comedy staged by a company of Russian actors tells the touching and ironic story about love and how it, along with the ideal man, changes as years pass. If you know anything about theatre from these parts, you’ll know that the line-up is a good one as it includes the legendary Soviet actress, Elena Safonova. Live music, which is a rare thing in theatre these days, lends itself well to the story, as does the improvisation inserted at various parts. Having successfully toured Europe, this show has all the ingredients to make a great evening out. However, may we suggest that perhaps you keep the children home this evening. Tickets are 470 – 1300hrv. For more information call 287-2630.

Force of Attraction Love in the Big City Piccolo Amore – an exhibition of photographic works by Vita Buyvyd, Karas Gallery (Andriivsky Uzviz 22a)

From 3 August Vita Buyvyd is an extraordinary photographer and artist who feels and understands the tension rising in society today. Merging various different genres – such as watercolour and collage – in any one of her exhibitions, this next showcase, Piccolo Amore, uses photography only. It is a series of shots in a megalopolis that focus on a single individual alone in different crowds, where, unfortunate as it is, suicide is often the solution to the incessant loneliness situations like this create. Adding glam magazines and comics to relieve the strain on this distressing reality, take in this most recent exhibit today – it could be Kyiv. For more information call 2386531.

Sky Gravity 2011 Reborn, Donuzlav Lake, Crimea

27 – 30 July Organisers of the Sky Gravity music festival are asking “how often do you see the sky?” While it’s kind of a rhetorical question, research has led those to believe that the synthesis of rhythmic trance together with the splendour of heavenly design elicits anti-gravitational properties within electronic music itself, thereby transforming the human mind. After a year’s hiatus, they are back with this, their sixth fiesta, and will soon be dancing under stars right along with you and DJs Arjuna (Italy), Avalon (UK), Etnica (Spain), Farebi Jalebi (Australia), Sanathana (India), Methodic Marble (Portugal), Transdriver (Russia), Sonic (Ukraine) and many many others. Festival tickets purchased before 15 July are 450hrv. After this date, they go up to 499hrv. A single day pass is 150hrv. For more information check out

7/5/11 4:42:47 PM

25.indb 22

7/5/11 4:42:56 PM

25.indb 23

7/5/11 4:43:08 PM


Take Me Out! Listings RESTAURANTS AMERICAN ARIZONA BBQ 25 Naberezhno Khreshchatytska st. 425-2438 Open: 08.00 – 24.00 The only American run restaurant in Kyiv, open since 1995. Free Wifi, drinks, food, parking, satellite TV, credit cards, live music

SAM’S STEAK HOUSE 37 Zhylyanskaya st. 287 20 00 Open: 08 a.m. – 12 a.m. Steak House. Grill restaurant. Breakfast. Wide choice. 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., weekdays WI-FI

KAZBEK 30a L. Ukrainky blvd. 285-4805 Open: 11.00 - 24.00 Restaurant with original interior and traditional Tone stove for baking bread.

KUVSHYN 10 Fedorova st. 592-6363 Open: 12.00 - 24.00 Caucasian cuisine. Every dish served in its own original and unique manner.

MIMINO 10a Spasskaya st. (Podol) 417 35 45 Open: 12.00 – 00.00 Authentic Georgian cuisine WI-FI

ASIAN TERRACE Mezhigirska 87 B str. +380932673630 +380443511572 Оpen: 18 00 – 06 00 Asian style, comfortable room karaoke with beauties.

PUSHISTIY SUSHI-BAR 23-a Velyka Vasylkivska st. 234-3101 Open: 12.00 ‘til the last visitor leaves Original mix of styles in the interior, fuzzy fur on the walls. 30 kinds of sushi and sashimi.

SAFFRON 3 Vorovskogo st. 569 10 10 Open: Sun – Wed: 12.00 – 00.00 Thu – Sat: 12.00 – 05.00 Oriental cuisine, Karaoke-lounge WI-FI NOBU 12 Shota Rustaveli st. 246-7734 Open: 12.00 - 24.00 Sushi bar in central location. Great decor and service, wide menu of authentic sushi.

TUBITEYKA 29/50 Tarasivska st. 287-0242 Open: 8.00 – 23.00 Asian and home made cuisine, delicious breakfasts, kalian. Oriental atmosphere – and decoration. WI-FI

CAUCASIAN ANI 72 Chervonoarmiyska st. 4th floor 590-2565 Open: 11.00-23.00 An open show-case kitchen will let you watch the respected Chef cook traditional dishes on the chargrill for you.

HINKALI 4, Shota Rustaveli st. 234-0692 Open: 24 hours Real Caucasian culture reproduced in its best meals. Cuisine with an accent.

25.indb 24

EUROPEAN BACCHUS CLASS Chapaeva 2/16 (I.Franka)St. 234-6506 Open: 09.00 – till the last visitor leaves The one and the only Wine restaurant in Ukraine. WI-FI 7FRIDAYS CITY-CAFE B Khmelnytskoho 29 278-1187 Situated in the very heart of Kyiv, the 7Fridays cafe is bursting with city life while striving to preserve a homelike atmosphere. Offering a peaceful corner to forget about city rush, stop for delicious European cuisine for breakfast, business-lunch or dinner. Internet available. WI-FI STORY CAFE 17/18 Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaya st. 467 78 97 Open: 11.00 – 00.00 French, Italian & Japanese cuisine WI-FI RAZGULYAEVO 70 Stolichnoe highway (to Koncha-Zaspa) 259 17 00 Open: 11.00 – to the last client Entertainment complex (restaurant, hotel, sauna, paintball) WI-FI

CREP DE CHINE 25 Hoholivska st. 537-7070 Open: 08.00 – 23.00 A culinary expirience you won’t forget!

MAROCANA 24 Lesi Ukrainky blvd. 254-4999 Open: 11.00 - 02.00 This popular beau monde hang-out bills itself as a fashion TV cafe.



OLIVERA 2A Velyka Zhytomyrska Street 219-1919 Open: 06.30 - 23.00 All day Mediterranean restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner! Try the probably best breakfast in town. Every Sunday – Family brunch from of 13.00 This coming Sunday, the 5th of June, we are having last brunch for summer, which will again come back in September.

ARENA ENTERTAINMENT 2-a Baseyna st. 492-0000 Open: 9.00 ‘til the last visitor leaves Spacious and cozy restaurant with European cuisine and micro brewery.

TEATRO RESTAURANT OPERA HOTEL 53 B. Khmelnitskogo st. 581 70 70 Open: 06.30 – 23.00 Mediterranean cuisine. Exquisite selection of the best dishes around the Mediterranean Sea Flavors & Tastes at their best!

TERRACOTTA 5-7/29 Pushkinska st. 537-4535 Open: 07.00 - 23.00 Mediterranean restaurant of superior cuisine. Wine and cigar rooms offer the perfect touch to Terracotta’s delicious dining experience

FUSION BEEF MEET & WINE Shota Rustaveli 11 225-0035 Open: 12.00-24.00 Meet cuisine with no ethnic equivalent. Only the best meat from top suppliers and a wide choice of wine match. WI-FI

FRENCH CAFE DE PARIS Andriivskiy descent 34V 221 2218, 279-7896 Open: from 09.00 till the last customer leaves Classics of genuine French cuisine on one of the most beautiful streets in Kyiv. What you will find here is cooking as an art.

BUDDHA-BAR KIEV 14 Kreschatik st. (near Khreshchatyk hotel) 270- 7676 Open: Mo – Wed: 13.00 – 02.00 Thu – Sat: 13.00 – 04.00 Sun: 14.00 – 02.00 Restaurant lounge-bar WI-FI

COMME IL FAUT Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 219-1919 Open: Daily from 11.00 - 24.00 French Brasserie style in the heard of Kiev. Lovely and cosy summer terrace. Come and try our new menu and summer business lunch...

MARRAKESH 24 Sagaydachnogo st. (Podol) 494 0 494 Open: Sun – Thu: 12.00 – 01.00 Fri – Sat: 12.00 – 04.00 Oriental restaurant. Moroccan, French & Japanese cuisine. Hookah menu. WI-FI

BIER PLATZ (NEW!) Maidan Nezalezhnosti – 7 Khreshchatyk 067-407-5544 From 11.00 until the last client Delicious Czech, German and Ukrainian cuisine. 11 sorts of draft beer. 7 plasma screeens and 1 huge wall screen, offering various sports channels. Wi-Fi B-HUSH Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 11th floor, InterContinental Kyiv 219-1919 Open: Tuesday till Thursday 18.00 - 02.00 / Friday and Saturday 18.00 - 04.00 Rooftop panoramic bar - summer terrace with stunning view of Kiev. b-hush... b-cool... b-there...

GRILL ASIA RESTAURANT 5 Alla Tarasova st. 581-12-34 Open: 6:00 - 24:00 Two open kitchens, European and Asian cuisine in luxurious surroundings. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

INTERCONTINENTAL KYIV LOBBY LOUNGE BAR Velyka Zhytomyrska St. 2A 1 st floor, InterContinental Kyiv 219-1919 Open: 08.00 - 02.00 Enjoy the best coffee in town with home made pastries in a unique atmosphere. Great selection of whiskies, wine and comfort food at your choice - Lobby lounge the place to meet in Kiev.

MYKA RESTAURANT Khreshchatyk 46a 227 8943 Open: 12-24 Delicious international cuisine in the heart of Kyiv

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Kyiv Life Showman Ihor Posypaiko hosted the event

A Wet Picnic SPARTAK STADIUM Despite the rainy weather, ACC got together its members, partners, city residents – in essence anyone who wanted to be a part of American Independence Day on Saturday 2 July for some fun. Sports and competitions of all sorts awaited guests as did some good eats and nice cold beer, but perhaps it was the support of our Ukrainian bands and singers that most helped visitors sopping wet from the rain have a great time. Later in the evening, however, no one seemed to be too bothered by the wet stuff as the warm hospitality of the Chamber is always a good reason to smile! Calvin Goodwin getting a smooch

Salsa Teacher Gabriel all painted up

Curtis “B.J.” Bjelajac of the Science and Technology Centre Ukraine with his daughter

Zlata Ognevich singing the American anthem

Performances by Nicholas Tym kept everyone happy

Managing Director at Citibank Steven Fisher with his family

Lena Wright with daughter Lisa

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Government & Industry Relations Manager at Ericsson Ukraine Ihor Pigarev and Director at Clever Advertising Agency Maryna Bublik (centre) reading What’s On with friends

Artistic faces

Oleksiy Kuznetsov singing the Ukrainian anthem

The friendly Oz-man amidst a couple of lovely ladies

Headliner Tabula Rasa

Jorge Zukoski, President of the American Chamber of Commerce and his wife Courtney Zukoski from Business Group Lead at Microsoft Ukraine looking great

Former Coach of Ukraine National Football Team Oleksiy Mykhailychenko (left) with friend

25.indb 27

A roly-poly good time

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Kyiv Life Lesia Yermolenko of Telehaus Travel greeting Delta Airlines Ukraine Gints Zalitis

Olena Tkachuk flying high with Oleksiy Safyannikov both of Flamingo Group Travel Agency

Addicted to the Sky KURENI On 17 June, Sky Team held their annual meeting for representatives of the leading tour agencies in Ukraine. Aeroflot, Delta, Air France, KLM, Czech Airlines and Alitalia all sent their delegates to discuss the most important issues concerning the development of air business in Ukraine. After a few words spoken by Country Manager for Air France KLM in Ukraine, Hanan Zweig, guests got the chance to converse with their colleagues in an atmosphere befitting true officials of the air.

Lyudmyla Kazarova and Oksana Mironenko both of Air France KLM in Ukraine with Kateryna Shaman (centre) of Zagorye Travel

Country Manager of Air France KLM in Ukraine Hanan Zweig shaking the hand of a lovely Anastasia Belevtsova, Head of the Royal Key Ticket Division

Celebrating Canada Day

Blair Sheridan together with his son Patrick, daughter Katie and friend Oleg Kvashko

CANADIAN EMBASSY On 1 July, Canada celebrated its official day not just across the Atlantic but here in Kyiv too! Starting off at the Radison Blu with invited guests early in the afternoon, the festivities continued on into the evening at the embassy itself. The garden was full of Canadian passport-holders as well as guests of the ambassador where everyone attempted – in vain – to stay dry! Despite the weather, however, there were still loads of people out to celebrate their heritage as well as offer their farewells to current chief, HE G Daniel Caron.

Guests of the Japanese Embassy – Colonel Masatoshi Kuroda and his wife

Departing Ambassador G Daniel Caron with his wife Maria Aparici and daughter Marie-Lou

UN consultant Lubomyr Markevych, members of the Vydubichi Choir (centre) and Illarion Shulakevych are all smiles

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Essential Kyiv Medical Centers

Fitness Centres GOLF CENTRE Obolonska Naberezhna 20 230-9436 The Golf Centre offers 36 stations, a 2-level floodlit driving range, 7-hole golf course, Golf Academy, Pro Shop and restaurant. No membership required! Plenty of free parking on site

Premier Palace Hotel Blvd T. Shevchenka / Pushkinska 5-7/29 537-45-00  279-87-72 Reservation: 244-12-11

Club Olympus Alla Tarasova 5 581-1234 Cyber Gym B. Khmelnytskoho 50 465-3171 Kiev Sport Club Blvd Druzhby Narodiv 5 522-8866

Lybid Hotel Peremohy Square 1 +380 239 76 00  +380 236 63 36

Premier Palace Fitness Center Blvd T. Shevchenka 5-7/29 537-453


Frishberg & Partners 10 Gorky Street, Suite 8 01004 Kyiv, Ukraine Tel: (38044) 585-8464 Fax: (38044) 235-6342


Ukraine International Airlines ticket office in Kiev 4, Lysenka Street (044) 581-50-50

Austrian Airlines Kyiv City Office Velyka Vasylkivska 9/2, Reservation: 8-800-3000-492 More than 60 flights per week from 6 biggest cities in Ukraine to the whole World!

Air France-KLM Kiev, 34/33, Ivana Franka str. 490-24-90, 496-35-75,

Airports Boryspil International Airport 490-4777

British Council Teaching Centre Skovorody 4/12 490-5600

Kyiv-Zhulyany International airport Povitroflotsky 92 242-2309/08

Educational Program LEGO Education Borysa Hmyri 6 Klovskiy Uzviz 8 Heroiv Stalingradu 18 383-5150, 383-5152, 577-2900

Beauty Salons Favorit V.I.P. Club Muzeyny 6 278-3338

Education Delta Air Lines General Sales Agent SIA "ContinAt" Chervonoarmiyska 9/2, #17  287-3595 Now fly Kiev-New York Non-stop

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Language school Nota Bene - Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners - Business English - German, French, Spanish, Italian 8(097) 400-9699 8(067) 738-1691 278-8036 Volodymyrska 7, #17

American Academy of Foreign Languages Dymytrova 16, #16 230-2608 A.B.C. P. Lumumby 23/35, #13 239-1091

InterContinental Velyka Zhytomyrska Str 2A 219-1919

Dnipro Hotel Khreschatyk 1/2 254-6777  254-6737

Greenwich Prorizna 22-b 592-7843

Berdychivska, 1 +38 (044) 490 7600 +38 (044) 490 7600

• Dentistry • Eye Treatment • Cosmetic Surgery • General Medical Treatment Medical treatment made easy with English speaking Doctors FREE Membership Card FREE Advice and FREE Appointment booking service +38093 583 6767

Language Courses

Radisson BLU Hotel Yaroslaviv Val 22 Reservations: 492-2200  492-2210


098 2451500

Marriage Agencies Want to meet a lady who is looking for a man like you ? Save your time and energy and visit or call Natali personally at +38-067-232-0803. Our reputation speaks for itself.


SMARTFOX Language school, Translation’s agency Vandy Vasylevskoi 7 502-6290 Center of Spanish Language and Culture Obolonska 7, 1st Floor 239-2418 Ez English Blvd Lesi Ukrainki 16, #18 235-5926

International House Vandy Vasylevskoi 7 238-9870

Hyatt Regency Kyiv Alla Tarasova 5 581-12-34  581-12-35

DTelite School Sahaydachnoho 20/2 417-5770 Business English Center Lesi Ukrainky 3, #114 234-0871

American Medical Centers Emergency Phone: +38 (044) 490 7600

Opera Hotel B. Khmelnitskoho 53 581-70-70  537-73-73


Diamond Recruiters Moskovska 43/11, 3rd floor, office 8 332-3100 Diamond Recruiters helps you attract, retain and motivate Ukrainian and foreign talent. Our specialties include finance, administration, change management, and IT. Middle to senior management positions.

Oxford Klass School of English English for adults and children, Cinema club 34 Ivana Mazepa St. Kiev, 01015, Ukraine 594-10-64  594-10-62

Translation Services 100 MOV Nahirna 24/1 489-5856 Alliance-profi Mechnikova 6, #33 235-6643, 592-4588 On Time Translation Agency Maiakovskoho Pr 10, 2nd floor 228 02 91

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What's On #25


What's On #25