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JANUARY 2005 Vol 26 No 6

Brett Rogers’ Liberty - Read about it on page 8. Pic by Brett Rogers SC306


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Cameron Neilsen Shane Taylor Christine Barry Ray Lyons Dwayne Boyton Kathy Bryant Dave Martin Ron Penfold Vacant Bryan Neilsen Bryan Neilsen Brett Rogers Greg Bryant

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CLUB MEETINGS Monthly meetings are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month at 8 pm, at the Veteran Car Club, 1376 OLD CLEVELAND ROAD, CARINDALE Phone: 3843 0010 - UBD 42nd Edition Reference: Map 182 E 6

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Cameron Neilsen SC287



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14th February 2005

by the Earlier than this would be much appreciated. Thanks!!



SOCIAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT Convoy rules exist so a club trip can run smoothly. CB radios are not a substitute for our convoy rules; they are used to enhance our convoy rules. While the following is not a convoy rule as such, it is necessary for the smooth running of a club trip. “Always put you name on the trip sheet or contact the trip leader if you wish to attend a club trip. If you change your mind always contact the trip leader and cancel.” The main reason for this is that the trip leader knows how many members are coming on a club trip, especially important when arranging catering or when permits with limited numbers are required. If you don’t have your name on a trip sheet, the trip details could change (cancelled, different meeting place or time) and you won’t know.

Ron Penfold SC002




Membership of the Association shall consist of: Ordinary Members; Associate Members; Country Members; Honorary Members; and Life Members and Temporary Members.


An Ordinary Member shall be an owner or part-owner of a Subaru 4WD vehicle at the time of first application for membership to the Association.


The Associate Member shall be a non-owner of a Subaru 4WD vehicle at the time of first application for membership, but who otherwise conforms to the objects of the Association. The number of Associate Members at any time shall not exceed 20% of total membership.


A Country Member shall be an eligible member who satisfies the conditions outlined in Clause 4(a) or 4(b), and who lives outside a radius of seventy kilometres from the Brisbane G.P.O. The Country Members who comply with Clause 4(a) shall be unlimited. The Country Members who comply with Clause 4(b) shall be limited to 20% of total Country Membership.


An Honorary Member shall be a person elected as such by the Members of the Association in recognition for services rendered to the Association. Honorary Membership shall terminate at the Annual General Meeting next following. The number of Honorary Members shall not exceed 5% of Ordinary Membership at any one time.


A Life Member shall be a person nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting by the members of the Association in recognition of more than ten years financial and active membership. Life Membership shall terminate under the Conditions of Clause 7 of the Constitution or at the discretion of the Management Committee. Life Members shall not exceed five eight percent (5 8%) of the Ordinary Membership at the time of nomination for Life Membership.


A Temporary Member shall be a person who is not otherwise a Member of the Association and who by invitation attends a trip or other function organised by the club. A person wishing to apply to be a Temporary Member must complete a Temporary Membership Application Form prior to attending the trip or other function. Temporary Membership shall terminate at the completion of the trip or other function.


Membership shall include, at no additional cost; the Spouse or blood relation or equivalent status (over the age of seventeen years) of a member who satisfies the conditions outlined in 4(a), 4(b), 4(c) or 4(e).

...continued on page 6


CONSTITUTION CHANGES Continued from page 5 6.



For all classes of membership other than Temporary Membership: (i) (ii) (iii)



The membership fees and joining fees for each class of membership shall be such sum as determined by the members present at a Special General meeting held immediately following the February General Meeting. The membership fees and joining fees shall be payable on the first day of the Association financial year. The full joining fee and 50% of the membership fee will be charged for members joining the Association in the second half of the Association’s financial year. No other reduction will be considered.

For Temporary Membership: (i)

The membership fee for Temporary Membership shall be such sum as determined by the members present at a Special General meeting held immediately following the February General Meeting.


On the Temporary Member applying to become a member who satisfies the conditions outlined in 4(a), 4(b) or 4(c), a portion of fees paid by the temporary member during the Association’s financial year shall be used towards the payment of the membership fees and joining fees charged for that class of membership; such portion to be determined by the members present at a Special General meeting held immediately following the February General Meeting.

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THAT’S MY CAR Thought I would do a quick run down on our latest Liberty. It is, or rather was, a Gen 2 Enduro 2.2 AWD. We bought it about 6 months ago from Keith and Danna Peters after a tip off from “Byron” Bryan Neilsen. The car had over 500,000 k’s apparently, not real sure on the exact figure as the speedo stopped working at 485,000. The car had a 40mm body lift and a set of tired King springs when we bought it. Other than the pretty ordinary looking loop bar on it, it was basically stock. First job once we got it home was to clean that many k’s of dust from the car. I stripped the interior so there was just the dash and hood lining left and got in there with the gerni. I hit every thing up with it. Gerni’d the seats, door trims, hood lining, carpet, every thing. Once the inside was clean and re-assembled we set about making it perform the way I wanted. The EJ22 and auto were scrapped to make room for an EJ20 turbo (Jap RS EJ20T, TD04 turbo, STI injectors, heads and cams, twin turbo manifold, water to air IC, APexi BOV) and STI manual box with a 2400lb clutch. A matching 4.444 limited slip diff was fitted at the same time along with CV joints all round. Engine management is controlled by a Microtech LT8S. New speedo, tacho, fuel and temp gauges have been fitted. Approximately half a million kilometres of dirt road driving really showed in the bushes and suspension. The complete front end was swapped for one from a 97 twin turbo, which included cross member, swing arms, steering rack, sway bar, brakes etc. Suspension and lift kit is now a modified 3” BYB kit, 98 Outback struts, 30mm spring lift. The rear end has had most of the swing arms changed with a few still to be done. Panel wise has been fairly simple so far. Both front guards were swapped for new ones as it was the easiest way to get rid of the dents. A twin turbo bonnet was also fitted. ...continued on page 9 8

THAT’S MY CAR ...continued from Page 8

Extra bits: Custom Alloy heavy replacement front bullbar 97 Outback grille 28 x 8.5/15 Hankook Mud Terrains tyres 15 x 7 alloy wheels Uniden UHF Soon to be fitted Window tint Spot lights Ventilated rear brakes 29x x 9.5 all terrain tyres 8 bolt Forester dual range New rear bumper Windscreen Climate control


HALF PRICE MEMBERSHIPS Full Member Associate Member Country Member

$50.00 $50.00 $45.00

From 1st of January all new memberships are half price. So if you have mates who would like to go 4 wheel driving get them to join up. They still have to pay the $10.00 joining fee. Contact our membership officer Dave Martin for more details.

Club Merchandise For Sale Polo Shirt with embroidered logo $25.00 Baseball cap with embroidered logo $15.00 Embroidered cloth badge $ 8.00 Name tag $ 3.00 Windscreen Sticker - Made to Order $10.00 Window sticker $ 2.00 Gear bag $ 6.00 Tow hooks (assorted styles, each) $ 6.00 Snatch strap $53.00 Bow shackles, large $12.00 Bow shackles, small $10.00 Bow Saw $14.00 See the club’s Property Officer, Bryan Neilsen if you wish to purchase any of the merchandise on offer.


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What’s On... Mon 2 4 Jan 24

General Meeting and Sausage Sizzle @ 6.30 pm

Sat 5-Sun 6 F eb Feb Trip Leader Meeting Place

Ballina Dave Martin ph. 3262 5665, mob. 0429 121 996 Big Prawn at Ballina, RHS of Pacific Highway heading south as you leave Ballina 9 am (Qld time) Medium 300 km Full tank (available) For weekend (available) Penfold packs required No Sand driving along South Ballina Beach towards Evans Head, visit Bundjalung NP. Sand driver training. Swimming.

Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Details

Sat 1 2F eb 12 Feb Trip Leader: Meeting Place: Time: Rating: Details: Cost:


Mot or Sho w and W es Motor Show Wes estt End Gardens Chinese Banquet Dinner Dave Martin ph. 3262 5665, mob. 0429 121 996 Subaru Stand at the Motor Show, Exhibition Centre, Merivale St 6pm or earlier if you want a really good look around Easy Bring your appetite View Motor show and then walk or drive to West End Gardens, 190 Melbourne St, for Chinese banquet at approx 9.30 pm. Motor show - $15 plus p.p. Chinese Banquet – approx $20 p.p.

What’s On (continued) Sun 20 F eb Feb Trip Leader Meeting Place Directions to meeting place Time Rating Distance Fuel Water Recovery Gear Domestic Animals Details

CampMar CampMartt U find grub run Ron Penfold ph. 3353 2218, mob. 0412 118 652 Club rooms 1376 Old Cleveland Rd Carindale 9 am Easy 200 km Full tank (available) For day (available) Penfold packs required No Find your way to various locations around Brisbane for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, answering questions about our advertisers and finding various items. Bring Brisbane street map and the January Suba News.



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What’s On (continued) Mon 28 F eb Feb

Special General Meeting @ 8.00pm

Fri 22 April – Sun 8 Ma x) Mayy (appro (approx) Trip Leader: Meeting Place: Time: Rating: Details:

Rally Of Canberra and Vict orian Alpine Area Victorian John McKenna ph. 3398 3019 mob. 0419 652 053 Shell Service Station Gailes TBA (Early) Medium to Hard Sat 23th and Sun 24th - Help at Rally Of Canberra (optional). Mon 25th - Set off from Canberra via the NSW Snowy Mountains to the Victorian Alps and explore. Return home via the Newell Hwy.

Futur e Events Future MAR CH MARCH 6 20 25-28 28

Ladies Day Kenilworth SF water crossing training Burnett Circle (Easter Long Weekend) General Meeting

Christine Barry Brett Rogers Ron Penfold

APRIL 9 10 23-25 25 30-2 May

QRC Benarkin Rally Nanango Stock Route Sundown NP (Long Weekend) General Meeting Warwick SF (Long Weekend)

Greg Bryant Ron Penfold

MAY 14 23 29

Night navigation run General Meeting Spicers Gap


Ron Penfold

Impreza in action at Rally Queensland. Pic by Derek Reuther SC569

LUCKY MEMBER DRAW There was no lucky member in December (no meeting). Clint Lovell will sponsor the January draw. So come to the meetings in your Subaru wearing a Subaru club shirt and you could be the next lucky member winner.

“Before you are old and wise you, must be young and silly”

Ron Penfold SC002

Trip Report Benarkin State Forest 12.09.04 Trip leader: Ron Penfold Followers: Bruce Nixon, Green Auto forester, Malcolm, Green manual Forester, Dave Martin, turbo Brumby, Bryan Johnston, White Forester, Big John, Milk van Rodeo, Will, Auto L series Wagon and me in the RX turbo. I was it bit slow starting on Sunday morning but packed everything up just in time to hit the road from the Benarkin School. Where the rally camp was, Dave was running late and just as we were turning on the main road he went past, so a quick U-turn was made and he caught up. A short run up the D’Aguilar Highway and we pulled off the road and we made a short stop to look at an old look out that is no longer in use. It looks out over the highway and down the range but is fairly over grown. Then it was time for our first bit of 4x4ing which was a track that followed the pipe line that goes from Wivenhoe dam to Toorong which was put in to pump water from Wivenhoe dam up to Toorong when it is ever low on water. Following the track along we came across some very skinny cattle as it is very dry and there is not much feed for them, by this point Ron was going off memory of the trip that he had done many years ago so it was decided to stop for smoko. After smoko we turned back to head towards Benarkin to follow the old train line that ran from Yarraman to Esk that is no longer in use and has all the lines and sleepers pulled up. After about 20mins of following the line it brought us to a very large strong looking locked steel gate with another about 10 meters further, so it was very plain to see that someone didn’t want us going past. A short reverse back and up a track that brought us back out onto the D’Aguilar Highway again. We then headed for the fire tower for the Benarkin State Forest, as we were driving in the track had some very thick bull dust as part of the rally stage was held there the day before. We pulled up at the fire tower and some were


...continued onPage 17

Trip Report Benarkin State Forest 12.09.04 ...continued from Page 16 keen enough climb to the top, but for some it was time for chitchat on the mobile as we had some reception (you know who you are). Now we were using some dated maps so following some of the tracks was hard, as they were different to what was on the map. And it seemed that every track we went down was a dead end so a spot was found for lunch and the maps consulted before moving on. As we left Will announced that he was going to head for home as his steering rack was playing up and was hard to turn at slow speed. It was decided that we would stay on the main forestry tracks as they seemed to be the best maintained roads, so we turn down a track called round Scrub Road, and what was ahead was the fun part. We drove along the track and the scenery, around us changed to more bush that forest and the track was more of a 4wd track, after traveling for a short time we came to a locked gate that said “Fauna Sanctuary No Entry”. A U-turn was made and we went back to a T intersection that Ron remembered seeing. As we drove along the track started to climb once we reached the top we came to another T, which had a locked gate on one track and an open down hill on the other. So the right turn was made and the track really started to go down hill and this is where the fun began. Now you could see the track had not long been bulldozed as there had been a fire through there and it was very soft slippery soil and the cars were slipping and sliding all over the place. Ron was the first to the bottom being the trip leader, with a stressed voice he announced that there was a fence at the bottom and no more track, and as I was almost there I continued for a closer look. We had to options, go through the fence or try and get back up the track we just came down, Ron had 3 attempts and couldn’t get past the first and the worst section. While he was doing that I went for a walk up the track that

...continued on Page 18


Trip Report Benarkin State Forest 12.09.04 ...continued from Page 17 could be seen through the fence and it seemed like a way out. So we untied the fence, which had been done before, and I set up the hill to see if it was going to be ok to bring the 3 forester’s up that were on the trip. As I climbed up the track it wound its way out of the gully It was fairly easy so I gave the go ahead for Mal to come up in the Forester once he got to me we waited for the rest of the gang to get up. We then headed for the plantation that we could see on the next ridge. The track then brought us back out not far from were we had lunch, we followed the main road back to the fire tower and then went to the old saw mill so have arvo tea, there we said our good-byes and all headed our own ways. Thanks to Ron for a good day even if most of the tracks were dead ends.

Bryan Neilsen SC552


RALLY NEWS World drive – 24 year old Gold Coast based driver Chris Atkinson has scored the drive of his life, becoming the second driver to Petter Solberg for the gravel events in Subaru’s World Rally Team. The Team’s new bitumen specialist driver is Stephane Sarrazin. Chris’s amazing career only started 4 years ago driving a Toyota Corolla in local rallies with his brother Ben as co driver. He then stepped up to the ARC driving a privateer Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Then he gained a drive in the Suzuki junior team driving a front wheel drive Ignis in the Asia Pacific Series. Then in 2004 with some Subaru backing he drove a Prodrive built Group N WRX in the ARC to 2nd place outright in the Championship. Now he has become the first Australian to drive a WRC spec car, full time in the World Championship. He and his new co driver Glen Macneall will set off this month to start testing in northern Finland, then they will do the recce for the first WRC round in Monte Carlo in late January. Their first rally will be the snow covered Swedish rally in February.


MARKET PLACE Rola roof racks to suit a 1987 Subaru Touring wagon. Complete with locker ball clamp type locks for fishing rods. Good condition $100.00. Contact Ron Penfold 3353 2218 or 0412 118 652 Subaru Touring Wagon L Series, 1987, silver, 5 speed manual, 2 inch lift, 14 inch Peugeot mags, bull bar, tow bar, racks, CD, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, power steering, reconditioned engine, very reliable, currently reg but sell unreg. GC $2500 ONO. Phone Monique (07) 3862 1535 or 0402 126 585. Wanted Motor and Carburettor for 90 model Brumby. Condition not important. Contact Roger Widdowson SC541 on 07 4958 1255. Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9 000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841 I have 2 - 16 x 7 1998 WRX wheels that I need sell. They do fit on the 2000 forester, but I only have 2... unless someone has 2 they want to sell. !!!!!!!!!! Also approx 4 foot square all aluminium roof rack, fits on forester roof rails with 4 x bolted clamps, only weighs about 15 kg but will easily carry 150 kg. Very strong. Contact my email if you want a photo or call me on 0415535718 Robin Laban SC532 Current model Forester factory cargo mat and rubber floor mat set $175.00 the lot. Set of 4 steel Liberty rims and tyres 25% tread $150.00 ono. Contact Dave Martin on 3262 5665 or Mob. 0429 121 996 2001 Model Outback H6, 66,000km’s. Pearl White with towbar, mats and roofbars. Has a paint treatment and interior treatment. Contact Graham Mutch on 5475 2475, or Mobile 0409 078 087. Car is located in Noosaville. Subaru L series sportswagon 1993 dual range, manual, airconditioned, tinted windows, nudge bar, tow bar, new front cv’s, registered till 5/05, 5 x 14ins Peugeot rims. $5000. ONO. Phone Phil: 3886 1354 or 0421 646 102

...more market place on Page 21


MARKET PLACE MY 99 3rd month, Forester GT, white, auto, 104,000 km, full 100,000 service carried out, 16 inch alloys, 60% tread michelin tyres, tow bar, air con, steer, electric windows, immobiliser, custom sheep skin seat covers, factory floor and cargo mats, $27,500 ONO, or $25,000 Club Member price. Contact Keith Peters on 07 4122 3032 or mob. 0408 184 145. Genuine RX Turbo Ist month 86, very original, red, 237,000 km, new cam belts and heads, air con, factory alloys, turbo timer, seat covers, new 2 inch lift kit still in box, reconditioned power steering not fitted, $6000, or $5000, Club Member price . Contact Keith Peters on 07 4122 3032 or mob. 0408 184 145. Wanted one only factory H6 alloy 16 inch rim. Contact Keith Peters on 07 4122 3032 or mob. 0408 284 145.

EDITOR’S REPORT Not much from me this month. I would still like some more trip reports, or “That’s my car” reports. Thanks Brett for the information that you have supplied on your Liberty wagon, how about some information on the green machine as well? I will be moving address next month, not sure what area we are going to go, but when I know you will know. The constitution changes have been approved, the information is in the magazine on pages 5and six. The changes are those in Italics. The changes mean that we will be able to have more life members, and also Temporary members and honorary memberships. I would like some pictures of trips, so when you go on trips don’t forget to take your cameras. I have been informed that the joke that was in the magazine may be offensive, if I have offended anybody, I am truly sorry.

Dwayne Boyton SC481


HEARD THE NEWS Another sales record – For the 9th year running Subaru Australia sales have reached record levels. For the first time 2004 sales passed the 30,000 figure, a 12.7% increase on 2003, the final total was 33,619. The break down was Impreza 8156, Liberty 6953, Forester 11852, and Outback 6658. The total market share is 3.52% and the SUV market share is an impressive 24.6 %. New owners – Sunspares who are long time Suba News advertisers and Club supporters, owners Tony and Denise Allen have sold the business to Mark Adams Auto Group, who operates a paint and panel and auto electrics business nearby. For the time being Tony will be staying on as will all usual helpful Sunspares crew. Motor show debute – Subaru’s new 7 seat AWD 6 cylinder wagon first called the B9X, but now has been named the Tricbeca after a New York suburb, will be on display for the first time at this month’s Detroit motor show. At this stage it is only a left hand drive model, although a future right hand drive model is a strong possibility. Subaru’s new Italian stylist who has previously work for Alfa Romeo has designed the Tricbeca. Initial reports on the styling of the front grille and rear end have not been favourable. Dream job – Adrian Bukmanis who was a Club member before he set off for the UK 3 years ago has recently gained a job working for Prodrive, who prepare and run Subaru’s World Rally Car Team. His new job involves looking after customers in Turkey, The Balkans, and the Middle East, who purchase and rally Prodrive built Group N WRX Imprezas. Prodrive builds approximately 50 Group N cars for sale to customers around the World each year. Mobile camper – Brumby owners Don Watt and Maureen have a new edition to their well set up Brumby. It is a lightweight roof top pop up camping pod. It is called a Columbus and is made of fibreglass, and manufactured in Italy. To fit it to the Brumby Don built special removable bars, but because they go away camping so much it will probably stay mounted on permanently.

...more heard the news page 23


HEARD THE NEWS Parts recycling – Being in a Car Club it is amazing how some cars and parts get bought and sold between Club members. One recent example was Scott Kerrisk’s red RX Turbo. Keith Peters was the first owner who bought it as a standard car in NSW and set it and after many years of ownership and numerous trips, he eventually sold it to Scott. The car had an unfortunate end, when it was hit hard by a wayward car at an intersection. It was write off and then the parts sell off began with Bryan Neilsen probably buying the most parts for his RX including the engine, some panels, rare John Peterson Engineering built bull bar and sump guard, that he has repaired and refitted. Also Mark Ottway bought the interior for his RX.

Bruce and Pam Ottway’s Liberty. Pic by Greg Bryant SC480


To advertise in Market Place Phone your advert to the Editor on (07) 3299 1061 or E-mail to:

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January 2005  

JANUARY 2005 Vol 26 No 6 SUBARU 4WD clubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclub OF QUEENSLAND inc Brett Rogers’ Liberty - Read...

January 2005  

JANUARY 2005 Vol 26 No 6 SUBARU 4WD clubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclubSUBARU4WDclub OF QUEENSLAND inc Brett Rogers’ Liberty - Read...