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JULY 2004 Vol 25 No 12

Proud father Gaven McGrath and new born Alyssa, born on 6th of July. Congratulations Gaven and Angela Pic by Gaven McGrath SC421


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Rik Close Dwayne Boyton Greg Bryant Ray Lyons Dwayne Boyton Greg Bryant Cameron Neilsen Gaven McGrath David Martin Bryan Neilsen Gaven McGrath Mark Ottway Clint Lovell

5445 4057 3299 1061 3402 0396 3397 1837 3299 1061 3402 0396 0438 926 012 3890 2964 3262 5665 0416 319 725 3890 2964 3207 8535 3398 3437

CLUB MEETINGS Monthly meetings are held on the FOURTH MONDAY of each month at 8 pm, at the Veteran Car Club, 1376 OLD CLEVELAND ROAD, CARINDALE Phone: 3843 0010 - UBD 42nd Edition Reference: Map 182 E 6

*** Visitors are Welcome! *** Club Website: E-mail address for magazine contributions: Annual Subscription

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If you find a mistake in the Suba News, please consider it put there on purpose. We try to publish something for everyone, and some people are always looking for mistakes. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the Club, in whole or in part. All content is copyright. That means you need written permission to use any of it. We will be glad to share it. Just ask!


CONSTITUTION CHANGES Greg Bryant has proposed changes to the club’s constitution, and these changes are to be voted on at the AGM to be held on Monday July 26. In principle, there are two changes being proposed: 1. To increase the percentage of life members allowed under the constitution from 5% of the total membership to 8% of the total membership. With our current end of year membership of 79 members, this would allow the club to propose two additional members to become life members as and when the club sees fit. 2. To introduce a new type of membership - Temporary Membership. The reasoning behind having temporary memberships is so that visitors who attend trips or other club functions can be covered by the club’s public liability insurance policy. A Temporary Membership Application Form (copy enclosed in the magazine) has also been drafted. A Temporary Membership fee structure is to be discussed and voted on. Full details will be discussed at the AGM before the vote on the proposed changes. If any member who is unable to attend the AGM wishes to lodge a proxy, please contact the secretary on (07) 3402 0396 or at See page 3 for the proposed changes (in italics).



Articles being submitted for inclusion in the next magazine are to reach the Editor at

PO Box 595 Carina Qld 4152 or by e-mail to:

9th August 2004

by the Earlier than this would be much appreciated. Thanks!!




Membership of the Association shall consist of: Ordinary Members; Associate Members; Country Members; Honorary Members; and Life Members and Temporary Members.


An Ordinary Member shall be an owner or part-owner of a Subaru 4WD vehicle at the time of first application for membership to the Association.


The Associate Member shall be a non-owner of a Subaru 4WD vehicle at the time of first application for membership, but who otherwise conforms to the objects of the Association. The number of Associate Members at any time shall not exceed 20% of total membership.


A Country Member shall be an eligible member who satisfies the conditions outlined in Clause 4(a) or 4(b), and who lives outside a radius of seventy kilometres from the Brisbane G.P.O. The Country Members who comply with Clause 4(a) shall be unlimited. The Country Members who comply with Clause 4(b) shall be limited to 20% of total Country Membership.


An Honorary Member shall be a person elected as such by the Members of the Association in recognition for services rendered to the Association. Honorary Membership shall terminate at the Annual General Meeting next following. The number of Honorary Members shall not exceed 5% of Ordinary Membership at any one time.


A Life Member shall be a person nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting by the members of the Association in recognition of more than ten years financial and active membership. Life Membership shall terminate under the Conditions of Clause 7 of the Constitution or at the discretion of the Management Committee. Life Members shall not exceed five eight percent (5 8%) of the Ordinary Membership at the time of nomination for Life Membership.


A Temporary Member shall be a person who is not otherwise a Member of the Association and who by invitation attends a trip or other function organised by the club. A person wishing to apply to be a Temporary Member must complete a Temporary Membership Application Form prior to attending the trip or other function. Temporary Membership shall terminate at the completion of the trip or other function.


Membership shall include, at no additional cost; the Spouse or blood relation or equivalent status (over the age of seventeen years) of a member who satisfies the conditions outlined in 4(a), 4(b), 4(c) or 4(e).

...continued on Page 4


PROPOSED CONSTITUTION CHANGES ...continued from Page 3 6.



For all classes of membership other than Temporary Membership: (i) (ii) (iii)


For Temporary Membership: (i) (ii)


The membership fees and joining fees for each class of membership shall be such sum as determined by the members present at a Special General meeting held immediately following the February General Meeting. The membership fees and joining fees shall be payable on the first day of the Association financial year. The full joining fee and 50% of the membership fee will be charged for members joining the Association in the second half of the Association’s financial year. No other reduction will be considered.

The membership fee for Temporary Membership shall be such sum as determined by the members present at a Special General meeting held immediately following the February General Meeting. On the Temporary Member applying to become a member who satisfies the conditions outlined in 4(a), 4(b) or 4(c), any fees paid by the temporary member during the Association’s financial year shall be used towards the payment of the membership fees and joining fees charged for that class of membership.

Date 07-09 06 2003 14-15 06 2003 28 06-1307 2003 5 07 2003 6 07 2003 20 07 2003 3 08 2003 23-24 08 2003 27 08 2003 13 09 2003 14 09 2003 21-22 09 2003 4 10 2003 5 10 2003 18 10 2003 26 10 2003 1 11 2003 8-9 11 2003 29 11 2003 30 11 2003 6-7 12 2003 31 12 2003 11 01 2004 24-26 01 2004 7 02 2004 8 02 2004 11 02 2004 21-22 02 2004 29 02 2004 13 03 2004 14 03 2004 28 03 2004 9-12 04 2004 24-26 04 2004 1-3 05 2004 16 05 2004 22-23 05 2004

Trip Sunshine Coast Gymkhana Rally Queensland Simpson Desert Birthday Party Detailing Day O’Reilly’s Guest House Ipswich Railway Workshop Museum Sunspares, SubaXtreme, and 6Star Motors Fourby’s QRC Baileys Powerlines Rally Nanango Stock Route Ballina and Bundjalung NP New Outback and Liberty Launch Tamborine Mountain Tomato Brothers Pizza Restaurant Condamine Gorge Trackabout Campers Imbil-Kenilworth Area QRC Rally Gallangowan Forestry trip Gallangowan Area Christmas Party BBQ and Fireworks @ Mt. Coot-tha Dayboro Bush BBQ and Mt Mee Woodgate National Park Motor Show and West End Gardens Mechanical Training Day Camp Mart Capalaba Mebbin State Forest Show and Shine QRC Rally Amamoor Amamoor State Forest Brisbane Valley Area Easter at Stockton Beach Anzac Day Weekend Imbil /Kenilworth Inskip Point Training Day at Moggill Flanagan’s Reserve

Trip Leader Rik Close Dave Martin John Shera Shane Taylor Greg Bryant Greg Bryant Gaven McGrath Dave Martin Greg Bryant Dave Martin Dave Martin Gaven McGrath Gaven McGrath Dave Martin Gaven McGrath Greg Bryant Dwayne Boyton Dave Martin Dave Martin Dave Martin Kathy and Greg Bryant Dave Martin Dwayne Boyton Greg and Kathy Bryant Gaven McGrath Cameron Neilsen Jon McKenna Dave Martin Mark Ottway Greg Bryant Dwayne Boyton Dwayne Boyton Cameron Neilsen Mark Ottway Rik Close Bryan Neilsen Bruce and Pam Ottway



Custom Designers of: ♦ Custom Stereo Systems ♦ Subwoofer boxes ♦ Boot fitouts ♦ Doorpods ♦ Centre and overhead consoles Mobile Service

Suppliers of: ♦ 27MHz and UHF radios ♦ Custom design snorkels ♦ GPS systems ♦ T.V. screens, external cameras ♦ Oddessy and Powercell batteries Full Automotive Trimming available

Phone Bryan on 0416 104 993






st Saturday 31 July


From 4pm (for remote control cars)


$5.00 per person (Under 16 free)


Smart Casual (or your club shirt)


Hot savouries, followed by a hot supper (pizza)


Drinks (Club will provide soft drinks at no charge.) BBQ breakfast if you are staying at the club room for the night.

Additional Information • • • •


Don’t forget to bring your remote control cars Raffles and lucky door prizes Music (cd’s or mp3's) please bring some Camp at the club room (Note: The detailing day is on Sunday 31-07-04)

Monday July 26 (Kathy Bryant 3402 0396, 0416 073 952 or kathy_m@o (Please RSVP so I can place an accurate catering order.)



Celebrating 25 years 1979 - 2004 25th Anniversary Merchandise Order Form Mens Moto Shirt (Navy, White, Red) $25.00 each

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Orders close on Saturday 7th August


Annual Membership Fees are now due. Full Member Associate Member Country Member

$50.00 $50.00 $45.00

Help your club, and the overworked Membership Officer, by paying ASAP. Fill out the membership form (enclosed in May’s magazine, or download a copy from the website) to ensure that the club’s records are up to date.

Club Merchandise For Sale Polo Shirt with embroidered logo Baseball cap with embroidered logo Embroidered cloth badge Name tag Windscreen Sticker - Made to Order Window sticker Gear bag Tow hooks (assorted styles, each) Snatch strap Bow shackles, large Bow shackles, small Bow Saw

$25.00 $15.00 $ 8.00 $ 3.00 $10.00 $ 2.00 $ 6.00 $ 6.00 $50.00 $10.00 $ 8.00 $14.00

See the club’s Property Officer, Bryan Neilsen if you wish to purchase any of the merchandise on offer.


Subaru Auto Recyclers 9 Pioneer Road, YYandina andina 4561

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5472 7222

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What’s On... Mon 26th July

Annual General Meeting @ 8pm

Sat 31st July Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Club’s 25th Birthday Party Kathy Bryant ph.34020396 mob. 041607352 Clubrooms 1376 Old Cleveland Rd Carindale From 5pm onwards Easy Can camp overnight, BYO breakfast, remote cars, club photos and history, 4WD and club trip videos. See page 8 for more details.

Sun 1st Aug Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Detailing Day Greg Bryant ph. 34020396 mob. 0416073951 Clubrooms 1376 Old Cleveland Rd Carindale From 9am onwards Hard work Work up a sweat with some hard labour converting your shabby looking vehicle into one that’s normally only found at ‘’Show and Shine” meets. Find out how the professionals detail a vehicle. Degrease and pressure clean and shine the exterior and interior. BYO hose, bucket, sponge, chamois, towelling rags, vacuum cleaner and extension lead. Cleaning and detailing chemicals provided.

Sat 7th Aug Sun 8th Aug Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Black Duck Creek 4WD Park – Junction View


Shane Taylor ph. 36025027, mob.043122036 Lions Park LHS Toowoomba side of Gatton 8am Medium, with some Harder spots. Good range of tracks, Camping $5 per night, $25 per car per day, Motorbikes are also welcome. BYO camping gear, supplies and recovery gear.

What’s On (continued) Sat 14th Aug Sun 15th Aug Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Kilkoy Capers Bitumen Rally David Martin ph.32625665 mob. 0429121996 Park LHS centre of Kilcoy, just before the Pub 8am TBC Easy Need start and stop control officials to run all an bitumen rally stages up the Jimna range, no roads blocks or little bunting needed. Camping and catering Anzac Park centre of Kilcoy. Return home Sunday via easy 4WD back tracks.



Serving Subaru Since 1973 * Subaru Turbo Specialist Technicians * Over 40 years combined experience * All servicing and repairs including wheel alignment * Every Customer a V.I.P. * 10% parts discount to club members

80 Annerley Road Wolloongabba

Phone: 3391 6055 Service: Sergio La Monaca Parts: Jim Lavery

“Big enough to cope, Small enough to care.”


Futur e Events Future Sun 29th Aug Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Greg Bryant ph. 3402 0396 mob. 0416 073 951 Ampol Service Station, north bound Bruce Highway Burpengary 9am Easy An easy scenic trip on the back tracks of the hinterland. Suited to new members with unmodified vehicles, including Foresters and Outbacks. BYO lunch, recovery gear.

Sat 11th Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

QRC Rally Benarkin Greg Bryant ph. 3402 0396 mob. 0416 073 951 Benarkin State School, RHS 4kms before Blackbutt 8am Easy Need control Officials and roadblocks to help run a special stage, Saturday afternoon and early evening. Camping and catering Benarkin State School. BYO lunch and supplies.

Sun 12th Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Time Rating Details

Nanango Stock Route Greg Bryant ph. 3402 0396 mob. 0416 073 951 Benarkin State School RHS 4kms before Blackbutt 9am Easy to Medium Return home via part of the Stock Route. BYO lunch and recovery gear.

Sun 26th Sep Trip Leader Meeting Place Tine Rating Details

Bellthorpe State Forest (revised date) Dwayne Boyton ph32991061 mob. 0412393839 Centre of Woodford 9am Medium with some hard steeper spots A group permit will be arranged, explore the area rainforests, creek crossings, and great views of the Glasshouse Mountains, BYO lunch, and recovery gear.


Futur e Events Future Mon 27th Sep

General Meeting , Sausage Sizzle and Annual Club Auction. BYO all your surplus Subaru parts and camping gear to sell. From 6.30pm


MUD AND SAND. THE 2003 SIMPSON DESERT EXPEDITION. Par artt 2 (continued from las lastt month’s Magazine) THE DESERT We didn’t have far to drive before we got our first shock. Ten Km out of Birdsville the road disappeared under a lake stretching a kilometre. The rough outline of where the road went could be guessed by large rocks along the edge, which just poked out above the water. As the convoy forged through the water the vehicles started to take up their now familiar sideways positions. Soon we were at Big Red but something was wrong, it looked more like Little Red. It couldn’t have shrunk that much in the year since we were last here! Eventually someone saw a road to the right, which we followed, and a few minutes later, there was Big Red, the previous road was the bypass track. We shot up Big Red easily as the sand was damp and packed down. As we assembled on top and looked down towards our route westwards, we were alarmed to see a salt lake with patches of water. How would we go driving across the wet salt lake? After driving to the edge, I walked across trying to stick to the dryer looking patches. Then we followed the same path in the cars. This worked quite well and we hardly sunk in at all. The next hour was a succession of dunes and salt lakes. Some lakes we skirted, other lakes we drove straight through. As the day wore on, we were becoming braver about driving through the water-covered tracks across the lakes. We saw no other convoys that first day but there appeared to be another vehicle ahead of us judging by the tracks. Eventually after crossing a few hundred sand hills, we made camp just short of the NT border. Already the desert was starting to go green after the rain and we found a typical desert campsite in the swale between the dunes. As we pulled up to camp Andrew mentioned he was having problems disengaging the clutch in the L series. Mildly alarmed, Robin, Andrew and I peered under the bonnet. Fortunately, it only turned out to be the clutch release lever fouling on a previously disconnected hill holder mechanism. This was our first true desert campsite and everyone loved it. With plenty of wood for Julie’s camp oven, a warm almost smokeless fire, a red, grey and green landscape and dark, dark skies made it a memorable start to the desert.


Next day the convoy closed on Poeppel corner, however we skirted Lake Poeppel as it still looked a bit boggy. This put us on the French line, that 170Km of sand dunes that just keep coming and coming hour after hour. The first part is very slow, undulating, and impossible to average more than 15Kph. As we progressed, we noticed we were following fresh camel tracks. Camels seem to use the roads as their personal trails often following them for tens of kilometres. After five Ks, we crested a dune and there he was, a large bull camel trotting along at about 12Kph. We followed and followed him but he refused to move off the road. After about twenty minutes following him, we decided to stop for while to avoid stressing him out as by now he was frothing at the mouth. After we got back on the road again, we had only travelled another fifteen minutes and we caught him again. This time I directed Justin to drive up close behind him and beep the horn .The camel veered off the road enough for the convoy to slip through. A couple of convoys approached us from the west this day and we got some news of road conditions ahead. We kept hearing stories of a horrendous stretch of deep water that was stopping even the large 4x4s. It was on the Spring Creek Delta about a days drive away. We overheard a comment over the UHF ‘The Subaru’s will be swimming!’ More convoys were coming through, some quite large. These convoys invariably were made up of large 4x4s with only two exceptions, the first was a Freelander in with a big group of large vehicles, (which was towed through the water) and the second was a Brumby in a large group. We had all pulled off the road and were out of our vehicles when this group passed. As the Brumby passed we all gave him a loud clap and a cheer. The driver had a grin from ear to ear .His passenger told us the ride in the Brumby was better than in the big 4x4s. Camp was made not far from the Coulson Track junction and this put us within striking distance of the edge of the desert. It was on this last stretch of desert that the back of the sump guard let go on Robin and Marion’s Forester. Robin removed it and stacked it on the back next to the jerry cans. At Purnie Bore we talked to a 4x4 tour operator about the latest on the big water hazard in the Delta. He informed us that it was actually getting deeper as water was flowing into it. Then we were inundated with advice on how to tackle the hazard. Everyone practised putting on their radiator blinds then headed towards the Spring Creek Delta. Part 3 in next month’s magazine


MARKET PLACE L Series parts less motor and gear box. Complete rust free set of doors with electric mirrors. Tailgate, roof rack and cross roof bars Also MY model parts, and 86 Leone parts. Contact Dan Wolfe 07 5464 5676 or mobile 0418 741 247 Spares to suit 1983 MY Subaru: Brand new electric fuel pump (cost $200.00), sell $100.00 Brand new water pump, suit EA81 (cost $76.00), sell $50.00 Sunraysia rims. Set of four 14” $160.00 Peugeot 14” rim, with near new Dunlop tyre $50.00 Dual range gearbox, 3.9ratio, incl. rear diff $300.00 Torsion bar assembly, good spare $25.00 Roof rack with instant tent, rolls up across back. Tent erects in seconds. $50.00 EA81 engine – needs cylinder head, has electronic distributor $50.00 Contact Peter Thomas 0427 578 805 or 3633 0436 MY 83 wagon, silver, air con, tow bar, 300,000kms, good mechanicals, some rust in doors, rego until 4/04, $1000 ONO, Ph Sue Hosie on northern NSW Kingscliff no.0266742197, car is Brisbane based. Current model Forester cargo net and floor mat set $175.00 the lot. 195x65/15 Liberty tyres and rims set of 4 25% tread $150.00 215x75/15 Forester rims as new with tyres 50% tread $300.00 For these 3 Contact Dave Martin Ph 3262 5665 or Mobile 0429 121 996


MARKET PLACE Wanted Motor and Carburettor for 90model Brumby. Condition not important. Contact Roger Widdowson SC541 on 07 4958 1255. List of items is as follows $200 the lot or will separate 4 Doors front & rear no rust, Exhaust system, Windscreen & rubber, Drive shaft c/w CV, Radiator hoses & Heater Hoses, Thermostat Housings, Door Rubbers, Front Grill, Full Gas Conversion Kit inc. tanks, pipes hoses, valves, controls, Instrument cluster, Carburettor, Mirrors, Washer water tanks 2, Thermo fan, Headlights & Surrounds, Seatbelts, Alternators, Wiper motor, Brake shoes (disk & drum), Engine mounts Plus assorted other bits Ph Dave Paxton H 3390 6408, W 3834 7729 M 0407 554 190 Regretful Sale. Subaru Sportswagon L Series 1994 model. $9 000. Excellent condition. 153 000 km. Automatic, bull bar, air conditioning. Contact Carla on 0419 790 841


RALLY NEWS WRC – Rally of Turkey – Rd 7 — In rough conditions that ranged from the coastal lowlands to high mountain tracks. Subaru’s Petter Solberg Pirelli XR tyres struggled in the conditions, he still managed to finish in 3rd place. Team mate Mikko Hirvonen keep up his good finishing record with a 6th place. Outright winner Citroen’s Sebastien Loeb in the last stages had a rear wheel bearing failure and finished on 3 wheels. Peugeot’s Marcus Gronholm finished in 2nd place, his co driver had a lucky escape when a steel spike punctured the floor and his seat. Placings – 1 Loeb Citroen, 2 Gronholm Peugeot, 3 Solberg Subaru, 4 Sainz Citroen, 5 Duval Ford, 6 Hirvonen Subaru. Points Drivers – Loeb 53, Solberg 44, Martin 34, Gronholm 32, Sainz 24. Manufacturers — Citroen 80, Ford 65, Subaru 59, and Peugeot 47. ARC – Subaru Safari Tasmania – Rd 3 – This year the Subaru sponsored rally was held in a new forestry area south of Hobart. The conditions were wet and slippery, which suited Mitsubishi’s Finnish driver Juha Kangas, he won both heats to win the round. Subaru’s Cody Crocker over came some gearbox problems to claim 2rd place in both heats and 2nd place overall. Team mate Dean Herridge was 3rd overall after 5th and 3rd places in both heats. The Queensland Subaru crew of the Atkinson brothers finished heat 1 in 3rd place, and in heat 2 collected a stump, which put them out of the heat. This same stump claimed the Toyota of Simon Evans, who suffered a serious fracture to his thighbone. He later needed surgery to repair the break with a rod and 2 pins. In the Subaru RS Challenge Queensland John Goasdoue won heat 1 and retired in heat 2 after slipping off the road. The overall winner was South Australian Steve Glenney, it was his first win of the series. The winner of the Privateers Cup with 8th place in both heats was NSW driver Brad Goldsmith driving his Subaru. The Aussie Cup was again won by Ross Dunkerton driving the Magna AWD. In heat 2 the crew had to push the car 1.5 km after loosing the fan belt. Points Drivers – Crocker 82, Evans 77, Herridge 64, Kangas 62, Bates 60. Atkinson 52.


SUMMARY TOP 10 MEN AND WOMEN 2003/04 MEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 9 10

Member No 180 480 421 481 287 526 328 054 552 401

Name David Greg Gaven Dwayne Cameron Mark Rik John Bryan Rob

Member No 480 450 558 204 513 346 545 002 430 466

Name Kathy Val Christine Pam Libby Danna Jan Glenys Julie Julie


Total 104 81 61 59 39 33 31 31 30 25


Total 37 17 16 16 14 11 11 8 7 7


1 2 3 4 5 6 6 8 9 9


HEARD THE NEWS New addition – In early July Gaven and Angela McGrath welcomed their first baby a girl called Alyssa Rose, both are doing well. New model – Recent reports from the USA say Subaru are working on a new larger 7 seat AWD wagon, called the XUV. One of its possible engines is the 3.3 litre H6 and it could be turbo charged. At this stage it is only planned as a LHD model. Remember this is how the first Outback started, then a RHD model was produced which later lead to the Forester. So as to a RHD XUV anything is possible. First time across – What possibly is a first for a Subaru, David Bargen driving his lifted H6 Outback towing a trailer, successfully completed a Simpson Desert crossing, including Big Red from Poeppel corner to Birdsville on the recent 3X4X4X20 trip. Donation – Greg and Kathy Bryant have kindly donated their old computer scanner to the Clubs computer. One of the advantages if you nominate for a committee position, you possibly could get to use the Clubs well setup computer. Last minute decision – On the Thursday before the start of the 3X4X4X20 trip Keith Peters made a quick decision to go. By Thursday night he and his Suba Xtremed Out back were ready for the trip. With little notice he could not organise a co driver so he did the trip solo. On the return trip to get back home for a surprise birthday party for Danna on Saturday night, he drove the 1600 kms from Birdsville non stop in about 16 1/2 hours. Trouble free trip – It took Big John McKenna 3 attempts and 2 Rodeo’s to complete a successful part Desert crossing from Poeppel corner to Birdsville. This time he had virtually a trouble free run, only loosing a sump guard bolt, had a problem with the UHF radio, and got some stone chips on the windscreen. Trip leader Peter Gates L series blow out a Cooper tyre, Gil Thorncraft also had an unrepairable Geolandar on his 02 Forester. David Bargen H6 Outback had a broken rear tailgate window, from a rebounding stone off the trailer. Keith Peters Outback’s Suba Xtreme front bar saved him from any serious damage after hitting a big roo.

...more Heard the News on Page 23


HEARD THE NEWS Back on the road – It was a bad start to the year for Shane Taylor and Libby Lugsden’s 92 Liberty AWD sedan. First the car suffered some damage from a summer hailstorm, then it was heavily hit in the rear by a wayward driver at an intersection. This time the damage was extensive and after a lot of toing and froing, the insurance company eventually wrote it off. With the pay out they were able to purchase a friends original and tidy silver RX Turbo, it was originally owned by Sunshine Coast club member Doug Tilley. Also Shane was able to buy back from Libby’s brother his old MY 82 4WD converted sedan. He plans to set it up with a lift kit, 14” wheels and the twin carb motor from Bryan Neilsen’s old wagon the beige hornet. Fuel economy – On the round trip from Birdsville down the Birdsville track, then up the Warburton and K1 tracks to Poeppel corner, and east across the desert via big red to return to Birdsville. Gil Thorcraft MY 03 manual dual range Forester used about 11 litres less fuel than Keith Peters automatic Outback. The Outback is slightly heaver than the Forester, and both have Suba Xtreme gear fitted, front and rear bars, sump guards, lift kits, and Gil’s Forester has the newly designed lift kit. London to Sydney detour – During the recent 3x4x4x20 trip Keith Peters, Big John McKenna, and David Martin detoured from Haddon corner to Windorah to help run a stage for the London to Sydney rally called Cooper Creek, a 55km stage just east of Windorah on a cattle property called Ingella. Also Greg and Kathy Bryant did a similar thing at Imbil helping on our ARC stage Araucaria, which was linked up to other stages in the area to create one long distance stage. New shield name – After many years of support and with his planned retirement John French has decided to take his name off the John French Shield. The Shield is presented each year to a Club member for out standing contribution. When John retires it will be business as usual with Serge in the workshop and Jim in spare parts. The good news is that Highway Subaru who are Suba News back page advertisers and Club supporters have kindly taken over the Shield.


MARKET PLACE 9 /1990 Brumby twin headlight with spotlights, 6 months rego, turbo ea81 engine, with a late model microtech fuel injection computer and an ea82 turbo and brake booster, alloy bull bar, liftkit, rollbar, towbar, Cd player, 14 inch wheels with off road tyres, custom exhaust including mandrel bent crossover pipe. It also has twin finer filter air pods and mod plate. $8500 Contact Jason Ollett Phone 0418 629 546

To advertise in Market Place Phone your advert to the Editor on (07) 3299 1061 or E-mail to:

Please advise when Sold or WithdrawN From Sale Advertisements in Market Place are available to members at a cost of $2 per issue or $5 for non-members - tell your friends.


• • •

Our expertise and working knowledge of suspension systems is our specialty. Fully trained staff supported by famous brand components ensures a professional job on your car.

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Fulcrum Suspensions - the ride control specialists.

Wheel Alignment and Balance Workshop Facilities Shock Absorbers - Koni, Monroe, Formula, Bilstein Springs - Formula Torsion Bars Super Pro Bushings

Mob: 0413 878 760 Fax: 3279 4309 Email:

Proprietor: John Spencer * * * *

Computerised wheel alignments Computer balancing Log book servicing Pre-trip inspections


* * * *

Mechanical repairs Suspension Brakes Steering 51 BRISBANE STREET BEAUDESERT QLD 4285 5541 1075

For all your new and used vehicle requirements. Special deals for club members.

Call Dean Fisher on 32907878 3499 Pacific Highway, Springwood Mobile (0414) 361 550 Email: d.f isher@highw ayauto d.fisher@highw isher@highwa Internet: www .highw ayauto www.highw .highwa

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