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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Newsletter Issue Number: 12

Date: Winter 2009

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment

A Note From The Editor… Sitting here at my computer in November I’m finding it difficult to believe that we are very quickly heading for Christmas! The year has continued well for us and we’ve homed well over 100 dogs. Throughout the year we have been out and about at various events and it’s always nice to meet up with our greyhounds and their new owners. The open days at the kennels have been a huge success and something that we will be continuing throughout next year, including the dog show. If anyone is interested in helping on a stall, running their own stall or has any suggestions for other fund raising events please get in touch with David on 0845 458 3797 As usual there are many people that I would like to thank, so, on behalf of Homefinders, thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in fundraising at the kennels, at events and at the stadium. Also to everyone who had donated gifts and money to the dogs and to everyone who supports and helps us throughout the year.Your continued support is very much appreciated by all of us and, of course, the dogs.

On October 1st I had a very packed house when I had a Body Shop At Home party. 15% of all sales were donated to Homefinders and a raffle was held. In total we made £119! All of the ladies present had a very enjoyable evening and were able to sample the products before buying. Martin was kept busy supplying everyone with coffee and cake. Even the dogs joined in the fun!

Chris presenting Maureen with the money raised.

The kennels are open every Saturday from 11am until 2.30pm and visitors are very welcome to come along, especially if you are accompanied by your greyhound! We love to see the dogs looking so happy and contented with their new owners. At Christmas time we like to give the dogs still in kennels an extra treat or two. If you would like to make a donation please send a cheque, payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Or come along to the kennels on a Saturday with your gifts. If you would like to help out in any way, either at the kennels or at the stadium please contact David on 0845 458 3797.

It was decided that the money would be used to buy food, toys and equipment for the kennels. Many thanks to everyone who came along. If anyone would like to book a party to raise funds for Homefinders please contact Chris Harrington on 01603 260525. Every party booked will earn us another £5 plus 15% commission on sales. Please mention Lynda from the Greyhound Charity.

Wishing you and your dogs a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2010. Lynda Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

Pete (aka Meaty), our sponsor dog, has been homed! He is now living with Sue and David.

Pookie, a lively two-year-old greyhound, had a nasty accident, badly injuring a hind leg.

Hi Lynda, Pete here,

She was taken to Haven Veterinary Surgeons to be treated under the Homefinders Veterinary Assistance Scheme. They operated on the leg but there were complications and the vet, Kiran Gabri, told us that Pookie would either have to lose her leg or be euthanased. We considered the options and decided the best way to help the greyhound was for the leg to be amputated, and asked Kiran to proceed accordingly.

Thought I would just let you know how I am getting on in my new home. As you can see from my photo I am really quite settled.  My Mum and Dad love me to bits and say I am such a good boy indoors.  I still have a pop at the other dogs when I go out but I am trying to be good.  The grandchildren have been to stay and I have been as good as gold and I am going to Kent with Mum and Dad for a few days soon. Let me tell you about my day.   I don’t wake up too early - well us old boys need our rest. When I first wake up I go out in the garden to be busy - just be careful if Mum and Dad offer you some rhubarb next year. It’s been well watered!  Then I go back to bed for a while until it’s time for my breakfast.  After breakfast I have another little rest until it’s time for my walk.  Sometimes we just go round the estate but sometimes we go on the common.  We meet other dogs and I get rather excited and bark.  Well they look a bit like me but not quite the same so I bark just in case they’re not friendly.  Then it’s home for another snooze until lunchtime.  I get fed 3 times a day at the moment as I am bit under weight. I don’t mind at all. I have the same meal as I used to have at the kennels but I also have some Butchers tripe with it - lovely!  I then have another snooze until it’s time for another walk.  This time we go to new places. I have been to Felbrigg Park, Sheringham Park and Blakeney and this week I have been to Holt Country Park and to Wroxham for a walk by the river.  Lots of lovely new smells.  Well, after all this activity I am ready for another rest before my supper.  After supper I just relax on my bed and sleep.  I get lots of fussing and cuddles from my Mum and Dad.  I just love my ears being stroked.  I have to go out and be busy before I settle down for the night but when I come back in from the garden there’s always a nice tasty treat on my bed for me. So you see life is great and I am so happy I had a little dash round the garden today. Must go - had a busy day today.

Love Pete

Pookie looked really sorry for herself when we visited her in “hospital” but it is amazing how quickly she recovered. By the time her stitches were removed she was really alert and took great interest in the other patients, especially the cat in a basket nearby! When we left she decided not to wait to be lifted into the van, but jumped in immediately – much to our surprise. Pookie is currently living in the North Norfolk area and has adapted marvelously to walking on three legs. Brenda Garrod

Thank you to Wendy for fostering Pookie following her stay in hospital. Many of you have met my greyhound Jake. Sometimes people don’t even notice that he only has three legs! He runs around the garden and certainly enjoys life to the full! Only having three legs does not affect their quality of life and Pookie and Jake are just two examples of young, happy, three -legged dogs. Lynda. Sometimes there is a need to find a suitable foster home where the dog can live during its recuperation period. Obviously the dog cannot be put into our kennels due to the extra care needed. If you feel you could help us by undertaking fostering of an injured dog giving them the love and care needed, please call 0845 458 3797 for further information.

Hi Lynda

Hi Lynda,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how I’m getting on with Max and Linda (Mum). Max is a real gentleman and never turfs me off the sofa and takes the armchair instead (although he moans a lot under his breath) and lets me snuggle up next to him on the duvets at night. Also, he has agreed I can share his manservant, so I get to go on his lunchtime walks when Mum is at work.

Belle, (Waitforthebell) now Finn, took to the house and garden, appearing totally relaxed, tried to get in the pond, had a really good sniff round then we introduced her to her bed. David had bought her a bed and we’d put a duvet in it, she didn’t take to the bed and decided that the duvet was better out of the bed and onto the dining room floor.  She looked really chuffed with herself lying in the middle of it.

I had a bit of a problem getting used to being in a house and kept thinking it was Ok to go to the toilet on the dining room carpet. Mum was ever so patient though and I’ve got the hang of things now.

Anyway we’ve had absolutely no trouble or mishaps, she sleeps right through the night, and was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs yesterday morning. She has a bit of a problem with getting into the car, David has to lift her in but once there she’s fine. 

I have a special game I play with Mum. I move things (like her shoes) and she has to find them, although she does not always seem happy to play first thing in the morning. She mutters something about getting to work. What’s work? OK - I admit I can be naughty and have chewed some of her cooking utensils and her filofax (well - no one told me it was a special birthday present - and I didn’t rip up the pages) and dug up the garden a bit but what is wrong with getting the fruit from the bushes and trees - I thought it was good to get your 5 a day? Mum does say I make her laugh, especially when I dry my face on the tea towel after she has wiped me with a damp cloth after dinner (I gather it is not the done thing to wipe the gravy off on the sofa). Also when I bounce on all 4 paws to see over fences that are too high. We’ve had a couple of lunch and dinner parties and Mum said we were very good. I really enjoyed the Earlham Park walk. We’ve also had a trip to Dunwich where we visited Mum’s friend’s house, had a long walk on the beach and fish n chips in the Cafe. Mum’s friend was very impressed at how well behaved we were. Anyway, I like it here and get lots of cuddles and kisses and treats when I do things right. Better go - its time to play ball in the garden. See you soon on the next open day. Crystal (Fuddlestown Style)

We’ve taken her for some lovely walks and she’s met quite a few other dogs - not fazed at all - these included a four month old Labrador puppy hurtling under her back legs but she just looked a bit surprised. She was a bit unsure about a Yorkshire terrier and gave a couple of wussie whines; maybe she thought it was an animated ‘hare’.  We introduced her to another greyhound belonging to some friends, and they got on like a house on fire. She didn’t eat at first but with a bit of bribery we’ve convinced her it’s really nice and she’s munching along nicely. She’s now just beginning to realise that she can play and has been having some fun throwing her toys all over the place, but she makes sure that they are all back in her bed at night. All in all she’s a lovely companion, is a lot of fun and we are looking to having a lot of good times with her.

Elsa (Perfect Alibi),

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know that Elsa is settling in lovely. She is still nervous over things but I think that is the way she will always be.

My name is Leo (Colorado Leo) and I thought I would let you know how I am getting on in my new home. It is a lovely place, lots of love and plenty to eat and drink. On hot days I have ice cream for afters! My master is a big softie and the best there is. I have got him well trained! I have buttered toast each morning after a good nights sleep on my single bed next to my master. My retirement has got better and better! Regards to all my friends, from Leo at Cringleford.

When I go upstairs she either lays on the second step from the bottom or the second step from the top waiting for me. They happen to be the corner steps so a little larger than the others. On our walk today we came across a group of young children. Elsa was unsettled whilst passing them but later on we passed two adults and two teenagers. She wanted to make a fuss of them and wanted them to stroke her. The smaller children are too noisy for her! Elsa said to tell her friends that they will find new homes and where they are now is only a “half-way house”. Elsa likes her new hotel! Thanks for everything, Trish and Elsa.

Hi Lynda, Thought you might like to see this picture of Maisie (Biltan Mistress) and Tania. This is the tiger that we won in the raffle at the summer open day. We have had Maisie since March and she is absolutely brilliant. As you know she came second in “Best Bitch” show in June to which we were highly delighted!

Vito (Vito Move) (now Riley) Riley is settling in pretty well. A bit more time is needed for the kitty cats though. He still has to have his muzzle on, just in case, but on the whole not too bad.

See you soon, Doreen and Wally. Mickey, (Traceys Holly) homed November 2008. Mickey has settled down very well and is a very loveable dog especially with humans - not so much with other dogs or cats! He is also now a Blood Donor at our local Vet and he gave his first lot some two weeks ago and he did not mind that at all.

He’s still having accidents during the night though !!! Hopefully he will start holding on to it till the morning soon. Thanks for all your help, Lynne.

He really is leading a life of luxury in our home as you can see by the photo! Now and again he has a mad five minutes running around the garden and house and on these occasions we stand clear! Riley and friend Denver

Regards, Brian.

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Going Home…

I am Rosie who used to be a sponsor dog. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me and let them know how I am getting on. As you probably know I lived at Crystals kennels for many years and came to Homefinders after she died.

Minnie (Ice Chick) going home with the Banks Family

Marty, (Share our Dream) now Arthur, only 3 days after homing.

When we moved to the new kennels I was feeling quite sorry for myself. My right eye was poorly and not responding to treatment. I was very thin and unable to gain weight no matter what I ate. I had been in kennels all my 11 years and had a reputation for being grumpy, so some people had the cheek to say I was probably un-homeable! Just before Christmas 2008 I agreed to give John a trial as my foster carer and went to live with him and his greyhound Bosun. He and I soon sorted out the seating arrangements. I took the nice comfy sofa by the window, Bosun the other sofa and we left John the easy chair. This is only fair, as humans don’t need as much space to stretch as greyhounds do. I had only one real problem settling in at Johns and that was the toilet training. John is great but not very good at recognising the subtle signs I gave him when I needed to go out. I would stare at him and look meaningfully at the door but instead of letting me out he would pat me on the head and call me a good girl! In the end I was reduced to squatting down in front of him and demonstrating. John was not best pleased and used to moan at me when he was mopping up but what could I do! It took a long time but I am pleased to say John finally got the message and has not had to mop up for months.

Jamie (Watch it Sunny) on his way to his new home

The food at Johns is excellent and I am now back to a healthy weight. My right eye is much better too. In fact I looked so good at the dog show in June that I won the rosette for ‘Best Looking Veteran’. I’d like to say I owe it all to John.

Originally my stay at Johns was a temporary arrangement but I have decided to make it permanent. I have become very fond of John and Bosun and I want to stay and look after them. Billy (Oklahoma Billy) is the 100th dog to be homed from our kennels at Hainford

If you have a story or photograph you’d like to include in our next newsletter, please email Lynda:

Chloe (Swift Second) Just to let you know Chloe is settling in really well. She is a very happy little girl and likes her tummy rubbed. She’s having lots of walks. Today she went out when I first got up at 7.00am. I got her breakfast at 8.20 and then went out for another walk a little while after that before I went to work. I checked on her after an hour at work and she was fine, greeting with a wagging tail and bouncy. Took her out for a good walk on the Waveney trail (a public walkway beside farmers fields), she saw some cows and a horse in the distance, but didn’t seem too bothered, stood and looked, then walked on. After the walk I then took her home and went back to work. Came home to a lovely greeting from Chloe and to find the cushions on the settee on the floor, so I thought that perhaps she had been up on the settee while I was out. This evening after her meal, I took her out again for a short walk and when I got back had my meal after which Chloe got up on the settee with me for a cuddle and tummy rub. She goes onto her back and gives me her paw when I stop the tummy rub so that I do it again. She is really lovely.

Emily Smith, seen here with Danny, raised money for Homefinders. Thank you very much Emily.

Following the homing of Pete, Tricky is now our new sponsor dog. He’s a lovely, lively boy who enjoys the fuss and attention that he gets from everyone he meets.

Night time was good too. She has her bed near mine and although I disturb her a few times she soon settles back down when I get back in to bed. So I am very pleased with Chloe, lots for her to learn, but she is doing really well already. She now knows her name and comes when I call her. The family love her too. I took Chloe to my mums yesterday afternoon after settling her in at home and Chloe went up to my mum for fuss, which was nice. Also my sister and brother-in-law came around yesterday evening and brought Chloe some treats. They both love her too. Chloe loved the fuss and of course the treat!

To sponsor Tricky please send a cheque for £12 (minimum donation) payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

She is already a really good friend.


Thanks for everything and I hope all goes well in finding loving homes for all the other greyhounds you have at Homefinders.


G th

reyhound Ho


nders efi


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David and Chloe

For a suggested minimum donation of £5 you will receive our newsletter and other related information throughout the year. Please send the following information Your name,Your address and a Cheque payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders To: Brenda Garrod, 4, Caystreward, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 4AR.

Co-ordinator’s bit. Where does the time go, we have been at our new kennels for just over one year now and it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were panicking a little about where we were going to put the 22 dogs we had on the farm. It has been a brilliant year with well over 100 dogs homed, loads of new friends made, new volunteers found, better facilities and seeing the dogs so happy in their surroundings for the short time they are with us (very short for a few of them). The success is due in the main to all the hard working volunteers who give up their time in many different ways to help the dogs. Their efforts, however small or large, are extremely valuable and very much appreciated. I thank them all. I would also like to thank the trainers who are always very supportive with advice and information and I know I can always go to them for help should I need it. They are always grateful to hear about how their dogs are doing after retirement and I know that some new owners do get in touch with them. Finally my thanks go to all of you who have one, or more, of our greyhounds. There is nothing better for us than to see a photo or hear stories of how happy the dogs are. It is so rewarding to see such happy and goodlooking dogs on the walks, at open days and on Saturdays when they visit, thank you all very much. Here is a list of the dogs homed (at time of going to print) since the last newsletter and if I have missed any I apologise now as I did miss one in the last issue and got well and truly told off! So here goes: Biltan Mistress-Maisie (Lenwadeshe’s the one who told me off!), Lucky Focus-Tinker (Wymondham), Crystal (Norwich), Waitforthebell- Belle (Cambridge), Any Response-Annie (Rackheath), Ice Candy-Candy (W. Runton), Ice Legend-Minty (Norwich), Moneygall Girl-Sally (Mundesley), Jeffys Spotty-Devon (Pulham St Mary), Chadwell Fiona-Fifi (Norwich), Pete (Beeston Regis), Watch It Sunny-Jamie (Newton Flotman), Lou Lous Honcho-Lulu (Norwich), Oklahoma BillyBilly (Diss), Tremar Belle-Belle (Swaffham), Constant Sorrow-Connie (Kelling), Share Our Dream-Marty (Reepham), Unwins Star-Cass (Cley), Thistlemoor LadWoody (Fakenham), Swift-Second-Chloe (Beccles), Droopys Justice-Jay (Aylsham), Galley Tune-Rosalie (Bodham), Meenala Gold-Goldie (Norwich), Echo LadLaddie (Norwich), Cloncunny Lark-Lark (Ringland), Fast Fit Corsa-Bessie (N.Walsham), Perfect Alibi-Pebbles (Warham), Avalanche-James (Acle),Vito Move- Riley (Caister), Blonde Keano- King(Halesworth), Bank It-Franc (Kettering), Ice Chick-Minnie (Fakenham), Rackethall Mal-Mally (Norwich), Coolside Lucky-Blue(Castle Acre) Glanmore Rebel- Fern(Norwich) Capel Hercules-Buster (Lowestoft), Phew it has been busy! If you have visited us recently you will have seen a new trailer standing outside the kennel block. This has been very kindly donated to us by Barry and Julie Nobbs who

also pop down with armfuls of treats from time to time. The trailer has been more than useful for storing food as the mice cannot get in and we are very grateful for it. Philip Pearce and Barbara Smith, who own Devon, presented us with a cheque for £52.10. Proceeds of a car boot sale that they did. It was a lovely surprise and very kind of them. Also I must mention Mrs Rosemary Quadling who raised a lot of money for us and bought a huge stack of tinned foods for the dogs. We knew about the money being raised but it was a delightful surprise to see just how much food was bought with it. Again it is very much appreciated. It was lovely to see everybody again at the last Open Day in October where, once again, we were blessed with the weather. Open Days are proving to be very popular and are a good event for people to meet and talk about greyhounds. We will continue to arrange them next year so make a note in your diary of the dates, which appear in this issue. Please remember you can visit the kennels with your dog on any Saturday 11am to 2pm as there will always be someone there to talk to, our shops are open and we would be delighted to see you. Speaking of which, have you got your Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders 2010 Calendar yet? Only £7.50 and featuring the following dogs – Andy and Carly, Annie, Boogie, Herbie, Candy, Flash, Harvey, James, Laddie, Jamie, Jay and Davey all looking beautiful. I wish you and your dogs a very Happy Christmas and I hope the dogs do not get too plump on turkey and plum pudding. David Committee News

Congratulations to Julia and Andrew on their marriage in September. Accompanied by Ronnie.

Also in September Joanne’s baby, Ashlyn, was Christened.

A plea from Seth It has just come to my attention that my two sisters Gem and Jewel, who are nearly as good looking as me, need a new home. Unfortunately they cannot stay where they are due to no fault of their own and in fact have been extremely well behaved and loving dogs just like me. They are both 7 years of age, housetrained and have lived with cats and children. If you are interested, or know of anyone who might be, please call me on 0845 4583797. It would be great if they could find a new home together and I could get to see them again. Zina has been asking me to tell you her news so here goes – in her own words; Thank you to my favourite uncles for making me so welcome at the open day. It was lovely to see so many of my old friends and some new ones who I now count as friends too. When we came home from our visit, mummy and her friend Linda took me to somewhere called a pub.Very dog friendly it was, with bowls of water on the floor and a grey parrot to entertain us. I don’t speak parrot but when it shouted I barked and everyone laughed! Then I discovered a wonderful treat – something called chips. I have never tasted anything so heavenly and cannot understand why mummy doesn’t have them every day. Something to do with bad fats and naughty calories, she says. If I could catch those fats and calories I would eat them all up! I always thought I was called Zina but when I do my wake-up call for mummy in the morning, around 6 o’clock, she always pats me on the head and says “Go away, you’re Twirly”. I asked mummy’s friend Alan about this and he said that the bus driver called him a “Twirly” one morning when he tried to use his bus pass before 9.30. Mummy took me for a day out at Walberswick. We must have walked for more than 2 hours and it was sooooo hot! There was a dog show but mummy said I couldn’t enter, as there wasn’t a class for me. I don’t have the waggiest tail, I don’t do tricks and we had no fancy dress. A gentleman named Peter Purves was judging and said that they should have had a class for Prettiest Bitch, as I would have won it paws down! Anyway, I did my barking bit again and everyone laughed! By the time we got home I was so tired I slept right through until 6 the next morning – apparently I was still Twirly!!

Dates for your diary Here are some dates for you to note down for next year. We hope you will be able to join us at least one of the events, as you know how much we like to see everyone and particularly the dogs. Spring Open Day at the kennels – Sunday 21st March 11am to 3pm Spring Walk- Sunday 11th April at Wolterton Park (Wolterton Hall NR11 7LY) about 8 miles north of Aylsham and just north of Iteringham. Look for Brown signpost on A140. (There is a small car park fee) Usual “do as you like” walk, picnic and chat in lovely surroundings. Summer Open Day and Greyhound Show- Sunday 27th June 11am to 3am Summer Walk – Sunday 11th July 11am at Winterton, Beach Car Park Summer Open Day 2- Sunday 22nd August 11am - 3pm Autumn Walk- Sunday 12th September 11am at Mousehold Heath, Norwich. Autumn Open Day – Sunday 17th October 11am - 3pm And Finally…..The London Marathon. Sarah Dobson, who owns one of our beautiful black greyhounds called Blackie, is going to run the London Marathon next April. She is currently in training and has already done The Great North Run. She has chosen to support two charities Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders and Parkinson’s Disease Research. We are delighted by this kind gesture and are, of course urging people to support her. Blackie has decided not run with her, as it would mean being too long away from his comfy bed! If you would like to sponsor Sarah for the race please complete the form enclosed with this newsletter. Her race number is 10745 so you might catch a glimpse of her on the telly next April. We will let everyone know how she got on in next year’s summer newsletter.

Thank you uncle Clive for the lovely photos. I am even more beautiful than I thought! Off for another sleep now. Licks and kisses, Zina xx

Sarah’s two boys watching her training Designed and Typeset by Michele of Design for print and web


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