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Just had to drop a line telling you about the legend that was TED. Bless him, he selected us as his parents whilst staying at ‘Moorsticks’, Spixworth Road, Norwich in December 2002. We went to the kennels intending to get a light fawn bitch, but Ted decided we were the ones for him and the rest his history. The day we took him home was our son’s birthday. Ted wished him a happy birthday and then nipped into the kitchen and ate the whole of his birthday cake! He made many friends in the neighbourhood and loved everybody (except cats). On his walks, people, especially children, would run up to Ted and fuss him. He was such a gentle giant and he loved being cuddled. Our grandchildren at ages 3 & 5 loved holding his lead and walking with him despite his size compared to them. He never pulled and regularly checked over his shoulder to make sure they were still OK. We used to take him to Eccles & Yarmouth Beaches. The first time we let him off his lead, he was just over 3 years old, he ran along the edge of the sea and disappeared out of sight. We thought that’s it, we’ve lost him, then a cloud of dust in the distance showed the returning Ted, who, when he was close ran straight at me as though he would collide with me and then at the last minute dodged round me. He played this game a lot and never hit me. Ted was a well-travelled dog; originally from Ireland he lived in Essex before moving to Norwich with us. He holidayed in the New Forest twice, took the Ferry to the Isle of Wight and did a tour whilst laying on the back seat of a double decker bus. He also toured Scotland, Devon and Cornwall and finally travelled with us across the channel on the shuttle, where he proudly displayed his Pet Passport for the first time, through France and finally, up the mountains in Murcia, Spain. His health was deteriorating and sadly we had to make the heartbreaking decision to send him from us at the end of Jan as he started to suffer badly with breathing problems, including pneumonia. Although heartbroken, the number of emails and communications from all of his friends and family meant we did not feel alone in our grieving despite being so many miles from home. He was one in a million, we miss him so much, but we have so many happy memories of our times with him it helps enormously. BLESS YOU TED BEAR YOU GAVE US SO MUCH. Ted, ex Biltan Ted 05/05/99 – 30/01/12 God Bless - Jill & Dave Alborough

Thought you might like to see Frankie relaxing at home. He is a much laid-back boy now than when he first arrived: in fact “lying-back” is what he does best (apart from eating!) Sadly Frankie is now an “only child” since our other little dog crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” a short while ago. Frankie will now get to enjoy all the attention, all the leftovers and will probably be terribly spoilt! Thanks to David for wangling it so Frankie adopted us. He’s definitely the best thing that has happened to us in a long time! Erin

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