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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number: 17

Date: Spring 2011

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment A note from the editor Welcome to the first edition of the 2011 newsletter. Many thanks must go to all of our volunteers and supporters for all of the help that you have given to us throughout 2010. Without all of you we wouldn’t be able to achieve all that we do! Thank you one and all. Also a huge thanks to everyone who sent donations, including a car full of tinned food from Rosemary, for the greyhounds at Christmas. They all certainly enjoyed their extra treats, as did the volunteers. The regular volunteer walkers were lucky enough to have chocolates and treats left for them too! Thank you.

kennels for longer than most. As you’ve read in previous newsletters Wesley and Harry have found their homes and now Milo has been lucky enough to join the list of homed dogs! So we now have a new sponsor dog, Toby. Read about him further in this newsletter. Haven Vets Support Homefinders: Thank you so much to Haven Vets and all it’s clients who showed their support to Homefinders. Another fantastic truckload of treats and goodies!

During 2010 we homed 124 greyhounds! That is a fantastic achievement and we wish every one of them a long and happy life. Hopefully we will get to meet some of them again at our open days at the kennels and at the events that we attend throughout the year. Further in this newsletter is a list of forth-coming events. Please make a note of them in your diaries and if you can come along to help please ring David on the usual number: 0845 458 3797 Our first open day of the year is at the kennels on Sunday 20th March. There will be stalls, as usual, the ever-popular tombola, brick-a-brack, cake stall, refreshments, pet items etc. We also now have a new line in walking out coats and not forgetting the lovely house and martingale collars. We are looking forward to seeing you and your dogs. A new event for this year is a walk starting from the stadium. This will be held on Sunday 22nd May, 11am until 3pm. We will begin the walk with a couple of laps around the track. This is your chance to see the track from a greyhound’s point of view. Albeit at a slower pace! All dogs must remain on lead throughout the event. The stalls will also be out for your enjoyment and refreshments available. As you know it’s always a happy time for us when one of our greyhounds leaves for their new home but it’s extra special when it’s one of our dogs that has been in

Two lovely ladies set up a charity Christmas tree in a Sheringham church. It was beautifully decorated with greyhound related items including a greyhound to top the tree along with the star! They raised a magnificent £175! This, I am told, will now be an annual event. (How come Seth managed to sneak in to the photo? Lynda) Fund raising at the stadium continues to go well and a Boxing Day collection raised £175. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who give up their Saturday evening to fund raise in this way. Also thank you to Jeff whose raffle continues to be highly successful. If you have any suggestions for future fund raising ideas please phone David on 0845 458 3797 or email me at Please continue to send your letters, stories, photos and poems to me at the address below. Best wishes to you all, Lynda.

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust Registered Charity No: 269668 Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

I just thought I would give you all an up date on Bryn, Meenala Mentor, and Bunny, Burgoyne Bunny, (now known as Bonnie). My Mum Cynthia Marshall adopted Bonnie. All I can say is it’s the best thing my mum has done in a long time and it has given my mum a new lease of life. They were made for each other. They live in North Walsham and we have just moved there to be near her. Bonnie was very nervous of strangers but has been getting better with time. She is a good girl on the lead and at home. My mum takes Bonnie out twice a day, which she loves. As soon as she sees her lead she starts doing her little dance. Now, for Bryn, myself (Tessa Miskin) and my partner Nick Miskin: we adopted Bryn when we lived in Ormseby st Margaret. Bryn has settled well in home life and quickly become a big part of our family. He soon found the settee and loves a cuddle. He is very good on his lead and loves to meet other dogs and people. He’s just a big baby that loves cuddles 24/7 given the chance! He has found his way onto our bed at night times and he just loves to be with us. Since adopting Bryn we have moved to North Walsham where he has settled well into his new home. We now see his girlfriend Bonnie most days. They love going for walks together and playing with toys. They are so funny to watch! Just want to thank everyone at the re-homing centre for making my mum and our lives complete. LOADS OF WAGS BRYN AND BONNIE XXX

Just to let you know that Tiny, who we adopted last August, is doing well and enjoying her life in Sheringham! She enjoys her walks and especially her food and has claimed her sofa in the lounge! Margaret x

Hello Timmy here. Happy New Year to you all!! Just to tell you how my first Christmas went in my new home. I was very excited! Me, my master and maid went over to nannies house on Christmas Eve. We travelled in a taxi with my toys and food as we were saying until Boxing Day!! Christmas morning my nannie came down stairs and we went into the lounge where I saw Father Christmas had been. I looked at nannie and at the presents. Nannnie said wait until my mummy and daddy get up then you can open your presents!! (How about that, Santa left me presents!) I was really excited so I decided to make some noise so my mummy and daddy would hurry up so I could open my presents!! Santa left me lots of dog treats. I was very happy!! My nannie cooked dinner, which smelt lovely!! Nannie made me a special Christmas dinner, duck, potatoes, vegetables and gravy!! I really enjoyed it. The only problem was that it made me a bit smelly at times!! All in all I had a very good Christmas. Lots of eating and sleeping!! Love Timmy xx

Please send your stories and photos for inclusion in a future newsletter to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Or email me at It’s always a pleasure to receive your letters.

Co-ordinator’s bit As you read this I should be lazing on the balcony of a cruise ship somewhere near Mexico soaking up the sun and probably missing my greyhounds like mad! So this will be a short article and I will make up for it in the next issue. I will see you all (I hope you are all coming) at the first Open Day of 2011 on Sunday 20th March and I can show you all my holiday photos (yawn!!). Please take note of all the dates of walks, open days etc on the events list as we are always pleased to see you and especially your greyhounds. The open days will take on the same format as last year as things seemed to go very well. The greyhound show in June is now very popular with categories to suit everybody. The August Auction was a lot of fun last year and we have more lovely greyhound goodies to auction this year. One new event on this year’s calendar is the Stadium Walk where you get the chance to say you have followed your dog around the track. I am very pleased with the number of dogs homed last year, 124 in total, a brilliant effort by all volunteers and new owners. Even better is that fewer were returned than in previous years. Please remember that if you are having problems or just want some advice or help, just phone us on 0845 458 3797. If you are unable to continue looking after your dog then we will always take it back to re-home for you. If you should find a home for the dog

Illustration by Sadie Tattersal

yourself please inform us where the dog is going. All this is on the adoption form that you sign. Just recently we have learnt of a couple of instances where people have been too embarrassed to tell us they haven’t been able to cope and the dogs have ended up in difficult situations that we could have prevented. Dogs that have been homed since the last newsletter are as follows: Freddie (Cachem Freddie) to Buxton, Wesley (Watton Weeze) to Burgh Castle, Milo (Mentor The Boys) to Norwich, Elmer (Killeacle Eamo) to Lowestoft, Bernie (Rackethall Bolt) to Norwich, Foxey (Tarsna Firefox) to Attleborough, Tommy (Toms Cupid) to Witton, Laura (Blue Impulse) to Bacton, Luther (Hell for Leather) to Wroxham, Coco (Hartwood Raccoon) to Wroxham, Sunny (Sunoak Storm) to Ipswich, Sue (Imokilly Sue) to Norwich, Cinders (Unnamed) to Norwich, Arlo (Champ of Aherlow) to Horstead, Lia (Coco Classic) to Lowestoft, Rosina (Centaur Rosina) to Mundesley, Bea (Slippys Fawn) to Wymondham, Bailey (Wah Hey Tom) to Lowestoft, Franko (Glenske Franti) to Ipswich. I hope they are all doing well and behaving themselves, well as much as a greyhound can behave anyway! Lots of hugs for the dogs David P.S. Please distribute or display the enclosed leaflets to promote Homefinders.

Anatomy of a Seth

(or any greyhound for that matter!)

Waist: Part of the testing kit to show how much his owner is spoiling him. Feet: Dirt and mud collectors. Too far away from the brain to be able to tell what they are doing or where they are. Overall: A very cuddly, soft, daft and loving friend. Seth keeps on managing to find his way in to the newsletters! Just to let you know that Sunny, Sunoak Storm, has settled in very well. Spot and Tilly have really taken to him and it seems as if he has been a part of the family for a long time.

Eyes: Able to con any owner into sharing half his supper. Can convince his owner that he is innocent even though there is a huge hole in the middle of the lawn.

So far he hasn’t been bothered about the cats and he pays no attention to other dogs whatever their size!

Ears: Capable of hearing the fridge open from any distance, even when fast asleep. Can never quite be sure whether they should be straight up, sideways or flopped down. Mouth: Better suction than a Dyson when food is anywhere nearby. Able to emit smiles (albeit toothless!) chatters, barks, whimpers, whines and some very strange “hurry up” noises. Nose: Used to nudge open cupboards to get at treats. Always ending up where it shouldn’t be. Sneezing all over his owner’s glasses, trousers, reading book etc. Brain: Not easily found. Always looking for trouble to get into. Does not send signals to feet. Takes a while to get going especially first thing in the morning. Crest: Supposed to stop the collar before it shoots off over the head. Withers: Where you measure the standing height if he would ever stand up long enough. Where the microchip is embedded, the only thing about him that actually does what it is supposed to. Shoulder: Enables him to lift his leg to let you know it is broken when he has bumped it on a kerb or grazed it on a root. Elbow: The pointy, hard bit that grinds into you when he tries to settle on your lap. Rear: Potent exhaust system, usually presented to the owner for scratching. Tail: Lethal whip, deadly to anything at coffee table height. Can bring an owner to tears when in contact with skin such as the back of the knee. Hock: Pointy, hard thing on the back leg for use in case he missed with the elbow.(see above) Chest: Usually presented for stroking when on the back with all four legs pointing skyward.

Here I am, Maisie, Stonecliffe Lady, in my neighbours garden with my best friend Alfie. I have settled in very well but get “told off” occasionally for finding food that isn’t mine! I don’t go upstairs as they look far too scary! So I am happy to sleep downstairs. We go for lots of walks and my mum and dad really enjoy the exercise. We have just come back from Beccles. I like it there as well as the beach at Southwold. Lots of kisses, Maisie xx “If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise.” Unknown “Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like, never washed a dog.” Franklin P Jones

Life in my new home is fun. I’ve been learning new drills in exchange for treats. I can now recall from about 80 metres away and do a bit of agility. I have impressed my folks with my speed…they say they might get me back on the track so I can earn my keep but I just want to relax. Because I’m a bit of a softie and rather like having company they got me a friend called Honey. She is very sweet but has a habit of stealing things and hiding them in her bed and is always on at me to play. I think she is still a puppy, not 4. I reckon she’d be better off just chilling. I recently had a stay at my old racing kennels where I had old friends come to visit. They say I’m looking good so retirement must suit me. It’s been fun going out to new places and meeting new dogs. Honey isn’t so sociable yet so isn’t allowed to play with other dogs at the moment so perhaps that’s why she is always trying to get me to play. Ginger, Class Deal

Since I moved to my new residence I’ve found I have a liking for the sofa which I sneak onto when my humans are out. Well one must have a comfy spot for ones derriere. My humans are kind enough to leave random gifts for me which I take to my chamber for safekeeping. Unfortunately they have a habit of wanting some of them back My new friend Ginger is a good playmate but he’s so lazy at times and it can take a lot of effort to get him going. He can be a grumpy old man on occasion too. One would think he’s 10 not 4! My humans keep trying to get me to perform tricks but I really can’t see the point. Ginger is good at this trick malarkey but he’s such a teacher’s pet, always after hugs from the humans. Mind you I can’t talk as I love giving out heaps of kisses. I have been informed that I’m to attend obedience classes.... we’ll see!!! Now, this Ginger, he is a greedy thing when it comes to food…no table manners. One would think he were brought up in a kennel, although he does come in handy for getting the humans downstairs by whining when it’s time for breakfast. Lady Honey of Coltishal Killeacle Alanna Hello, Foxey, Tarsna Firefox, here. Just wanted to let you know how I’m getting on in my new house. I’ve been a very good boy and had no “accidents” in the home. I have a doggy bed but much prefer my owners bed! The thing I like most is going for walkies. We go to a big park in Attleborough where I get to meet lots of other dogs. I love this because I am such a friendly boy and like to say hello to canines and humans. My owner visits her ex-husband and children regularly and guess what? They’ve also got a greyhound! Her name is Ellie (Wonderboss). Ellie’s not too keen on other dogs but with my charms and personality she finally took to me and we go for walks together. I have even copied Ellie’s “kicking back the grass” thing when she does a wee! We have also shared a sofa together. Love to all my friends at Homefinders. Foxey.

Dear all, I have had my lovely dog Zina for well over a year now and she has been an absolute treasure. Her bright personality has endeared her to a lot of people and my neighbours actually adopted a greyhound after getting to know Zina! I used to visit an elderly lady in the village and Zina always came with me. She had her own box of biscuits there and would never let me pass the gate without going in! Audrey loved Zina too. Unfortunately Audrey passed away recently and I was left with the job of clearing the house. I took all of the bits and pieces of brick-a-brack to the local car boot sale and I am happy to give the proceeds to Homefinders. Audrey would have wanted this and Zina is pleased about it too. Strangely, Zina no longer tries to pull me through Audrey’s gate. She must know. Carry on with the good work and Zina and I will keep spreading the word about the beauty and love of greyhounds. With best wishes, Lora.

YARMOUTH GREYHOUND HOMEFINDERS EVENTS LIST 2011 Sunday 20th March, Open Day at the kennels 11am to 3pm. Come and meet up again, have a chat and a cuppa and don’t forget to bring your dog. Sunday 10th April, Spring Walk, Wolterton Park (Wolterton Hall NR11 7LY) about 8 miles north of Aylsham and just north of Iteringham. Look for Brown signpost on A140. (There is a small car park fee) Usual “do as you like” walk, picnic and chat in lovely surroundings. From our kennels take A140 / Cromer Road toward Aylsham 4.3miles. At Roundabout take 3rd exit, after 3.8miles turn left to Erpingham, Eagle Rd. Keep straight onto Eagle Rd, Bear left after 0.7m onto The Street, in 0.7miles Road changes to Wall Road. After 1.2 miles you should be there. Tuesday 3rd May, Fakenham Races; All Day Sunday 8th May, Halesworth Lions “Wings and Wheels” Henham; All Day Saturday 14th May, Stalham School Fair; 12-3pm Sunday 22nd May, Stadium Walk; 11am to 3pm. We will gather at the Stadium in Caister. The start of the walk will feature a couple of laps of the track. There will be stalls and refreshments available. As usual you can bring a picnic. Oh and don’t forget your greyhound. Your dogs must remain on lead at all times throughout this event. Saturday 5th June, RGT Greyhound Extravaganza, Newmarket; All Day Sunday 26th June, Open Day at kennels, inc. Greyhound Show -11am to 3am. Details in next issue Sunday 10th July, Summer Walk; 11am at Holt Country Park - Details in future issue Wednesday 3rd August, Sheringham Carnival; All Day Wednesday 17th August, Cromer Carnival; All Day Sunday 21st August, Open Day at kennels and Auction 11am to 3pm - Details in future issue Monday 29th August, Lions Oulton Broad Gala Day; All Day Sunday 11th September, Beccles Duck Race; 11am to 5pm Sunday 25th September, Autumn Walk 11am at Fritton Woods, or nearby - Details in future issue Sunday 16th October, Open Day at kennels; 11am to 3pm - Details in future issue Sunday 27th November, Winter Walk, Bacton Woods - Details in future issue Friday 2nd December, Cromer Christmas Lights, switch-on - Details in future issue Plus various boot sales and street collections throughout the area. If you can offer any help at the above events please phone 0845 458 3797

Treasure Quest What does “LOCATING A HOME FOR THE RACERS OUT EAST, LOOK FOR ONE THAT MAKES YOU THINK OF FOOTBALL AND INFERNO” make you think?? On Sunday February 6th Radio Norfolk’s programme “Treasure Quest” came to Homefinders at Hainford. It was a very exciting morning for all at the kennels. We were hoping that the listeners to the radio knew what the clues above meant! Thankfully they did! The second set of clues, which were sent to us in advance, were not so discreetly attached to the “Crystal Palace” sign on the kennel block. Becky Betts spent about 20 minutes with us meeting all of the dogs. Jojo, Joe Joes Spirit, was already out waiting for Becky to arrive! It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the dogs and the re-homing. Graham Barnard for “Treasure Quest Extra Time”, which followed the morning programme, interviewed David. Eileen.

Hello, Dizzy (Bon Chance Laura) here. I’ve been meaning to get around to telling you all about my new life here with my people in Ipswich, but life is so busy, eating, running around a bit, making the family laugh and, of course, sleeping, a lot! I moved here in 2003, when I was two. I had another home for nearly a year, but they decided they didn’t want me, which made me a bit sad, so I took a while to settle, making a few puddles and chewing a few telephone directories. Mum and Dad (Sarah and Nigel) were very patient though and they said I was well worth the effort. I’m glad about that!! The only thing I couldn’t stop myself doing was crying very early in the morning, as I got lonely. But eventually they moved my bed onto their bedroom floor every night and I never cry now! I do like to be able to keep my eye on them. Since I’ve been here there have been some very small additions to the family. Apparently they are called grandchildren, and are very busy, doing lots of running around and making a noise. They love me though and give me lots of kisses and cuddles, so I just love them back, and catch up on my sleep when they go home. I don’t see two of them so often now as they have moved somewhere called New Zealand, but the other two come and see me a lot. Do you know, they are

exactly my height, and keep on walking around holding nice biscuits in their paws. The temptation is too much sometimes… And I like their soft toys too - they’re nicer than mine. I also go with my Mum and Dad in their bedroom on wheels; I think they call it a caravan. It’s very small so they bought a special tent thing called an awning for me, but I got a bit cold, so now I just share their bed instead. I can look after them properly there and save them from all the strange noises in the night. I share my house with three cats. They move very quickly and have sharp claws, so if they won’t move out of my way, I just cry and Mum or Dad come and move them for me. They call me a baby when I do that, but I’m not risking those claws! Sometimes they (the cats, not Mum and Dad) hide behind doors or under chairs and jump out at me, which is very frightening and I often need a treat to make me feel better. Thanks for finding my family for me. I quite like it here and I think I’ll stay!! Love and kisses, Dizzy.

Another success for the sponsor dog! As you will have read on page one Milo, our previous sponsor dog, has found a home!

And the winner is… Natalia and Sam with their entry: “This website isn’t as good as compare the greyhound. com, but it’s watchable”

Toby has now taken Milo’s place in the sponsor kennel and is hoping that the good luck will rub off on him! He is a very handsome boy with a glossy black coat and is very affectionate and playful. He is often to be found sharing his bed with a toy or his food bowl! To sponsor Toby please send a cheque for £12 (suggested donation) payable to: Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, To: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Name…………………………………………………

Thank you Natalia for your entries in the caption competition.Your prize awaits you at the kennels! Life has been good for Bonzo having recovered well from having seven teeth removed, although he doesn’t like us brushing his teeth with his new toothbrush! He has also had to have drops for his ears but we are pleased to say that too has now settled. He enjoys his walks twice a day and then settles to sleep. He is wonderful company for mum who lives with us, and Bonzo lies next to her on the sofa whilst she watches daytime TV. At this moment he is sleeping on his quilt beside my desk, happy that we are all home together.


We are so blessed to have Bonzo and we all love him very much.


Best wishes, Hazel and Neil.

……………………………………………………….. You will receive a photo, a certificate and a welcome gift.

“My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dog thinks I am!” Toby Green

As a sponsor you are always very welcome to come and visit your dog any Saturday during our opening times. He would certainly appreciate a fuss and a cuddle and maybe even a treat or two!

“My husband said it was him or the dog…. I miss him sometimes.” Unknown

You would also be able to take him for a walk around the paddock. Many thanks to all of our sponsors for your loyal and continued support. And so to bed..

And finally.. Thank you to everyone who bought copies of the 2011 Homefinders calendar. This year’s calendar has been a great success and we even had to have more copies printed to cope with the demand! It’s a fantastic reminder throughout the year of just how beautiful all of the greyhounds are! Thank you to Clive for working so hard on producing the calendar. We already have our very own “David Bailey” working on photos for 2012’s calendar already!! All of us at Homefinders are looking forward to meeting up with you and your dogs during the year at our events. Or feel free to pop in any Saturday during open times of 11am to 2.30pm. This is a great time to chat and socialise and of course to talk “greyhounds”!!

Jake, Rookie Rogue, and Poppy, Perfect Image. Both pretty in pink and ready for bed!!!

The new style greyhound coats are now available at the kennels and cost £15. We also have raincoats available.

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