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Newsletter (Or Seth’s Spring Storybook)

Publisher: Seth

Issue Number: 13

Date: Spring 2010

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment


Dear Seth

Hi everyone Seth here, it is with great pleasure that I am taking over from Lynda for this one issue due to Lynda having had her house demolished and put back together again in a different order, at least that is what I overheard. Apparently it is not finished yet and she can’t find anything and is living in dust and dirt. I’m very jealous as I would love that!! The picture shows how much I like it.

I thought I would fill the newsletter with stories about me but my butler advised that I should put other things in as well, I can’t think why but anyway I have found some other bits of news to put in. So I hope you enjoy Seth’s Spring Storybook as I am calling it.

Just a little something to say Hartley is fine. He is on his own now but he gets more attention. He is very good with the hens, he no longer chases them and he loves all food bar his own! He is a lovely couch potato. Carol, Ethan and Conor. My Favourite Things by Hartley Rice Puddings Yogurts and Ice Cream Cold Custard and Pasta Licking the Sunday gravy plates clean. Sunshine and rolling In long cool grass Going for walks whatever the weather Shall I, Shan’t I Chase the deer – no But yes to the hare dashing across the marshes. The heat of log fires The warm feeling of hands massaging aching joints Sharing the settee and a quiet moment Until I snore. These are my favourite things. Retirement is wonderful.

I would like give lots of kisses, tail wags and cuddles to everyone who sent treats or donations for treats for Christmas. All my friends in the kennels had a lovely time tucking into the treats and in fact still are. Thank you very much it was very kind of you all. Every year you will see me working hard at various events that I am taken to. I prefer to supervise at events, which means I have to lie in one place and make sure everyone else is doing what they should, it is very hard. This year will be no different and somewhere inside is a list of where I will be. If you would like to come along to any of the events and don’t mind me supervising you then let David know and he will tell you what arrangements I have made. You can always contact David on 0845 458 3797

(Note from Seth-I happen to know Hartley is 12 years old. He deserves all those nice things.)

To all owners and greyhounds Keep your stories and letters coming in, we love to hear from you and what is happening to you. Without you there would not be a newsletter, well there would be but it would all be stories about me!! Who said OH NO!! Seth Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

Sunday 21st March 11am to 3pm



Here is a list of events that we will be attending this year. There are probably others that will come along and we also do various collections and car boot sales. If you are able to join us to help at any of the events let David know as you would be most welcome. Even if you can’t help you are welcome to come and say hello.

Lots of dogs have been asking me when the next open day is as it has been a long time since the last one. Lots of people have been asking David the same thing. Well it is not far away now so I hope to see lots of you there. The event is much the same as usual so come along when you want and leave when you want. The usual refreshments, stalls and chat will be there plus novelty greyhound racing at about midday. We have been given a lovely painting of a greyhound to raffle.

Some trainers have intimated they will be coming along and would love to see the dogs they used to care for. If you would like to help on a stall or even run a stall of your own please let David know or just come along on the day set something up and get stuck in. It would be great to have a couple of different stalls or ideas so get your thinking caps on. All the dogs currently in the kennels would love to be walked and fussed as usual so do come along and enjoy being amongst our lovely greyhounds.

Sunday 21st March

Spring Open Day

Sunday 11th April

Spring Walk Wolterton Park (Wolterton Hall NR11 7LY)

Monday 3rd May

Iteringham Fete

Tuesday 4th May

Fakenham Races

Sunday 9th May

Halesworth Lions “Wings and Wheels” Henham

Saturday 6th June

RGT Greyhound Extravaganza, Newmarket

Sunday 27th June

Summer Open Day and Greyhound Show-11am

Sunday 4th July

Aylsham Carnival TBC

Sunday 11th July

Summer Walk 11am at Winterton, Beach Car Park

Wednesday 4th Aug Sheringham Carnival Sunday 15th Aug

Cromer Carnival Boot Sale

Wednesday 18th Aug Cromer Carnival Sunday 22nd Aug

Summer Open Day

Monday 30th Aug

Lions Oulton Broad TBC

Sunday 12th Sep

Autumn Walk 11am at Mousehold Heath, Norwich.

Sunday 17th Oct

Autumn Open Day 11am to 3pm

Friday 3rd Dec

Cromer Lights

Note from Seth- This is my friend Jack making sure his owner behaves himself at last year’s Summer Open Day

Note from Seth- Taz has already got his thinking cap on



Hi Seth, No problems with Marley, he remains a joy. As you know I showed my other hound before and I would like to show Marley in Greyhound Racing and Lure Classes. I don’t know how well he’ll do but it means we can meet up with our various friends. I have spoken to an eminent judge and she suggested it as we had great fun with our ‘reluctant to show’ Ibizan hound! I’m sure Marley will love it as he’s very proud of himself!! Hope to pop up to kennels to show him off when the weather improves a bit. We went to Happisburgh to meet his new girlfriend again last week, a great success even drinking milk out of the same bowl! Chasing squirrels in the garden was great fun especially as he left her standing!

We had a lovely long letter from Girlie’s owner Gill. If you think you have problems just think about Girlie.

Best wishes, Corinne Douglas

Firstly she had her spleen removed due to a tumour and then broke a toe and had to have it amputated. Gill reports “after all this she is still my happy Girlie and at the moment is having a lovely sleep in her bed with a fur throw in it. She makes me smile every day even if my bank balance is rather depleted.” Note from Seth- We are all really happy that Girlie is OK and hope the rest of the year is healthier for her. She is certainly braver than I am.

A Plea from Seth. I am very good at pleading so they tell me. It helps to have large brown eyes and a soft pointy nose. A little bit of a forlorn frown to go with them does the trick every time.

Note from Seth- Go for it Marley, a definite winner, no contest. SMILER Here I am snug as a bug in a rug on the sofa while the weather is cold outside. I went for a walk today with mum and her friend and her dog. Mum let me off the lead and I had a good run in the snow with my friend. I also like chasing the chickens in the garden and me and Dad fight for the sofa and I normally win! I hope everyone is alright this time of year, especially my friend Joanne who I will come and see at the Open Day in March. Woof, Woof, Smiler

Note from Seth- Smiler did send a photo but I wasn’t technical enough to use it-sorry!! So here is an old one.

See!! How can you resist? If there is anyone out there who is at a loss for something to do on a Sunday then I have just the thing for you. Come to the kennels at 10.30am and take a few of my friends for a lovely walk around the field. We have groups every day and usually enough to cover if someone is unable to make it. However Sundays could do with a couple of extra people so that there is cover. Contact David if you are interested. 0845 458 3797

We have two web sites at present as we have just started a stand alone site to make even more people aware of our lovely greyhounds. or

TRIGGER Hello everyone, The family I got to go home with just before Christmas think I’m fantastic and as you can see from the photo, I’m fairly laid back about them too. I am happiest when we are all together, although I know that the kids have to go out most days and Dad goes so early that I can’t even be bothered to get up to say hello, Mum is the one who is here for me the most and I don’t like it at all when she goes out and leaves me all alone. I am slowly beginning to understand that everyone will come back, because they have increased the time little by little, and I am happier if allowed to stay on my favourite bed on the living room floor. I wasn’t too sure about the car to begin with and shook like a leaf whenever we went anywhere, or refused to get out of the car, but now I understand that we have to go every morning to see my horse and help Mum to do the stable chores, I love it. I get to go for a long walk in the countryside when we’ve finished even if I try to help muck out by eating horse poo. Mum isn’t impressed, I can tell. I got the hang of the going outside to the loo quite quickly, a few mishaps when the family didn’t understand what I was saying. The first week I gave both the children a lesson in tidying up. I had a wee on Ashley’s PE bag one morning, and Becca’s coat the next. Well it was hanging on the back of a chair and it smelled nice! Every morning I tear round the garden chasing imaginary bunnies until I’m all out of breath, then play kill the duvet to work up an appetite for my breakfast. When it was very snowy and icy, I cut my back paw playing race tracks in the garden and I had to see the vet several times. I had smart bandages on my leg and empty drip bags to keep it dry when I went outside. Everyone said that I was very brave and I took advantage of this and put my foot down about having to be shut in the utility room with that noisy hamster all night. She goes round and round in a wheel. I tried to knock her out with my toxic wind, but she still kept going! I cried and whined and barked until someone got the hang of the fact that I just wanted to stay on my duvet in the living room and that’s where I sleep every night now without a fuss at all. I share my garden with two real bunnies, who I sing to and want to play with. In our house ‘No’ means no and I just sniff noses through their runs now and they don’t try to hide under their hutches anymore. Sometimes when it’s dark outside, or the TV is turned off, I growl at that other Greyhound who looks just like me who is looking at me funny. My family laugh and tell me ‘it’s you silly dog.’ I keep the kid’s friends on their toes in the mornings by playing my random growling game and especially like to play it with Grandma every time she comes to see me. It’s just a bit of fun and I wag my tail as hard as I can at the same time.

One more thing. Ashley plays the trombone and when he practises, my ears do a Mexican wave. Mum says if there’s a class at the open day for the Dippiest Dog, I’d win hands down. I hope that all my kennel mates at the centre get great homes, and a big Thank you to David and all the volunteers who do so much for us. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again at some of the walks or open days this year. Trigger xx Note from Seth- Trigger looks just like me upside down, just take a look! TRIGGER


DON This is Don with volunteer, Molly, before he went to his new home in Caister. Don, even at nearly 10 years of age, was a ladies man as you can see.

As the end of her (the dog’s) convalescence, which was spent in the company of an elderly male greyhound, drew near there were feelings of regret that we might not see her again. Without labouring the details, a request from Homefinders to foster Amber led me to agree to foster her.

Her impact on my neighbours proved to be colossal. As I walk past with her, lengthy greetings are exchanged and sometimes getting from my house to her (Amber’s) exercise patches can take some time. She constantly receives presents of chews and treats from neighbours who remember her as they pass the pet-food shop. Getting these presents calls for a measure of care and discipline from me as I mete these treats out, taking the balance of her diet into account. Apart from the missing leg (rear off side) all her medical discomfort is a thing of the past. One last thing: if you happen to be a visitor to my house, don’t turn your back on your cup of tea. She’ll have it, as she loves milky tea. Jack Richards Note from Seth- I think Mr Richards has done wonders with Amber and all that talk of treats and presents, I wonder if he’d like to take on a handsome, starving, well behaved, black and white boy?

Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................ ............................................

Why not become a “Friend of G th

reyhound Ho


nders efi

Although possessing a highly benign personality, Amber had some things to learn about living an ordinary domestic life. She has a healthy inquisitive streak but did not really understand doggy play, was deeply suspicious of narrow dark country lanes at night, and reluctant to climb over a grassy bank to reach what has now become one of her favourite exercise fields. All of these fears have disappeared, although conventional dog games like fetching a ball are of little interest to her.

To sponsor Tricky please send a cheque for £12 (minimum donation) payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.


When I visited a friend’s house to take part in a small social get-together, the last thing on my mind was any possible participation by me in any form of homing or fostering of a retired greyhound. Our hostess, however, has for some years given a home to retired greyhounds. At this time she had very kindly agreed to look after a greyhound bitch (during recovery) that had recently had a hind leg amputated. Despite the fact that this greyhound was still carrying the stitches following her operation and was constantly losing small quantities of blood, her exuberant greeting of any new arrival was undiminished. Add to this spontaneous welcoming of people a sleek, still athletic body (she is not yet three years old), a glossy coat and a kind countenance and Amber, as she is now named, was all set up to win friends.

Tricky is our sponsor dog. He’s a lovely, lively boy who enjoys the fuss and attention that he gets from everyone he meets.



For a suggested minimum donation of £5 you will receive our newsletter and other related information throughout the year. Please send the following information Your name,Your address and a Cheque payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders To: Brenda Garrod, 4, Caystreward, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 4AR.

Coats and dog food are available for sale at the kennels. Please phone David for more details. 0845 458 3797 greyhound-homefinders.htm

If you have a story or photograph you’d like to include in our next newsletter, please email Lynda:

VINNIE Hi David Hope you are well and everything is going well at the kennels. Vinnie has really started to settle in well. During the first 4 days we had a lot of toilet problems - he was weeing and pooing every night - well probably about 5am ish.  It was getting pretty bad, as there was a time when he had been outside to go to the toilet before bedtime, didn’t do anything, but then did a poo on the floor when he came in.  He just didn’t seem to want to go to the toilet outside in our yard.  He was fine on walks though. Anyway, I took some peoples advice and tips that I got off the internet and borrowed Corrine’s dog cage.  Its a big one because she had it for her old dog.  We shut him in that at night.  He seems to not mind it at all and will also go in there during the day to lay on his bed (in fact that is where he is right now, behind me as I write this).  He whined a little the first night in his cage, but I came down to reassure him and then he was fine. He now can hold on all night - we come down to let him out about 7am.  Well, he certainly wouldn’t soil his own bed would he?!  He has learned where he needs to go to the toilet outside and he knows that when he goes he gets a treat and can come back inside.  Sometimes when I take him out there (we still don’t really know the signs so just take him out every 2-3 hrs) I swear he just forces something out so he can get a treat and get back in the warm!!!! We also have left him a few times, and shut him in the cage then too, just to be on the safe side.  He has started thieving a few things - dishcloths from the sink seem to be his particular favourite!  So I think for now its best he stays in his cage if we are out.  We are learning too - not to leave stuff out on the worktops and we have started shutting the kitchen door when we are not in there so he can’t go in without us knowing! So our only dilemma now, is when to stop using the cage. He is enjoying the walks to school.  He is fine with other big dogs, but can get very excitable when he sees a small, yappy dog - but then he probably thinks they are a rabbit or a rat!  We walk most days through the fields with my friend and her staffy.  Vinnie is getting used to her, but can get a bit frisky as the staffy is off the lead and running all over the place.  He just has to get used to seeing dogs off the lead - something he is probably not used to at all. Berni takes him on a 20min run a few times a week, which they both really enjoy.  Harvey (See Picture) walked Vinnie this morning all the way to school for the first time which he loved doing (I was with him of course).

We had a few friends over for a bit of a party on Sat night and Vinnie was absolutely fine with the noisy people who suddenly descended on his house and disturbed his sleep! We are having various friends with kids staying over the next few weekends, but I have no qualms about that - he is a very calm dog with the kids - I think he really enjoys the attention.  He hasn’t started playing with toys yet, but when the weather warms up and we are in the garden I am sure it won’t be long. I haven’t taken that many photos yet, as everytime I call him to take a photo he comes right up to sniff the camera, so I have to wait till he is sleeping! I think he has put on a little weight maybe and his coat is certainly looking better. Jo

Harvey walking his new pet Vinnie Note from Seth- Vinnie has only been in his new home for a few weeks so these people have had a lot of patience with the young whippersnapper (Vinnie I mean not Harvey!)Well done to them.

Seth’s Trivia corner Vinnie’s sister Koni is due in our kennels very soon. General Custer kept 40 greyhounds There are 8 greyhounds living in different houses within 400meters of my house. Some greyhounds can sit, but I can’t. Over 3 race meetings at Yarmouth 14% of the dogs were black and white like me. The white horse that winds the dogs up at our kennels is called Fox. The Greyhound bus fleet in the USA consists of about 1,250 buses, with an average age of 7.2 years. The same age as me dude!

Note from Seth-At last I can get my story in. For a minute there I thought the others were going to take up all the room. Since my last story I have had quite a traumatic experience, which I will share with you, apart from the gory bits. As you know I can usually be found on a sofa in the sitting room being waited on by my personal butler. Well the story begins with me wanting a biscuit, which is usually brought to me on the sofa, however this time my butler was nowhere to be seen. I had to haul myself off the sofa, not an easy thing to do, stretch, yawn and shake in order to wake myself up and set off to search. I found him in the garden shed with most of the contents spread around the garden. He calls it cleaning out and I wondered why he didn’t have a maid to clean things like I have. Anyway as he moved a large box a huge beast charged at him and then at me and hid behind a paving stone leaning against the wall. Now my butler jumped a mile and shouted something rude which I will not repeat as I don’t believe in that sort of thing. Both he and I ran to the centre of the garden where I stood behind him ready to strike if needed. I had this odd feeling that I was supposed to do something but I couldn’t think what so I waited for inspiration.

The Stadium Management put on a Party Night for Homefinders To show their appreciation for the efforts of all those involved with Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, the Stadium Management once again invited the Committee to run a social night in the Stadium’s Party Lounges. The January event is becoming one of the anticipated highlights of Homefinders winter season, and as the numbers of volunteers grows under Co-ordinator David Jones `watch`, this year two of the Stadium’s three party lounges were needed to accommodate in excess of fifty guests. A shared interest in greyhounds helped build a really friendly atmosphere, as Homefinders volunteers, family, partners and friends caught up after Christmas, enjoying an expansive hot and cold buffet, during an evening of racing. Note from Seth- Nobody invited me even after all the work I have done!!

Now I know my brain is not in the end of my tail as my butler often tells me and I edged forward and looked behind the paving stone. The beast suddenly moved so I rushed behind my butler again so I could protect him. Now I hate being called “softy” or “wuss” or similar so I ventured forth again and just at that moment the beast made a dash across the garden. What happened next was all a blur and ended up with me standing, trembling, in the middle of the lawn with blood pouring from my nose and a completely reddened face standing next to a lifeless beast. All my butler could say is “I have never, ever seen you move that fast”. What a cheek after I had definitely saved his life and got myself severely injured in the process. The beast had a very funny name, it was called Rat, who would want a name like that? Anyway I have decided not to have anything more to do with anyone called Rat as it led to a visit to a man in a white coat who stuck needles in me and made my nose really sting. I have since decided I don’t like men in white coats at all as one of them has just taken 12 of my teeth out and hidden them somewhere. I was really, really, really poorly for a couple of days, (well as long as I could make it last!) so I am now back on my sofa where I intend to stay even if I have to wait longer for my biscuit. By the way it was excellent seeing old and new friends at Earlham Park before Christmas and I hope to see them all again soon. SETH

Note from Seth- How did Joanne’s new baby get in, what has she done more than me? I will have to consult my union the GGGG (Give Greyhounds Greater Gratitude)

Co-ordinator’s Bit


Seth has given me permission to add a little bit of my own so here goes:

Unfortunately Benji, who was homed by us nearly 4 years ago, has had to come back to the kennels due to his owner having a heart attack.

I hope everyone has had a very good start to the new year as, indeed, we have with 10 dogs homed in January. You will be pleased to know that for the year 2009 we homed 108 greyhounds which is an excellent figure. Only 8 of these were returned for one reason or another and only 2 of those are still looking for a home. Here are the greyhounds who have been homed since the last newsletter. Loyal Hunter - Herbie(Aldborough), Hesley Admiral Nelson(Riddlington), Camberwell Jack - Trigger(Beccles), Droopys Justice - Marley(Saxlingham), Invincia Fantasy - Vinnie(Saxlingham), Funway Eagle - Harvey(Coltishall), Hartwood Tiger - Harry(Reydon) Westcork Pal Megan(Bradwell) , Effernogue Ruby - Ruby(Fakenham), Hartshill Jewel - Jewel and Hartshill Gem Gem(Cromer), Abbeydale Light - Curly(Kirby Cross), African Dawn - Rosie(Beeston Regis), Kewell Aggassi -Andre(Aylsham), Princess Belinda - Princess(Norwich), Trinkets Boy - Morgan(Norwich), Oklahoma Don Don(Caister), Perfect Alibi - Pebbles(Beeston Regis), Go Fleeting - Lilly(Downham Market)... plus probably a couple whilst this has gone to print. Summer is approaching, although it doesn’t seem like it, and we are getting our event calendar worked out. Elsewhere in this issue you will see where will be and intend to be so have a look and if you think you can spare a bit of time to join us at one of the events please get in touch with me. If you can bring your dog along, even better. There is a piece on another page about a party for all the volunteers which they all well deserved. As you can see from this picture they put in sterling efforts whatever the circumstances.

Note from Seth This is Phil walking in a snow blizzard, wishing he’d volunteered for Husky rehoming!!

Benji is still only 5 years old and has been a wonderful companion for his owner. Good with children and used to meeting other dogs and people he walks well and is a very happy boy. He is a bit nonplussed at the moment as he doesn’t realise what is happening to him. He is totally housetrained and very affectionate. If you know anyone who would like a dog like Benji then give them a nudge and get them to come and see him.


Seth would like to thank Maria Collins who sent a very generous cheque for £100 to buy warm coats for the dogs in kennels. She does not own a greyhound but was interested to hear what everyone at Homefinders, including me, does. So thank you Maria the dogs will be very grateful. Mr and Mrs Norman who held a raffle on the coach returning from a night out at the stadium and sent us a cheque for £26. Thank you to you and all your friends on the bus. All who have sent donations towards Sarah Dobson’s London Marathon run, the total is building up nicely. If you haven’t sponsored her yet there is still plenty of time. I hope you have all enjoyed my newsletter and will let Lynda know what a marvellous job I have done in difficult circumstances (12 less teeth). Please also tell her that there should be more stories about me and that she should be sending me something to chew (as long as it is soft!) I am now exhausted and going back to my sofa where I will probably stay until summer starts.

Hope to see you all in the summer. DAVID

Bye Bye and lots of licks.


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