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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number: 15

Date: Autumn 2010

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment

A note from the editor

Take The Biscuit

What a wonderful success our August Open Day and Auction was! We raised in excess of £1200, £500 of that came from the auction. Thank you one and all for your very generous support.Yet again we were very lucky with the weather and the sun shone all day. It was lovely to see everyone and all of the gorgeous greyhounds. Thank you for bringing them along to say hello.

Not to be out-done by Dusty, Biscuit (Grab The Biscuit) has also found fame. He has recently been adopted by non other than Nina Nannar (and family) Media and Arts Correspondent for ITN News.

I know he’s not a greyhound but I’m so proud of my lurcher boy, Nigel, that I want to share this photo of him. He won 2nd place in a Best Veteran class. He is the grand old age of 15. Still fit and healthy and enjoying life to the full! Lynda.

Greyhound Finds Fame: Amanda Lehmann and Dusty (Sarahs Blue) going home. Amanda is guitarist and vocals for the Steve Hacket (exGenesis) Band. She is soon to release an album of her own called SHADOW with songs written by her.

Despite some doom and gloom reports in the press regarding finding homes for the greyhounds we have continued on our previous years successes and have found loving homes for lots of dogs. As you will see from the website the “reserved” notice appears very frequently!

It would be lovely if we could find a home for our long-stay resident, Wesley. I’m confident that there is someone out there for him. He is a very loving and affectionate boy and deserves to have a home of his own. Recently Wesley spent a most enjoyable week in the home of one of our volunteers. Please phone David on 0845 458 3797 for a chat if you think you could offer Wesley a home.

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust Registered Charity No: 269668 Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

Lost and Found

Hi Everyone, Tricky here.

It was on a Saturday night at Yarmouth Stadium after fundraising at the turnstiles, about 10 p.m., when I received the call from David. “Where are you?” he said. “Still at the stadium,” I replied. “Oh no,” he said, “I’d hoped that you were at home.” And that was how Tara, a gorgeous brindle, came to be my third greyhound, if only for one night.

Life is just so hectic; there are just not enough hours in the day! Walking, eating, drinking, sleeping and being made a fuss of, I have certainly landed on all four paws here. Life could not be better. I have new toys that I don’t have to share and if I get bored there are always the cuddly toys on mum and dad’s bed if they forget to shut the bedroom door! I have a soft blanket to sleep on so I climb on the furniture anymore.

David explained that a lady in Costessey had phoned to say that a greyhound had found her way into her garden and from there into her house. With no collar or tag and David unable to make an identification from the dog’s earmarks we feared she had been abandoned. With a small dog of her own the lady didn’t feel confident in leaving the strangers together overnight and could Homefinders help? A quick phone call later and the arrangement was made for Pauline, the lady in question, to bring the hound to my house where I would make up a bed for her and take her to Hainford kennels the following day. Hurrying home, anxious that I should arrive before Pauline knocked on my door and presented my wife Anne with a third greyhound, I wondered whether I should introduce my two hounds to the new girl when she arrived or wait until morning. Anyone acquainted with Maggie, my black six-year-old, will know that the decision was an easy one. Fortunately I arrived at my house before Pauline; there was just enough time for a quick explanation before she arrived, a folded duvet thrown on the conservatory floor - and there she was. A big girl, and in very good condition. Obviously a little nervous but, all things considered, remarkably calm. After settling her in with a biscuit or two and a bit of fuss it was time for bed. With fingers crossed I went upstairs. Within a minute the whining and barking began - and who could blame her? Grabbing a pillow I returned to the conservatory and prepared for an uncomfortable night. The tiled floor obliged. At 3 a.m. I managed to sneak off to the comfort of my own bed and as far as I know she was quiet for the rest of the night. After morning introductions to the curious Maggie and Martha we all went for a walk before driving to the kennels where David informed the police in case someone had reported a missing greyhound. On Monday we had our happy ending. The owner arrived from Ringland, about six miles from where Tara, as she is known, had found her way into Pauline’s garden, to be reunited with her girl. Following David’s advice(!) Tara was fitted with a new collar and microchipped. Let’s hope that she has learned a lesson and will stay at home from now on. Much as I enjoyed her company I’ve come round to thinking that Anne is right - two greyhounds are company, three’s a divorce case! - Clive

I tried talking to Hambo the hamster when he was in his ball but he didn’t talk back so I soon got bored with him. He knows where I am if he changes his mind! I love the garden the garden where I can chase the pigeons dig holes and sunbathe for as long as I like. Grandad now lives here as well, all the more hands to fuss me with! I have been on Cromer beach. I liked the sand and the sea but the stones hurt my paws! The pier was interesting but I didn’t like the gaps in the wooded planks (neither do I! Lynda) Next year mum and dad are taking me on holiday to Cumbria. I don’t know what a holiday is but I know there will be lots of walks and lots of sheep. I will send you a postcard. (You’ll love Cumbria Tricky. I love The Lakes, but keep away from the sheep! Lynda) Mum and dad have promised to bring me over to the kennels to see you whenever possible so that we can take some of you dogs out for a walk.

Dogs homed since the last newsletter Monty (Ballylummin Boy) to Beccles, Tiny (Oh So Tiny) to Sheringham, Red (Red Rock Canyon) to Ipswich, Holly (Fly Bernice) to Hoveton, Shaker (Hillcross Shaker) to Ridlington, Lenny (Lenson Threeways) to Hemsby, Primrose (Debidee Primrose) to Bedfordshire, Billy (Mullpark Billywizz) to Yarmouth, Lucy (Invincia Lucy) to Gissing, Pete (Aidans First) to Sheringham, Milo (Mentor the Boys) to Cromer, Sally (Cherokee Sally) to Trunch, Dexter (Upperhill Lark) to Attleborough, Herbie (Loyal Hunter) to Lowestoft, Star (Pet Shop Star) to Gorleston, Muffin (Attagirl Cindy) to Sheringham, Amy (Tremar AmyJane) to Downham Market, Spot (Downunda Spot) to Ipswich, Dooley (Cordoola Pat) to Sprowston, Biscuit (Grab The Biscuit) to London, Dusty (Sarahs Blue) to Norwich, Lowry (Droopys Lowry) to Lowestoft, Charlie (Chase me Charlie) to Matlock, Flash (Rackethall Flash) to Field Dalling, Belle (Tremar Belle) to Caister, Ginger (Class Deal) to Coltishall, Frankie (Glenske Franti) to Attleborough, George (Oopys George) to Norwich, Suzie (Flying Song) to Dereham, Patch( Terrorbasha Whip) to Holt, Jack (now Dave)

Hartwood Sable to Loddon, Misty (Mystical Thrill) to Lowestoft, Henry (Hollyoak Later) to Carbrooke, Violet (Indigo Bird) to Carlton Colville, Rupert (Three Zeds) to Fakenham, Sammy (Lughill Sammy) to White Horse Common, Clodagh (Pagan Princess) to Frettenham, Jim (Oopys Jim) to Caister St. Edmund, Lady (Stonecliffe Lady) to Beccles.

Forever your friend, Tricky. P.S. I met up with Gem and Jewel a while back. It was lovely to see them. Rydal Trickster

Please send your stories and photos for inclusion in a future newsletter to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Or email me at It’s always a pleasure to receive your letters.

When I first arrived I just followed Jazzie around, as he seemed to know where things were. I only forgot twice that if I needed a wee I needed to go to the backdoor, Sara and Karl were really nice and every time I went to the toilet in the garden I got a little treat! I have my own duvet that I like to cuddle up in but when no one is looking I curl up on the sofa with Jazzie! Well I hope all of my pals at Homefinders are happy and I look forward to seeing you at the open days. Lots of love and woofs, Tinker (Lucky Focus)

Hello All, does anyone know how old humans are before they do as they are told? They certainly take some training! For instance, I’ve had to teach them all about belly rubbing. It’s not a difficult thing to do but they seem to get so distracted by the TV! I manage to nudge them with my paws and they resume the rubbing. They are getting better at it but gee it’s time consuming! As for Nan who lives with us, she learns fast! She gives me little extras, boneos, or little leftovers, things like that. I over heard mum and dad telling Nan not to give me too much as I will get fat…spoilsports! Life here is fab. They still need a little training in some areas but otherwise they do ok! Please give big licks to all of the volunteers and also the dogs you have with you right now. I cross my paws and hope you find them homes too. Bonzo Bush (Oopys Gibbs)

That has worn me out thinking about what was involved with all the above!! Well worth it though. David

Just to let you know that I have really settled in with my family. I even have a friend called Jazzie who is a jack russell. He gets me to reach things that he can’t and then we share them when no one is looking!

SETH’S TRIVIA Greyhounds came to the New World in 1493 on Columbus’ second expedition I bet they sighted land before anyone else. Seth In England at one time, it was forbidden for ‘commoners’ to even own a greyhound My owner wouldn’t have been allowed one then!! Seth

John Barrymore, the famous actor, always kept his house full of greyhounds as pets Greyhounds have a larger heart, lungs and more red blood cells than other canine breeds “I know I have a big heart” Seth Greyhounds can see CLEARLY for a distance of a half-mile! Tosh, I can see a sausage over a mile away! Seth

CO-ORDINATOR’S BIT So much has happened since the last newsletter and I have heard so many, mainly funny, stories about how newly homed dogs are settling in and how well everyone deals with them. I have also been impressed by the stories of patience with dogs that have taken that little bit longer to settle. As someone who has been through a difficult settling in period with his dog I know how hard it can be, but I can say how rewarding being patient can be. Well done to Jamie the overall winner of our greyhound show at the June open day and well done to everyone who entered, you should all be very proud of how good your greyhounds looked. A big thank you to Mary and Linda for judging, it is a most difficult thing to do and they certainly made a brilliant job of it. More about Mary further down. The Winterton Walk took place on one of the hottest days which probably accounted for a lower than average turn out. However those that came along enjoyed rolling their trousers up and accompanying most of the dogs for a refreshing paddle. The dogs seemed to really enjoy it and did really well in the heat.

The Spirit Of A Greyhound (author unknown)

I nap the day on a snowy cloud Gentle breezes rocking me, And dream the dreams of earthlings, And how it used to be.

I was standing on a hillside In a field of blowing wheat, And the spirit of a Greyhound Was lying at my feet.

The trees are full of liver treats, And tennis balls abound, And milk bones line the walkways Just waiting to be found.

He looked at me with kind dark eyes, Ancient wisdom shining through. In the essence of his being I saw such love there too.

There is even a ring set up, The grass all lush and green; And everyone who gaits around Becomes the Best of Breed.

His mind locked upon my heart As I stood there on that day, And he told me of his story About a place so far away.

For we’re all winners in this place; We have no faults, you see. And God passes out those ribbons To each one, even me.

As I stood upon that hillside In a field of blowing wheat, In a twinkling of a second His spirit left my feet.

The last Open Day was totally amazing. Once again good weather saw a very good turn out. All the dogs in the kennels had blisters on their paws with all the walking they did! And I believe there was one dog that eventually refused to go any more. The Auction was great fun and left a lot of people penniless due to the amounts they were bidding. Greyhound owners are very generous people. Thank you to everyone who supported the day, we raised £1200 and had 4 dogs reserved. If you have been following trends on radio and TV and seen the RGT’s Homer magazine you will have heard that homing nationally has dropped this year. Certainly things were a little slower for us at the start of the summer but we are, at the time of writing, ahead of last year’s figure so we stay positive and keep up our efforts to find homes. We are encouraged by the fact that our number of volunteers continues to rise and we welcome people like Nick and Lucy, Amyleigh, The Browns, Ida, Avril, Stuart, Amanda,Vicky etc. The Raffle and collections we do on Saturday evenings at the stadium continue to be successful and I have to thank Matty, Megan, Jack, Marley, Poppy, Jake, Ronnie and their owners for their sterling efforts. If anyone else and their dog would like to spend two or three hours at the stadium on a Saturday night please let me know it is good fun and the dogs get to be fussed a lot which they love. Seth meeting Matty (Alston Madras) and family.

You will notice the poster enclosed with this newsletter regarding a talk about greyhounds by Mary Alexander. Having heard Mary talk on this subject I can confirm that it will be a very entertaining and interesting evening and hope that you will be able to join us.

Dates for your diary Sunday 17th October, Winter Open Day 11am –3pm Friday 26th November “Icons of Speed and Glamour” Talk by Mary Alexander at The Stadium, 7pm (see poster)

I drink from the waters laced with gold, My world a beauty to behold; And wise old dogs form my pride To amble at my side.

His tale put my mind at ease; All my fears did fade away About what lay ahead of me On another distant day.

At night I sleep in an angel’s arms, Her wings protecting me, And moonbeams dance about us Just as stardust falls on thee.

“I live among God’s creatures now In the heavens of your mind. So do not grieve for me my friend, As I am with my kind.

So when your life on earth is spent And you stand at Heaven’s gate, Have no fear of lonelinessFor here, you know, I’ll wait.”

My collar is a rainbow’s hue; My leash is a shooting star. My boundaries are the Milky Way Where I sparkle from afar. There are no pens or kennels here For I am not confined, But I am free to roam God’s heavens Among the Greyhound kind.

The Dog (author unknown) Tell me a friend who is more true A guide to light my path Or wicked rogue with honest heart And eyes that touch my soul Honoured by an early King And favoured by a Queen In work who is an artist At sport does reign supreme The guardian of my family Our stock he doth protect And though he’s only small He earned the world’s respect.


We Had A Visitor…

Caspian (In His Dreams)

Poppy (Perfect Image) with her new boyfriend Jake (Rookie Rogue)

Beautiful Perfect Poppy came to stay with us until my daughter and her boyfriend were able to take her to their new house. What an absolute little darling! I must admit that I was slightly apprehensive about her coming to stay, as she needed to get along with all of my hounds, Jake the greyhound, plus Nigel, Harvey, Millie and Libby the lurchers. We introduced them all to her gradually and within half an hour it was as if she’d always been with us! A good run and play around the garden and then a much-needed lie down!

Matty’s Diary 0615 Walkies – My favourite! 0655 Breakfast – My favourite! 0700 Sleep on the sofa – My favourite! 1030 Ginger nuts with Mummy – My favourite! 1036 Sleep in my bed – My favourite! 1300 Walkies – My favourite! 1315 Biscuit – My favourite! 1316 Sleep in my bed – My favourite! 1428 Sleep on the sofa – My favourite! 1545 Walkies – My favourite! 1700 Teatime – My favourite! 1745 Leftovers – My favourite! 1755 Sleep in my bed – My favourite!

Hello Timmy here. Just to let you all know I love my home. I get treated and spoilt!! I get taken out for nice walks. I would like to chase other dogs but my maids wont let me! I had to go to the vets and have 4 teeth out I didn’t like being left alone! When my maids come to collect me I didn’t want to leave (I think it must have been the drugs!!). When I got home I had everyone feeling sorry for me!! I’ve learnt now to get my own way with one of my maids. I can get anything! But my big brown eyes don’t fool my other maid!! Must go now. It’s a busy life us greyhounds lead you know!! Hope the rest of you are behaving! Love Timmy (Oghill Tip)

Just to prove that she has a mischievous side to her, while I was out doing a home check, and then shopping, she was absolutely fine being left along with the others. It was when we were actually in the house that she decided to see what she could find! We were all sitting in the kitchen talking when we heard a strange noise but chose to ignore it! Then the noise started up again so I went to see what was happening. Perfect Poppy was happily chewing away on the remote! The funniest thing though.... Martin had to get on the floor to change channel and Not-So-Perfect-Poppy was licking his face all over!! So cute! Obviously she’s forgiven!!

Homefinders 2011 calendar out soon.

2230 Sleep on the sofa – My favourite!

Featuring some of our lovely greyhounds, past and present. Please contact David on 0845 458 3797 or email to reserve your copy


Koni (Invincia Koni) Our experience with Koni have been amazing, the only problem that she ate my Brazilian slipper. I don’t know if it was the Brazil flag on top of it. Well, but we have funny times with her. She is like a daughter for us. She enjoys walking everywhere with us.

Sammy Poppy now very happy in her new home.

2035 Cuddle on the sofa with Mummy – My favourite! 2130 Watching football on TV with Dad – My favourite!

This time last year I was at the kennels picking up my hound Caspian: a fit young dog forced into early retirement by a broken leg. It has been an eventful year. Last autumn he was having fun in a park and sprinted back to the call of his name – a dead tree branch just above his line of sight, but lower than his galloping back impaled him. The crying hound was driven carefully across Norwich to the out-of-hours vet and endured a long operation and the indignity of a shaved back. He recovered well and soon got back to his playful ways, hiding shoes, taking the ‘phone off the hook, playing tunes on his squeaky toys. A couple of months later I caught the tip of his wagging tail in a door and he decorated the hall and kitchen in red dots and brush stokes before either he or I realised there was a problem. We rushed off to the vet again who inflicted the indignity of a bandage to his tail. To look at him now you would not know his accident history – he is a shiny coated, strong and energetic hound. Despite the vets bills and problems he has a firm place in my house and heart. Now we are off to have a stroll by the river.

Although Poppy has gone to her new home I’ll be able to see lots of her and she’ll be coming over for play-days with her new friends. I have heard that she has developed quite a taste for remotes and birthday cake though!! Lynda.

Sammy now Stanley (Lughill Sammy) was so keen to go to his new home, he jumped into his new owners car without being asked!

Sponsorship News:

Hi everyone - Pete here,

Wesley remains as our “sponsor” dog. However, lucky Harry has found a home! He will be going to live with a lurcher pal. Just as I was about to make a start on this newsletter news came in that Harry was reserved! Fantastic news!

Just thought I would update you on life here in Beeston Regis. Well it is G-R-E-A-T. All my needs are supplied and I know exactly what time of day it is and what should happen at that time and if it doesn’t I have ways and means of reminding my humans of my wants! I have been away to Kent to stay with my human’s cousins.  They live in a house with stairs. Ha Ha. I went up them but no way was I coming down so my male human had to carry me down. Well, at that time the vet said I was a little underweight but my male human disagreed! 

Wesley will need an owner who is experienced with greyhounds, but meanwhile he will be waiting patiently! Wesley


To sponsor Wesley lease send a cheque for £12 (minimum donation) payable to:Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders, Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Name………………………………………………. Address…………………………………………… ……………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………. You will receive a photo, a certificate and a welcome gift. As a sponsor you are always very welcome to come and visit your dog any Saturday during our opening times. He would certainly appreciate a fuss and a cuddle and maybe even a treat or two! You would also be able to take him for a walk around the paddock. We have decided to incorporate the “Friends” scheme in with the sponsorship. It was felt that the two schemes duplicated each other. As a friend on our mailing list you will still receive the newsletter. It would be appreciated if the “friends” could drop us a line, phone 0845 458 3797 or email me at for further information. We appreciate your continued support.

Thought you might like to see a picture of me on my 12th birthday, which was on 13th June. I had cards and treats and my human’s cousin visited all the way from Kent with her friend for a whole week.  Well it was a very special occasion I think you will agree.  Love Pete (Aidans First). Hi there thought I would just let you know how Dooley (Cordoola Pat) is. He has settled in well. We found out how he was getting his bandage off even with his buster collar on. As long as he had something to wedge his tail in, he would twist himself and pull it off. We went to the vets on Tuesday and he has had his stitches out but we still have to be careful as it has split a bit, but the vet is happy with it. He has been house trained right from day one. He likes his walks over Mousehold but is still a bit funny with other dogs. We are sure that will improve. He seems to get on better with cat! We are glad we got Dooley.  Love from Jo

And Finally… Many thanks to all of our loyal supporters. We really appreciate all of your help throughout the year and your support at the Open Days. Thank you one and all for your donations, gifts and support. If you would be willing to help at the various events that we attend throughout the summer months please get in touch, as we really do need more help on the stall, setting up, selling and packing up again.You will have a lovely day out and get to “talk greyhounds” with lots of people! That’s all folks, Lynda

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