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Publisher: Lynda Eden

Issue Number: 11

Date: Autumn 2009

Kennels Located At Hainford, A140. Open Saturdays 11am-2.30pm otherwise by appointment

A Note From The Editor… By the time you receive this newsletter summer will almost be over, children will be returning to school and autumn will be on the way. We can all look forward to lovely long walks in the autumn sunshine, hopefully! I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer with your dogs. It’s been lovely to see so many of you at our open days and walks. We’ve been very lucky with the weather and that has, I’m sure, contributed to the fantastic turnout at all events. Our first ever greyhound show was a wonderful success and will now be an annual event. David reports on the winners further in this newsletter. My very own Jake came third in the “best puppy” class and third again in the “dog most like his dad” class. Both Jake and Martin have the same Roman nose!!

Blood Donor Dogs, A Letter From Fizzy: “About a week before Christmas my owner Julie got a phone call from Elisa, my vet, to see if I could be a blood donor. Jess, a nine month old springer spaniel, had been involved in a road traffic accident and was bleeding into the chest. After my bloods were checked I was given sedation, which made me feel a bit wobbly! Julie said I looked drunk, whatever that means! I had a needle put into my leg while a lovely nurse made lots of fuss of me. I don’t know what the bag of red fluid was, but it must have been very important as it was rushed away very quickly. A short while later Julie came to pick me up. I felt fine although still a little wobbly. I got lots more fuss and a special doggy treat. Julie phoned the vet the next day and Jess, the springer, was doing really well and went on to make a full recovery. I’m so pleased that I could help and give Jess such a special Christmas present.

Jake runs around the garden much quicker than Martin though, despite only having three legs!

It seems us greyhounds are very special as we have more red blood cells in our blood than any other breed of dog.”

Committee member Russell’s greyhound Zoë was also called upon to be a blood donor. Five-year-old Zoë, has given blood to help a Springer Spaniel on July 2nd.

Please keep your letters, photos and emails coming. After all, that is what this newsletter is all about! Mrs Lynda Eden, 20 Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW.

Zoë, seen here with her family and friend, Blue.

In the last issue Martha was giving gardening tips. Well, this time Martha has put pen to paper and has written a poem. What a very talented greyhound! The day dawn’s grey, we’d hoped for sun today we’re meeting at Winterton. A hearty breakfast, a shorter stroll; pack the picnic, don’t forget our bowl! Open the tailgate, jump into the car, Maggie needs lifting, you know how youngsters are. The journey’s not the part I like the most time for a nap before we reach the coast. Bypass Acle, still cloudy, shame. Straight through Martham, that’s an ‘m’ on my name. Finally get there, the sun breaks through; I spy David, of course Seth’s here too. Leads on, jump out, there’s no time to stop. Maggie’s growling, she’s in a strop. We’ve waited for the last to arrive, when David shouts bravely “follow Clive!” David smiling, he seems jolly I fear this could be an act of folly. Off we go, the more the merrier, we soon cross paths with a West Highland terrier. Not as worrying as it sounds as he admires the parade of sleek greyhounds. Dogs pant; owners talk; Clive, like the Grand Old Duke of York In the dunes I hear a lady complain, “He’s marched us up - now down again!” Then on to the beach and back - I think, it’s time for lunch and a cooling drink. The car park’s full, the greyhound mob. There’s what’s-his-name and thingybob. And there’s Shamoyn, I know those ears, I lived next door to him for years. Hot and weary from the tiring sand to mark our return, a marching band. But the drums are like thunder on a stormy day, two slip their collars and they’re away. Our lunch unguarded, I daren’t risk it but Maggie grabs the bag and takes the biscuit. Loose dogs retrieved, owners relieved, treats and Bonios gratefully received. Goodbyes to old friends and back to the car asleep before we’ve gone very far. That brings an end to this dog’s rhyme I hope to see you all next time.

(Note from Martha:Yes, I know Shamoyn is now named Max and OK, he wasn’t actually at the Winterton walk but you must have heard of poetic license.)

A note from Seth Hi everyone, it was lovely to meet some of my friends at the walk at Winterton in July, there must have been 40 of them there it was a lovely sight. I couldn’t talk to them all as I spent a lot of time helping on the stall. It was hard work laying there making sure everything was running properly. I was so tired when I got home I just lay down again and woke up on Monday morning. I expect most of my friends were tired as well as they went on a long walk but at least the weather was good. I read Martha’s gardening tips in the last issue and decided to give it a try. I managed to dig this huge hole in the flowerbed so that the bulbs could be reorganised but unfortunately I cut my leg on a root stump. Now I knew I was dying so I let everyone know that I was. Blood was pouring out and I could hardly walk, well that’s my story! However due to the miracle of modern science I was brought back to life by my private doctor who used something called “There, there” and a very cold, wet sponge thing which stung like mad. I am now fully recovered although it did take a few days of crying and limping to make sure everyone knew what I had been through. I might have second thoughts on digging now and stick to pruning. By the way I have made up a new dance and I thought I would share it with you. It is called the “Spot The Squirrel Four Paw Jig” and goes like this. Front paws step quickly one after the other and back paws up and down together then after a while change to front paws up and down together and back paws step one after the other. After a bit of this change to all paws up and down at will and wiggle the bottom rapidly. Then for a grand finale break into a song which goes something like, Woof, woof, bark, woof. Woof, woof, bark, woof, Squeal, woof, squeal, woof Squeal, squeal, squeal. This continues until someone shouts, “You can stop now they’ve gone”. I look forward to seeing all my friends again on the next walk at Earlham Park, Norwich on Sunday 13th September.

Is there no end to the talents of our greyhounds? It seems that more and more of them are learning how to write! Hi my name is Nelson I just wanted to say a big thank you to David and all of his team for such a fantastic day out on 21st June (father’s day) unfortunately my daddy was ill in bed but my mummy decided after much deliberation to bring me to the kennels for their open day. I have been feeling a bit grumpy lately as I was very silly when my mum and dad where away on holiday and ran away from my granddad, unfortunately I didn’t listen to Evie’s and Katie-Mae’s advice and I didn’t stop look and listen and I got hit by a car at very high speed! The vet told my folks that I was lucky to be alive. How unlucky would I have been to find my forever family then get taken away from them? Anyway Mum brought me to the kennels and entered me into the most handsome dog competition (Mum tells me everyday how handsome I am so I was feeling quietly confident) I walked round the ring as proud and tall as I could, I was even on my best behaviour and didn’t even growl at any other dogs (that’s very good for me!) and my mum gave her best smile to the judges and we got through to the last three. I came second although mum says we were robbed I was definitely the most handsome boy there!!! I have attached a couple of photos of me with my rosette on. If it wasn’t for David and the whole team I don’t know where I would be and I would never have met my lovely family.

“We recently attended the open day on 21st June and that is why I am writing. What a lovely morning and afternoon. Our ten year old rescue greyhound came second in the veteran group. We all had a lovely time meeting and exchanging greyhound stories and Bonnie, our greyhound, enjoyed meeting all the other greyhounds. We also found others that do her 6 am greeting! Well done to everyone who gave up their time. It was great! Look forward to the next open day. Hope it raised a lot of money for the good cause. David was very good on the megaphone!! Regards Dawn, Terry and Milly.” Zina (Formerly known as Breeze) Here is a picture of Zina taken today at Mutford Village Hall Dog Show where she won second prize. Accolades for her - a Mars bar for me! Not bad for a girl who has only been with me for two weeks and was very, very well behaved!! Everyone remarked upon her bandana. She is now very tired and taking a nap.... It’s never too early to start thinking about buying your greyhound a new winter coat! Available from the kennels in various lovely colours and sizes, £15.00 each. Kennels open every Saturday, 11.00am-2.30pm. Also available: bowls, brushes, toys and treats. We have just had a new supply of gorgeous martingale collars. Just what the well-dressed hound needs! £9.50 each.

Why not become a “Friend of

We at Homefinders are so pleased that Nelson has made a full recovery from his ordeal. He certainly is a very handsome chap! Lynda. Micro chipping available at the kennels, £10.00. Please phone David for more details or to book an appointment. 0845 458 3797


Lots of Love Nelson xx

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reyhound Ho


nders efi


Thanks once again and my Mum and dad have promised that I can come back and see you all very soon. (If I’m a good boy!)

Dawn is a regular volunteer at the stadium and supporter of Homefinders.

For a suggested minimum donation of £5 you will receive our newsletter and other related information throughout the year. Please send the following information Your name,Your address and a Cheque payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders To: Brenda Garrod, 4, Caystreward, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 4AR.

Co-ordinator’s Bit. What a day the June Open Day turned out to be. Once again we were blessed with good weather and once again lots and lots of greyhounds turned up with their people. Our first attempt at a greyhound show seemed to go really well. The judges, Mr Brooks and Mr Shipp had a very difficult time choosing winners but did an excellent job given that bribes were tried, greyhounds disguised as Labradors were entered and all the dogs are so beautiful. The winners were as follows: Most Handsome Dog – Foxy (Very handsome black boy) Most Beautiful Bitch – Oala (Beautiful brindle girl) Best Looking Veteran – Rosie (Given a new lease of life by her owner after years on the farm at Marsham) Best Puppy – Storm (A lovely blue boy) Best Young Handler – Johnny (Well controlled and well matched) Looks most like its Dad – Jack (It was the matching wide midriffs that made the difference!) Best In Show – Foxy (A unanimous favourite with the crowd) Thank you to everyone for being such good sports, I know that everyone who has a greyhound is a winner anyway, they are all beautiful. We made £660 on the day, which is a marvellous figure and shows the generosity of greyhound owners. Open Days are all about celebrating our dogs, talking non stop about them and making everyone aware of what is happening at the kennels. The August Open Day

will be reported in the next issue but keep a note of Sunday October 18th Open Day which will be our first anniversary of being at the kennels. Homing has been going very well so far this summer and since the last newsletter in June the following greyhounds have all found lovely homes. Dicky and Fay, (Swaffham), Roxy (now Dixie in Mundesley), Milly (Norwich), Diamond (Norwich), Peggy (Dereham), Trisha (Buxton), Linzi (Norwich), Tootsie (Bury St Edmunds), Buddy (Norwich), Bob (Beccles), Percy (Whissonsett), Rocky (Now Caspian in Norwich), Geordie (Now Tom in Reedham) Diddy (Wicklewood), Breezy (Now Zina in Kessingland), Tammy (Lowestoft), Leo (Cringleford), Junior (Horsey), Dot (Lowestoft), Ron (Bury St Edmunds), Peaches (now Florence in Norwich), Bertie ( Topcroft) a few more which will have been homed after this has gone to print. We send all of them our very best wishes. Please keep sending in your photos and stories, like the one about the shoe collector, or the potato thief, or diving in the pond, or chasing about with a new little terrier friend, we all love to see them and Lynda needs lots of them for the newsletter. The get together at Winterton was lovely with 40 greyhounds taking their owners for a walk over the dunes. The British Legion Band that suddenly struck up caused a bit of stir, causing two dogs to slip their leads but both were returned unharmed after a bit of a chase. The weather held for us again and an enjoyable day was had by all, I think! The next walk is at Earlham Park, Norwich on Sunday 13th September at 11am. I hope to see many of you there. Big hugs for all your lovely greyhounds.


Sam (formerly Joey) off to his new home

Peaches on her way home.

Caspian (formerly Rocky) also setting off for his new home.

Don’t forget put these dates to your diary now Sunday 13th September 11am Greyhound Get Together and Walk. Earlham Park Norwich. Entrance off Earlham Road down University Drive then turn right towards Earlham Hall and Car Park. Usual rules……..there are none! Ask your dog to bring you along, with a picnic if you wish. No set finishing time, dogs may keep you there as long as they wish. Don’t forget their water and biscuits. We think there is no car park charge on a Sunday and hope the café will be open. I realise my maps are not the best so I hope not too many of you get lost this time!! Sunday 18th October 11am – 3pm Open Day at the Kennels. (One Year Anniversary) Usual chaos and mayhem, stalls, games, refreshments etc. Anyone wishing to help out by making cakes, jams or pickles, donating raffle or tombola prizes or maybe have ideas for other stalls please contact us in one of the following ways: Email me at, or phone David on 0845 458 3797, or call in at the kennels any Saturday between 11am and 2.30pm

Laddie with his lovely new girlfriend, Lark. “We are so thankful for having 2 such adorable greyhounds and we love them with all our heart. I can’t imagine life without them now they are such a pleasure to have around and they give us so much love back. Jay, Laura, Laddie (woof, woof) & Lark (woof, woof)”.

Coats and dog food are available for sale at the kennels. Please phone David for more details. 0845 458 3797 If you have a story or photograph you’d like to include in our next newsletter, please email Lynda:

Excepts From Rupert’s Diary: The Story of Rupert’s (nee Thumper) rehoming Friday 13th, unlucky for some, but not for me. A smartish silver car arrived at my temporary (I hope) home. I liked the look of the lady as she got out of the car and I went straight up to her showing off all my best points. She disappeared – oh dear, perhaps my luck isn’t in today… hold on, she’s coming out of the office with my mate David and he’s getting a big bag of MY food and putting it in the silver car… now she’s opening the boot.. I’m running now; please let me go to your home as I think we’ll get on great! In I jump and a quick glance back to all my doggy pals and those lovely people who’ve looked after me while I’ve been in my temporary home. 10.30pm Obviously bedtime, my owner doesn’t realise that I’m really quite intelligent and know all about the bedtime routine. She seems quite pleased when I do a wee in the garden, don’t know what all the fuss is about! 08.15am I let her have a good nights sleep and didn’t make any noise when I was moving all the recycling out of the basket and moving the cushions, taking things off the table etc – just so she knows I am HERE! She doesn’t make a fuss and seemed so pleased with me. Obviously she’s got no worries about my obsessive-compulsive disorder! 09.00am Having had what I thought was a miniscule breakfast, she put on a fluorescent yellow jacket and armed with rubber gloves and black sack went litter picking around the village. We met lots of friendly people who were much more interested in me than her. I behaved so well I got a big treat when we got back! Friday 20th Today I’m at the beach, not sure what to make of it, am keeping close to my companion just in case the sea eats me. Slept like a log – must be the sea air, but I’m hungry. I think she’s forgotten I’m a growing lad and want lots more food! Sunday 22nd My friend Ronnie Rocket has arrived and guess what? So has his dinner and I notice that it’s been left on the worktop, well within my grasp. Ronnie and me get on fine and have a long walk together. When we got back I investigate the kitchen. I’m sure Ronnie won’t mind if I eat his dinner. Still hungry, what are these? They smell like hotcross buns, not toasted and no butter but never mind. I’ll eat all seven of them and she’ll never notice. Well it didn’t take more than a few seconds before she came in and I was in the doghouse! Jules has noticed Ronnie’s dinner plate is empty too. Oh dear, they’re really not too happy with me. I’d better keep out of the way for a while. They’ve got out again and left us. I did notice the bread bin within my grasp – it’s lovely being tall. I manage to get the bread bin on the floor and find a lovely, large, fresh and warm wholemeal loaf. I finish the lot and feel a bit of a tummy ache coming on. Perhaps I should have left half for Ronnie – he’s a goody-goody and hasn’t helped me out with any of this. Oh dear, they’re coming in the front door. I’m going to lie down – couldn’t get up if I tried! Oh my, they’re amazed at how clever I am getting the bread bin off the top of the microwave! Well, at least I think that’s why they are making such a fuss. I wish they’d all go away, I feel quite ill. Before bed she said “well, it’s your own fault, I’m not surprised you feel ill”. Monday 23rd 7.00am When she came in the kitchen I made a big fuss of her – boing, boing, boing, so I hoped she wouldn’t notice the huge explosion from my stomach that has happened overnight. I couldn’t help it, all that yeast kept expanding and I couldn’t keep it in any longer! But she noticed, oh my goodness, she noticed! She didn’t say a word but I was left out in the garden for ages. When eventually I was allowed back in it smelt of pine!! Another week has gone by.. we’re getting on really well and I love my new home. I’m still trying to get through to her that I need more food and pinch everything that I can find. I still suffer from obsessive compulsion disorder but she doesn’t worry about that. I miss you all at Homefinders but look forward to meeting up on our regular walks and open days. I’m definitely here to stay, if only I could resist HOT CROSS BUNS!!

Blue (Harts Hill Blue)


Blue is just lovely – so happy here and loving and playful. He’s just like a puppy again. He gets so excited throwing all his toys around. He’s taken over the sofas and he loves the garden.

Girlie is very well and enjoying the summer days with the back door and French doors open. She goes round and round all day and then when the evening comes the foxes come out with their cubs in the woods at the end of the garden. She flies out of the French doors, across the flowerbed taking michaelmas daisies with her, to charge up and down at the back fence! This goes on until I finally shut the doors at about 9 o’clock. She has taken over from Dopey who is getting a bit too old to be doing all that running around!

I’m so glad that I chose to re-home Blue. He is a great dog. Although I still miss my old dog every single day, Blue is filling a big space which is left. We will bring Blue over to see you sometime when we can.

I enjoyed reading about the other greyhounds in the newsletter. Especially Chevy and his anti-social gas! We have lots of gas in this house! I don’t know about clearing a room in two seconds, sometimes we have to evacuate the whole house!! Girlie loves to tip the toy box upside down when we come home from a walk (she likes to go out, but she LOVES to come home!). All the toys go everywhere. Her favourite is a rubber chicken which, amazingly, still squeaks. The furry hedgehog doorstop was ripped up a long time ago.

A. M. Gill Bonzo (Oopys Gibbs) I am so pleased to tell you that Bonzo has moved himself in well. He has a cover on the centre of our sofa, which he has claimed as his own within weeks. He has a cuddly toy called “Chunky Monkey” which he takes everywhere with him. We sometimes find Chunky buried in our bed! He is ok when we leave him to go to the shops etc and waits at home safely for us. We have a nice chap who comes to walk him if Neil and I are unable to. He has also claimed half of my mother’s sofa when she sits and watches TV! My family have been to visit and were bowled over by his size and friendliness. Most evenings he sits under my desk on my feet or under Neil’s. He has a mad 5 minutes most days running around the garden and house. On these occasions we chase him and then stand clear! Basically what I am trying to say is that we love him to bits!! Hazel and Neil.

Girlie also enjoys digging. I think she is trying open caste mining. I am forever sweeping dirt of the patio and putting it back on the garden. She is incredibly happy when she is digging so how can I stop her?! Whatever she does, it is always my fault. I should have put those two frozen pizzas that she ate (still frozen and complete with packaging) into the freezer straight away. When she got hold of my sewing threads and they were all tangled up on the floor, well, I had been meaning to sort them out anyway! The quote “her bed looks like a teenagers bedroom” is very familiar. I am forever straightening the beds out – but perhaps they think, “I’ve just got that bed how I want it and she comes along and flattens it all out again”! I have nearly covered the whole carpet with duvets and dog beds. There is not much room for me now, still, who cares?!! Gill

Girlie and Dopey spy a cat!

Girlie, enjoying the sunshine.

To sponsor Pete please send a cheque for £12 (minimum donation) payable to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders to: Mrs Lynda Eden, 20, Bernard Road, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9AW. Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ......................................................... ......................................................... Date of Birth: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (so that we can send you a birthday card) Hi Lynda I was chuffed to have my picture in the Newsletter so I thought I’d write to say how I’m getting on. Despite having done a bit of damage to the doorframes and Linda’s new hand made kitchen, I think she has forgiven me, as I’m very spoiled. I’ve got my own car. Linda says there isn’t enough room for my long legs in the back of her car and I might get cramp but I really think she doesn’t want me to damage the cream leather with my claws. As if I would! In addition to my maid, Linda, I also have a manservant who comes in each day that Linda is at work to walk me. I’ve done lots of exciting things like going on a bus and in a black cab, out to a country pub for lunch and to several parties. I was the only dog to attend the party in Surrey Street on the historic day that Norwich Union officially became Aviva. I take it all in my stride. Linda’s family have several dogs. My best mate is her niece’s rescue greyhound Tyson and I like his girlfriend, a rescued collie/labrador x called Polly. Tyson and I are going to do our family trees as we think we might have the same great granddad. I really enjoyed the open day on 21 June and was totally bushed when I got home.


The Look Of Love. Dominic with His new greyhound, Ronnie.

I will never tire of thanking everyone for their generosity and support. Thank you, one and all, for your donations, your help at the kennels, fund raising at the stadium, at events and, of course, thank you for giving our greyhounds a good and loving home!

Robin and Ronnie.

And finally… As I am writing this, Tuesday 4th August, I am thinking fondly of Crystal. Twelve months ago today she, very sadly, died. I’d been volunteering for Homefinders for just over two years by then and her death came as a great shock. I still miss our “coffee and cake” time in the office (also known as the shed!). She is missed by the Homefinders team who all have their own special memories of her. We talk of her often and the memories live on. Lynda.

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