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e d a m o h W e s o h t s u o l fabu s? e o r e h When and where they get that idea to have their own magazine?

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The first magazine

It cover appeared dated October 1939.4 This first issue included the adventures of the first three superheroes from the publisher, the android known as the Human Torch, the antihero Namor and the Angel (no relation to the character of the X-Men) , created by Carl Burgos, Bill Everett, and Paul Gustavson respectively.5 sales must have been good, because in the following months Timely launched new titles like Mystery Daring Mystery Comics and Comics, also dedicated to the superheroes

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Martin Goodman (January 18, 1908 - June 6, 1992) 1 was an American comic book editor and one of those responsible for giving life to Timely Comics who would be known from 1961 as Marvel Comics through its political cousin, Stan Lee.

Martin Goodman

The idea to have their own magazine At first it was considered in the first issue create an agency called HAMMER I had charge of the registration of superheroes, but this idea was rejected as being too complicated , and instead was used to SHIELD Although scripts are journals attributed to Mark Millar , they are the result of joint work of all major screenwriters Marvel at the time of publication, coordinated by Tom Brevoort.2 The four villains used in the initial fight Nitro, SpeedFreek , Chill Cobalt and Man emerged from a list submitted by Brevoort.3 The idea that the catastrophe that triggers the events were located in the city of Stamford was the writer Jeph Loeb , who lives allĂ­.4 According to 2006 census 126 745 people live there , and was described by the United States living magazine as " the best city to live in it " .4 in the Civil War creative summit also decided that should Speedball be the character that triggered all events


este es un pequeño resumen de marvel


este es un pequeño resumen de marvel