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: HP HP0-380


: HP® Planning & Design of HP Integrity Entry-Level Srvr Solutions

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1. Instant Capacity (iCAP) has many features. Select TWO. A.Permanent capacity can be activated when needed. B.New temporary CPU capacity can be activated/deactivated as required. C.The lease is based on the percentage of CPU utilization. D.It works with memory, not with processors. E.It is supported only on the entry-level Itanium servers. Answer: AB 2. Which resource tool offers a configuration worksheet for an rx4640? A.QuickFind B.SalesBuilder for Windows C.Cybrary D.Product Bulletin Answer: B 3. A large automotive manufacturing company asks for an HP Integrity server solution to replace their current IA32-based solution. They currently employ OpenView Storage Mirroring for data replication between their two production sites. They want to determine whether a Continuous Access solution would be a good substitute for the current Storage Mirroring technology. You need to help the customer decide what kind of disaster recovery solution is needed. What will justify a Continuous Access solution? A.Data replication must be instantaneous and synchronous. B.Data replication must be possible across the continent. C.Data must remain at one location, should the other location fail. D.Data must remain consistent at both locations, should one site fail. Answer: A 4. Which benefits does the HP Care Pack service provide to your customer? Select TWO. A.minimized downtime response for replacement of defective components C.committed response time D.HP warranty service consultation Answer: AC 5. You are going to add two more rx4640 servers to an existing HP rack. Which statement is true regarding the environment? A.It is not necessary to validate that there is adequate power and cooling available in the computer room. B.Power and environmental consumption are not concerns because the customer's UPS and air conditioning seems to be oversized.    

C.Power and cooling requirements must be given to the customer so that he can identify any environmental considerations. D.You need to validate only that there is enough space left in the computer rack. Answer: C 6. A company is considering implementing rx4640 Integrity servers within their environment. They will be running Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition for transaction processing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3. Where can the customer obtain related benchmark information on the rx4640? Answer: A 7. A customer wants to operate an HP-UX application and a Windows application simultaneously on a single server. Which server is the least expensive you can recommend? A.rx16xx B.rx26xx C.rx46xx D.rx76xx Answer: D 8. Your customer wants to simultaneously operate an HP-UX SAP application and a Red Hat Linux Oracle application on a single server. Which HP server provides this capability? A.rx16xx B.rx26xx C.rx46xx D.rx76xx Answer: D 9. What is one advantage of IA64 architecture-based Integrity servers compared to IA32 Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) architecture-based servers? A.Applications can address up to twice the memory. B.Memory is bound to one processor, so access times are very fast. C.Performance is not negatively impacted when using more than 4GB of memory. D.Power consumption of the memory is much lower due to the power control chipsets. Answer: C 10. What is one advantage of running database applications on IA64-based systems compared to    

IA32-based systems? A.It can use up to four times the memory of 32-bit systems. B.It can directly access more than 4GB of memory. C.It can address up to double the memory of 32-bit systems. D.It has quicker access up to 4GB of memory. Answer: B 11. Which memory type is supported on Integrity systems? A.ECC EDO RAM B.RAMBUS C.NON-ECC EDO RAM D.ECC SDRAM Answer: D 12. Which processor architecture is used in Integrity servers? A.ARM B.RISC C.CISC D.EPIC Answer: D 13. IA64 processor architecture is found in which servers? A.HP Integrity servers only B.HP Integrity, HP Alpha and HP ProLiant servers C.HP Integrity, HP NonStop and HP ProLiant servers D.HP Integrity and other vendors' Itanium servers Answer: D 14. What is an advantage of the Itanium CPUs that are used in Integrity servers? A.parallel execution of instructions B.native support for fast 32-bit code execution C.integrated PCI Northbridge chip for I/O speed D.dedicated, direct-attached SDRAM to each CPU for speed Answer: A 15. Your customer wants a secure operating system with at least a C2 rating. Which operating system should you recommend? A.OpenVMS B.Microsoft Windows Server 2003 EE C.Linux    

D.HP-UX Answer: A 16. You need to prepare an EFI system partition (ESP) on an HP Integrity server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. What is the minimum size of a partition that can be used for installation? A.10MB B.100MB C.500MB D.1GB M to each CPU for speed Answer: B 17. Which supported operating system uses the Special Administrator Console (SAC)? A.HP-UX v11.i v2 B.Microsoft Windows Server 2003 EE C.OpenVMS v8.2 D.Red Hat Linux Advanced Server v3.0 Answer: B 18. You are designing an Integrity consolidation project for a customer who is currently running HP-UX v10.0 with Serviceguard on a PA-RISC based system. What is the minimum operating system version required to port/migrate the customer's applications? A.HP-UX 10.0 v2 B.HP-UX 11.0 C.HP-UX 11i v2 D.HP-UX 11i v3 Answer: C 19. Your customer does not want to run any proprietary operating systems and is requesting open source compliance. Which operating system should you recommend? A.OpenVMS B.Windows C.Linux D.HP-UX Answer: C 20. Which supported operating systems offer environments such as Foundation Operating Environment (FOE), Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE), and Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE)? Select TWO.    

A.HP-UX 11i v2 B.Windows Server 2003 EE C.OpenVMS I64 8.2 D.Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS v2.1 E.Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS v3.0 > Answer: AC 21. When upgrading an Integrity server from a single-core CPU to a dual-core CPU, what are the benefits for the customer? Select TWO. A.greater system performance B.improved I/O access latency C.improved memory access latency D.doubling of the maximum number of processors in the system E.the same performance, but with a second processor Answer: AD 22. Which chipset is used in the rx2600 server family? A.F8 B.zx1 C.mx2 D.sx1000 Answer: B 23. Which benefits does an HP virtualized infrastructure provide to the customer? Select TWO. A.offers a simplified and flexible infrastructure B.enables utility pricing or pay-per-use model for IT services C.promotes simplification of the user management process D.provides advanced infrastructure that only HP and partners will be able to support Answer: AB 24. What are the benefits of an HP virtualized infrastructure? Select TWO. A.simplifies the user management process B.avoids the complicated adaptive enterprise C.provides advanced infrastructure that only HP and partners can support D.provides speed and responsiveness to adapt to changing business needs E.simplifies and streamlines operation of the application and infrastructure portfolio Answer: DE 25. What do the HP Adaptive Enterprise design principles include? Select TWO.    

A.Integration B.Designation C.Optimization D.Modularization Answer: AD 26. What do the HP Adaptive Enterprise design principles include? Choose TWO. A.Designation B.Optimization C.Simplification D.Standardization Answer: CD 27. Which processor speed can an HP rx2600 1.0GHz/1.5MB be upgraded to within the same enclosure? A.1.4GHz/1.5MB B.1.3GHz/3MB C.1.6GHz/6MB D.1.5GHz/6MB Answer: B 28. Which processor speed can an HP rx4640 1.5GHz/6MB be upgraded to within the same enclosure? Select TWO. A.1.5GHz/9MB B.1.5GHz/4MB C.1.6GHz/6MB D.1.6GHz/9MB Answer: CD 29. Your customer currently has an HP rx2600 server running HP-UX. They have an application that requires Red Hat Linux. They are considering partitioning the system. What should you suggest? A.Partition the rx2600 then reload HP-UX and Red Hat Linux. B.Upgrade to an rx2620 then reload HP-UX and Red Hat Linux. C.Partition the rx2600 then load Red Hat Linux on the partitioned drive. D.The rx2600 can not be hardware partitioned; replace with a cell-based server. Answer: D 30. Which phrase best describes nPar? A.dynamic processor movement B.distributed hardware/data integration fault isolation    

D.hardware fault isolation Advanced Server v3.0 Answer: D 31. The HP zx1 chipset is used in which servers? A.entry-level Integrity B.mid-range Integrity C.high-end Integrity D.HP 9000 Superdome 1.5GHz/6MB Answer: A 32. Currently, HP has four completely separate BCS hardware platforms: AlphaServer, HP 9000, HP Integrity, and NonStop. According to the roadmap, what will be the BCS hardware platforms in the future? A.HP AlphaServer and HP 9000 B.No change; the same hardware platforms C.HP Integrity and HP Integrity NonStop servers D.HP AlphaServer, HP 9000, and HP Integrity NonStop servers Answer: C 33. What is the minimum system that supports hardware partitions? A.Superdome B.rx2620 C.rx4640 D.rx7620 Answer: D 34. Your customer currently has an HP 9000 rp4440-8 and is considering upgrading to an Integrity server with eight processors. They want to stay in the same enclosure. What should you suggest to your customer? A.You cannot upgrade to Integrity using the same enclosure. B.Wait for the next generation Integrity system. C.Upgrade to an rx4640-8. D.Upgrade to an rp4640-8. Answer: C 35. Which phrase is true when configuring memory in an HP Integrity rx1620 server? A.must be installed in quads B.can be of different density C.must be installed in pairs    

D.can be installed as single DIMMs Answer: C 36. Which cluster model is supported on OpenVMS clusters? A.failover CPU B.shared nothing C.failover memory D.shared everything me 1.5GHz/6MB Answer: D

37. What is the difference between nPar and vPar? A.nPar refers to hard partitions and vPar refers to soft partitions. B.nPar refers to soft partitions and vPar refers to hard partitions. C.nPar refers to the operating system image and vPar refers to hardware isolation. D.nPar refers to the operating system and vPar refers to hardware isolation. Answer: A 38. What is the Performance Quick Reference Tool (PQRT)? A.a user-friendly pricing tool interactive query-based spreadsheet C.a tool used to troubleshoot a system fault D.a tool used to expand the system configuration Answer: B 39. What does the Product Bulletin tool provide? A.battle tables B.configuration templates C.enterprise playbooks D.HP product information E.competitive product information used to expand the system configuration Answer: D 40. The full version of SalesBuilder for Windows (SBW) includes which components? Select THREE. A.quoter B.white papers C.configuration worksheets D.system diagrams E.customer presentation    

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