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: HP HP0-336 : Identity Management Exam

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1. Which performance optimization is most likely to improve the speed of user lookups from Select Access at the time of authentication? A. use SSL between the Validators and the directory server B. use a directory server that is also a Windows domain controller C. configure the Validator to failover from one directory server to another D. index the most frequently-searched user attributes in the directory server Answer: D 2. When disabling or enabling a user's access, which two actions are available in the Select Identity Users tab? (Choose two.) A. Disable User/Enable User B. Disable All Services/Enable All Services C. Disable Administrator/Enable Administrator D. Disable Service Membership/Enable Service Membership Answer: BD 3. Which component in Select Identity is responsible for managing the logical grouping of users and the services they can access? A. Enforcer B. Validator C. Rules Engine D. Context Engine E. Administrative Server Answer: D 4. Which type of Select Identity connector requires an installation and administration effort on the target system? A. adaptive connector B. two-way connector C. one-way connector D. agent-less connector Answer: B 5. In Select Access, which authentication method requires creation of a custom Validator plug-in to function? A. ACF2 B. RSA SecureID C. Digital Certificates D. Integrated Windows Authentication    

Answer: A 6. Which statement is true about the Select Access Validator? A. The Validator's cache size is limited to 64 MB. B. Increasing the cache refresh interval increases the size of the cache and results in fewer authentication and authorizations per second. C. All items in the cache are deleted at the end of the cache refresh interval and new cache entries are obtained from the LDAP directory server. D. Decreasing the cache refresh interval of the Validator allows for cache items to be more up-to-date, thereby reducing the security risk of using older policies. Answer: D 7. Which statement is true about actions available in the Select Identity Users tab? A. The Modify User action is used to add services to an existing user. B. The View Service Membership action shows all the attributes specific to each service a user has. C. The Manage User Expiration action removes specific entitlements from a managed resource's data repository. D. The Terminate User action always deletes the user from both the managed resource and Select Identity data repositories. Answer: B 8. Which two statements are true about the Select Access Rule Builder? (Choose two.) A. It is possible to add new types of authentication servers using the Rule Builder. B. Both access policy rules as well as workflow rules can be created using the Rule Builder. C. The Rule Builder is a graphical interface that allows creation of conditional access rules. D. The Rule Builder requires administrators to input rules by typing them in a specific syntax with Boolean operators such as AND and OR. Answer: BC 9. Which two have the most direct impact on the performance of Select Identity? (Choose two.) A. database B. load balancer C. directory server D. network latency E. application server F. single sign-on system Answer: AE 10. After completing the installation of Select Identity, you try to navigate to the Select Identity home page but the page does not display.    

What is most likely wrong with the environment? A. The database is not running. B. Resources have not been created. C. The application server is not running. D. Connectors have not been deployed. E. The application server is not communicating to the database. Answer: C 11. Which statement about Select Identity workflow transitions is correct? A. You can create multiple incoming transitions. This is called a split transition. B. You can create multiple outgoing transitions. This is called a connect


C. Transitions enable you to connect activities and provide a path for progressing through the workflow. D. A transition cannot use an exception expression defined by the engine to indicate that the transition occurs only when an exception is thrown by the incoming activity. Answer: C 12. In Select Identity, an entitlement is _____. A. an abstraction of the resource privileges granted to an identity B. an abstraction that organizes privileges and permissions, and controls authorization C. a Select Identity concept that defines a logical grouping of users that can access a service D. a Select Identity abstraction that defines how a logical grouping of users will access a Select Identity service E. a name-value pair that can be created or changed at runtime in a workflow instance through actions, a workflow API call, or returned by an application invocation Answer: A 13. Which Select Access component must be installed only once for a Select Access installation? A. LDAP B. Validator C. Enforcer D. Connector E. Audit Server F. Administration Server Answer: F 14. Which statement is true about the necessity of having an application server to run Select Identity? A. Select Identity is a J2EE application and needs to be run in a supported application server. B. An application server is not needed. Select Identity can be run as a standalone program. C. An application server is not needed. A standard Web server that can run Java programs is sufficient.    

D. Some components of Select Identity are written in Java and these need an application server. Other components of Select Identity are written in C++ and do not need an application server. Answer: A 15. After completing the installation of Select Identity you navigate to the home page of the application and enter the default administrator ID and password. An error message is displayed. Assuming that you entered the ID and password correctly, what is most likely wrong with the environment? A. The database is not running. B. Resources have not been created. C. Connectors have not been deployed. D. The application server is not running. Answer: A 16. In a Select Identity installation, when the application server starts, the following error is displayed: <Error> <JDBC> <Cannot startup connection pool...SQLException: SQL Server has been paused.> What is a possible cause for this error? A. SQL Server is not running. B. The application server is not running. C. JDBC has not been deployed on the application server. D. Select Identity SQL Connector is not configured correctly. Answer: A 17. What are three competitive advantages of the OpenView Identity Management solution? (Choose three.) A. modularity - manage discretely or collectively B. simplification - ease of use/ease of integration C. centralized control - manage all network devices D. automated updates - push software updates to affected systems E. open architecture - standards-based components and processes Answer: ABE 18. Which two functions does Select Identity's Web services API allow you to handle? (Choose two.) A. reconciliation B. connector creation C. workflow approvals D. external call-out creation E. password synchronization Answer: AE 19. In a Select Identity environment, the WebLogic application server is unable to establish connection with    

the Select Identity database. What is the most likely cause? A. The agent-based connector for the database is not in the execution path. B. A service has been incorrectly defined. It is attempting to use a resource that does not exist. C. There is a misconfiguration with the data source and/or connection pool in the application server. D. The reconciliation process is currently running and the application server cannot connect to the database while this process is running. Answer: C 20. In Select Identity, you configure a service to send an e-mail notification message to

users when they

are successfully provisioned. No e-mails are being received by the end users after they are successfully provisioned. What should you do to troubleshoot this problem? A. in the application properties file, ensure that B. in the application properties file, ensure that C. in the application properties file, ensure that D. in the application properties file, ensure that Answer: A 21. Which process should be used to load existing user accounts from a resource into Select Identity? A. bulk add B. bulk move C. reconciliation D. auto-discovery Answer: D 22. You want to install a new connector in an established Select Identity environment. Which statement is true? A. Cloning an existing connector configuration is a simple install technique for new connectors. B. The connector.jar file can be deployed through drag-and-drop in the graphical user interface (GUI). C. New connector deployments require that the connector be installed in the application server classpath. D. New connectors are installed in the application server through the Application Server panel in the Select Identity graphical user interface (GUI). Answer: C 23. Which three parameters can be configured in Select Identity's file? (Choose three.) A. the maximum number of retry attempts for sending e-mail B. the database type used as the Select Identity data repository    

C. the error message an administrator receives if an e-mail cannot be delivered D. the time interval that the e-mail daemon uses for sending new e-mail if the initial attempt is unsuccessful Answer: ABD 24. What defines the rights and permissions that a group of users receives based on an associated business relationship? A. rules B. context C. policies D. notifications E. entitlements F. access controls Answer: B 25. Your Select Access authorization policy is NOT working as expected. In the Policy Builder you see an inherited "Allow" when you expect the user to be denied for a decision point. What is the quickest way to analyze what is happening? A. use the Policy Builder to verify the inheritance shown in the popup tooltip B. use the Query tool with debug settings to check policy for the decision point C. change Enforcer audit settings to Debug to get more information in a log file D. run the Validator in Debug and Trace mode to see detailed authorization steps Answer: A 26. Which statement is true about Select Access? A. There can be no load balancing between Enforcers and Validators as only failover is possible. B. Enforcers can failover and load balance between Validators, but the default configuration does not include this. C. Enforcers, by default, failover as well as balance load between all available Validators using the round robin method. D. For failover and load balancing to work between the Enforcers and Validators, an external network load balancer must be used. Answer: C 27. In Select Identity, a client wants to display only the last 4 digits of a 10-digit Government ID when displaying user information (for example, 1234567890 must be displayed on the screen as 7890). How should an administrator configure the Government ID attribute? A. set Default Display Mask 4 B. set Default Display Mask to -4 C. set Default Display Length to 4    

D. set Default Display Length to -4 Answer: D 28. Which component(s) must be configured before deploying the Select Identity application? A. the LDAP connector only B. the database server only C. the Web application server only D. the database server and the Web application server E. the LDAP connector and the Web application server Answer: D 29. Which two Select Access Enforcers can be used to provide access control for a J2EE application server environment? (Choose two.) A. the Servlet Enforcer B. the Apache Enforcer C. a custom Enforcer using the C++ Enforcer API D. a custom Enforcer using the Java Enforcer API Answer: AD 30. Your client needs to create a new attribute called Employee Type, which can only be populated with one of five possible values. Which type of function should you use to meet this requirement? A. value validation function B. value limitation function C. value constraint function D. value generation function E. value verification function Answer: C 31. Which capability or capabilities are used to map a Select Identity attribute to a specific target resource attribute? A. Attributes only B. Resources only C. Connectors only D. Resources and Attributes E. Attributes and Connectors Answer: D 32. A request for adding a user to a service has been submitted in Select Identity. The delegated requestor believes that the request is taking too long.    

How can you track the current workflow activity of the request? A. check the database log files B. run an active request report in audit reports C. check the Web services log file to trace the inbound and outbound SPML requests D. view the request in request status and drill down to the specific workflow instance for the request Answer: D 33. Which four statements are true when using the Select Access setup tool for Enforcers? (Choose four.) A. Some Enforcers do not have their own setup wizards. B. Generic Enforcers do not support "Typical" installation. C. The setup wizard should be run once for each Enforcer. D. Enforcer bootstrap files are called enforcer_<type>.xml. E. The Query details setting can increase communications overhead. Answer: ACDE 34. Which three actions are available in Select Identity's User tab? (Choose three.) A. Move User B. View User Attributes C. Cancel User Request D. Enable Service Membership Answer: ABD 35. When performing a user search with no search criteria specified in Select Identity, it takes more than 30 seconds to return. Assuming that 100000 users have already been loaded into the system, what is the most likely source of the degradation in performance? A. database B. load balancer C. network latency D. application server Answer: A 36. For a workflow there is an activity that has more than one incoming transition. You want to specify that the activity executes if all of the incoming transitions are received. Which

property allows you to provide this functionality?

A. Join Type B. Split Type C. Wait Activity D. Boolean Type    

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