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Take action toward your future! There is many types of domestic violence. To many people its not recognized because when you say about domestic violence they automatically think physical abuse - battered women covered in bruises and to be perfectly honest not many people like to admit that somewhere along the line of their everyday life they suffer if silence. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of who they are celebrity or an ordinary person, regardless of their age, gender and whether they are rich, middle class or poor. In many cases the problem is overlooked, often excused and denied. There are various types of abuse such as physical – the intention of making someone feel helpless, intimidated make them suffer pain, injuries and any other physical harm. Emotional – public or private humiliation, control over everything they wear, they can or cant do etc. Sexual – when force and threat is used in order for abused to get what he/she wants. Verbal – often word can affect people more. Economical/financial – restricted usage of finances, resources to live a normal life. Acknowledging domestic abuse is the big step to take for anybody as many of us don’t want to admit that they caught up in it. But once you have recognized the problem you will feel better, feel relief, feel the freedom. There are few signs to look out for: Feel that you cant express your thoughts or feelings,

Fell that what ever you do is just not good enough Feel emotionally drained Low self esteem Loneliness Being criticized by your partner Being put down by your partner Control of where you go and what you do etc Out of all of the types of abuse emotional is the worst and the biggest as people don’t think that there is anything wrong with their partner being jealous and possessive, constantly check up on, keep you from seeing your friends etc. It is often begging with no intention of controlling another person but once one of the partners know that they can do it that when it begins to get serious. Emotional abuse very often happens to those who feel very strongly about their feelings towards other person or the feeling of being by your self and to avoid that you don’t see what is actually going on in your relationship. You may think that there is nothing worse then being physically abused and to some extent is fact but, emotional abuse lives you with deep scars inside you where they build and build and build until you don’t know what to do and could cause serious damage to your self.

Article I All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Article VIII Everyone has the right to an effective remedy if their rights are not respected.

Article II Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedom set forth ni this Declaration, without distinction of any kind.

Article IX No one shall be subject to arbitary arrest, detention or exile.

Article III Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Article IV No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. Slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Article V No one shall be subject to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article VI Everyone everywhere has the right to recognition as a person before the law. Article VII All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.

Article X Everyone charged witha crime is entitled equally toa fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunial. Article XI Everyone os charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent untill proved guilty.

Article XII No one shall be subject to arbiatry interference with their privacy, family, home or correspondence nor suffer attacks on their reputation.

Article XX Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Article XVII Article XXI Everyone has the Everyone has the right to own propright to take part in erty. the government of their country. The Article XIII Article XVIII will of the ppeople Everyone has the Everyone has the shall be the basis right to freedom right to freedom of of the authority of of movement thought, conscience government. and religion. Article XIV Article XXII Everyone has the Article XIX Everyone, as a right to seek and Everyone has the member of society, to enjoy in other right to freedom of has the right to socountries asylum opinion and exprescial security and is from persecution. sion, and to seek, entitled to realisareceive and impart tion... of...economic, Article XV Everyone has the information through social and culture rights. right to a nation- any media and regardless of frontiers. ality. Article XXIII Article XVI Everyone has the Men and women... right to work... Evhave the right eryone has the righ to marry and to to form and to join found a family trade union.

Article XXIV Everyone has the right to rest and leisure Article XXV Everyone has the right to standart of living adequate and wellbeing Article XXVI Everyone has the right to education. Article XXVII Everyone has the right freely to participate in the culture life of the community. Article XXVIII Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which all these rights and freedoms can be fully realised. Article XXIX Everyone has duties to the community.

Article XXX No governments, groups or individuals should destroy any of these rights or freedoms.

Race for life

If someone said to me: “I have a time machine, where would you like to go?” My answer would be: “My childhood”, hands down. I had the best time when I was little. To me my childhood is very, very memorable for both good reason and bad reasons. Good reasons is freedom, independence all of my frinds and the bad reason is my dad. At this moment in time I could hardly say that I have got a dad or if i even had a dad. When someone asking me about my past I rarely talk about my family life I talk more about what I used to enjoy doing.

My memories of abuse toward my mum goes as yearly as me being 4/5 years old. I try not to remember those things but its always there. I would like to talk about some of the things he has done because I would like to share the extent of damage my dad has done. The first ever incident that I remember is: my dad came home as always drunk, I remember going and playing outside on my own, when I came back the argument got worse. As it got late and late into the evening there was no way I was going bed. I remember my dad trying punch my mum in the face and

she grabbed the first thing that she saw do defend her self which was small heater. She swings across and hit my dad on the head, he didn’t pass out (shame) but it did calm him down. None of us were a sleep apart from my passed out dad. Mum grabbed some of my brother clothes and mine and we left in the middle of the night to my nans. Mum forgave him as he was begging that this would never happen again, and he did stop drinking and fighting. He would never raise his hand or his voice in front of my granddad (mums dad) I think he was embarrassed and he knew that we are living in his house so

he is the man of the house. But not long after, my granddad had passes away and this is when it got worse then ever. I hardly remember having a dad all I remember is a drunk coming back home and making the life hell. When I woke up in the morning I always thought it’s a new day and hopefully it’s a good one. I go to school, go out with my friends and everything is perfect until it comes to about seven o’clock in the evening (and yes I do remember the time) if my dad not home, I know exactly what will happen later on in the night. I would always make sure that my mum stays and sleeps in my

bed and she would (I think she her self was almost looking for a protection with me, she knew that my dad would not hurt me– and I hated the fact that I could not protect her because I was so little.) I would always go to sleep in her arms and make sure I’m holding tight to her so she doesn’t liv. When eventually my dad decides to come home the second he opens the front door I’m awake and I lay there in fear with my mum. It was like a routine, he will come in, say to mum can we talk in a living room, and she would live me by saying everything would be all right and goes. First it be him apologizing, then he would come

to a stage where he thinks its all mums fault and I can hear the tension rises and the talking is more like shouting, I jump off my bed run to my mum to protect her (because I was hoping that he would not hurt me) and I will be cuddling my mum so tightly and listening to my dad verbally abusing mum. Than verbal terns into physical and the whole night becomes a blur of me crying, begging my dad to stop, standing in between them so he doesn’t hit her. Some times it would last for two hours some time it would last for five hours and eventually he would live. Some times I would have a sleep during the night

sometimes I wont but I still had to pull my self together and go to school like nothing ever happened. At every opportunity he would try to destroy something whether it was mums clothes or wardrobe. We used to have two storage wardrobe everything was detachable and I remember as it was yesterday him pulling the clothes out it throwing all over the rooms and as if that wasn’t enough he was destroying the wardrobe, throwing it all over the place. I always wished that mum divorced him but it wasn’t my decision. It’s a big step for someone to take they have been married for years had some good

time and bad times but all I remember is bad time because I haven’t experienced any good time with my dad and if I did that’s not what stays in my mind. When I was eleven years old my dad almost succeeded in killing my mum. It was early evening during the summer I was with my friend outside when I saw him coming back home drunk I run over to mum and said I will stay with you I’m not going out. She actually made me to go out with my friend but she convinced me that everything would be good. I went off thinking that everything would be all right. When I came back in the evening

I saw my mum in tears, shaking holding on to her neck. She told me that he put her to the ground put his knee on her throat and was strangling her. She said she was trying to reach for something to hit him with was he was holding her too tight. She almost stopped breathing when she finally got hold of an iron and knocked him across his head. Then my Nan came back from work and he left. I never forgave my self for not coming back with her, for not being there for her, for the fact that could of died. Now I’m an adult I have got my own child and I will make

sure that she would never go through what I have gone through. I would never forgive my dad for what he has done to me, to us. I always thought that it hasn’t affected me and I was proud of my self for achieving everything I got today. But only until recently I have released that it affected me more than I thought it did. Everything that had happened affected me emotionally and especially mentally.



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