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Yaqin Huang was born and raised in China. She was awarded a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design in 2012 after which she came to the UK to study for a Masters in Fashion & Bodywear at De Montfort University.

Yaqin has skills in CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, has good hand drawing capabilities and is bilingual in Chinese and English.

In her final year of undergraduate study, Yaqin undertook an internship with the designer Hao Cheng’s Haute Couture brand in Beijing. During her Master’s level study, she was fascinated by Janpanese aesthetic principles and design philosophies such as the spatial relationships of “Ma” and the imperfect and impermanence of “Wabi-sabi” and how these might impact on her design. This interest extended to Yaqin researching Japanese cultural heritage. The concept of flatness becoming three dimensional on the body fuelled Yaqin’s creative imagination and practical experimentations. The generation of unexpected 3D forms where space can be created between the body and garment were investigated through 2D flat pattern cutting and conceptual approaches such Contact details: as doubling techniques of the Email: twinned garment . Mobile: 07907343350

“Transformation” The inspiration of this collection comes from Japanese Method “MA”, origami, and abstract art. Designer used geometric shapes of flat patterns to create 3D garments, which are combined with deconstruction. The selections of fabric are jersey and cotton, which produce lots of natural draping and different silhouette.

Draping and gathering techniques create volume and space ‘Ma’ between the body and the garment.

grey rectangular deconstructed dress

white shirt with triangle detail at back and grey jersey harem pants

“Unexpected” The inspiration of ‘unexpected’ collection comes from conjoint twins, based on Japanese method ‘Wabi-sabi. Extra sections have been added into one garment to make it conjoined. Moreover, the hidden ties and loops in the garments construct new shape and natural draping on the body.

black bodysuit based on triplets, composed of three tops

Flatness becoming three dimensional in the wearing the twinned or conjoined garment

grey long tube dress can be worn in two ways

red long tube dress

unexpected(fashion portfolio)  

This is a collection called 'unexpected' ,which inspired by conjoint twins and orgami

unexpected(fashion portfolio)  

This is a collection called 'unexpected' ,which inspired by conjoint twins and orgami