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CoachAdmin is an online coaching tool for the ambitious modern coach who wants to work in a professional way. This tool allows you as a

* One CoachAdmin account counts for 25 teammembers


coach to centralize and analyze all your data through a user friendly interface. Start now and work as a real first-class coach!

On-line tool, available anywhere anytime



Simple and fast statistics of your team



Topsportlab NV (TSL), a company which

A training editor for your training sessions Swift communication with your players and staff







its of

leading football teams, domestic and worldwide. Furthermore, TSL is also the monitor of the national field hockey team preparing for the London Olympics in 2012. Starting from this expertise and knowledge CoachAdmin






regional, provincial and national leagues.

And so much more

For more information take a look at our



Topsportlab NV Transportlaan 9 - 3600 Genk België


Tests & statistics

Training editor – start your preparation

Getting started

Test & Monitor

Training sessions

The dashboard gives you, as a coach, a fast overview

Through a set of very practicable tests you can

You can create your own training sessions using

of all scheduled activities like games and training

evaluate your players from preparation onwards all

the training editor. In addition to this you can also

sessions. The application allows you to centralize and

through the season until the end of the competition.

consult our extended library with a large selection

analyze all your data through a user friendly interface.

The graphical and statistical overview provides you

of exercises by world-class coaches such as José

As CoachAdmin is an on-line tool you can check and

with the necessary insights into the physical fitness

Mourinho, Louis Van Gaal, Adrie Koster, etc. These

monitor your team’s data anywhere anytime.

of your players.

sessions are presented graphically. Additional info can be downloaded and printed on the spot.

This module offers you the possibility to monitor the evolution of your team, you can check immediately whether your exercises have the desired result. This will allow you to adjust your exercises when necessary.

Exercises Communicate

Within the library you can search for specific exercises which are in line with your need or focus of

Swift, easy and cheap communication with your

Data & statistics

players and staff. CoachAdmin offers you the

CoachAdmin allows you to map all data like team

on criteria like warming-up, heading, pressing,

opportunity to communicate free through the built-in

line-up, substitutions, number of injuries, suspended

reconversion, passing, etc.

mailing system. There is also a possibility to contact

players, etc. These are then shown in a clear overview.

your players via text messages (sms) to inform them

You will have this complete overview at your disposal,

in short notice about changes, activities or important

but it can also be used as a motivational factor for

updates. You can reach your entire team for about 1

your players. You can even grant your players access


to this information, providing them with a personal login and password .

the moment. This means that you can select exercises