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Natural System Studio By Yap Haw Ping (575513)

w1 : Lesson 1

w1 : Lesson 2

Static screen drawing and change colour by interacting with the mouse.

Designing a creature using RGB colour and change colour according to the mouse.

w2 : Lesson 1

float ranX, ranY, Boolean drawCirc,void setup,void draw and mousepressed.

w2 : Lesson 2

Ball variables Declare and initiate array void setup for loop giving ball random starting x location. for loop giving ball random starting Y location. for loop giving ball speed random value. void draw by using ellipsemode.

w3 : Lesson 1

Class Ball, for gravitational pull toward the center, set endX and endY coordinates to center point, increment end coordinates toward centerpoint, if a hit test is registered, propell balls in the opposite direction, first, get the difference between the two x, y coordinates, randomize angle relative to sketch center

w3 : Lesson 2 (function)

w4 : Arrays w4 : Random walker

Array Objects. Demonstrates the syntax for creating an array of custom objects. class Module. Contructor. Module(int imx, int imy, int ix, int iy, float ispeed) Custom method for updating the variables. Custom method for drawing the object.

void setup,repeat, event handlers, mousepressed

class : random walker, random walker 2d, random walker3d void mouseDragged, void walk.

Natural system studio  

Preliminary submission.

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