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Rabbi Czuper I’ve always imagined what it’s like to play in with the ‘real’ Varsity Basketball Lions, to witness firsthand the Czuper-Shuki basketball era. The crowds roaring, players competing fiercely as they hustle up and down the court, passing and then catching, sprinting to the low block, setting a pick only to be smashed by the brute force of an ensuing defender, and then as the clock winds down…the crowd silenced by the beating drips of their own sweat…he shoots!— Every afternoon our halls clutter with the brilliant sounds of a pseudo-orchestra in the cafeteria—Rabbi Czuper’s afternoon music elective. He plays the piano quite well, I might add. But this aspect of his character is hidden beneath a cool, unbreakable calmness, as if not a force in the world can take the smile from his face (well, maybe the stubborn crying of his two-month-old baby). Within our own community, Rabbi Czuper has come to represent something far greater than the banners upon which his retired jersey hangs. He is a strikingly relatable reminder that passion on the court and a love for Torah study can, alas, be reconciled, without ever sacrificing either. He is kind, warm, and certainly a presence in our growing community, and while I am senior, I am thrilled at the thoughts of spending some serious time with Rabbi Czuper. Shteigin’ in the beis or ballin’ on the court, he is a role model bound for greatness in our loving YA community. Josh Weissmann

Rabbi czuper