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Since I first arrived at Yeshiva for my first interview last fall, I have been embraced with warmheartedness from staff, parents, and students. The culture of Yeshiva, which reminds me of a caring family, makes me grateful on daily basis to be part of such a unique, caring school community. I hope in the upcoming years to contribute to this community. Though its nearly impossible to rank my experiences at Yeshiva as nearly all have been positive or at least purposeful, I’ve created a top-five list of experiences that affirm that I have landed a one in a lifetime job. The first occurred when I showed up in July to set up classroom and met parent volunteers there to beautify the main hall with a mural. The second, the student council’s welcome video, still makes me laugh when I think of the officers in the toddler car racing down the school hallway. As a lifetime learner and history fanatic, I especially delighted in working with my students from International History of the United States through Novels and Film on primary source research for their first Project. Second to last, I love learning about students’ ambitions, opinions, and values. Lastly, I have appreciated collaborating with colleagues and parents to create the best possible school experience for students.

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