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Originally being from Israel, I have always wondered what my life would be like if I still lived there, including my schooling. What would it be like to learn in Israel with an Israeli teacher? Well this year Yeshiva gave me the chance to find out with a new addition to our Judaic department. As September rolled around the advances level girls walked into class to see our new Israeli teacher who (in classic Israeli form) asked us to refer to him as “Gidi.” My class was overjoyed. Not only because of the Israeli accent, but because we had the incredible opportunity of learning Talmud from an Israeli Bar-Ilan University professor. We quickly learned of Gidi’s wonderful humor and passion. He greets us every morning with an, “How are you doing today?” and then begins the class, which he conducts with nonstop energy. Pacing back and forth and back again he feeds us the information and throws out a philosophical question, which being in a class of very enthusiastic students, initiates a long discussion Gidi is always willing to have. The greatest thing about him though is that he may not always have the answer, but he’ll make sure to do his research and get back to you. He helps us develop our skills and we help him develop his vocabulary. When he gets stuck on a word, again being very enthusiastic, my class quickly throws out as many possibilities helping him learn along with us and always getting a good laugh out of it. I have not known Gidi for very long, but so far his class has been full only of laughter, knowledge, and great discussion.

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