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Eliott Dosetareh

Teacher Blurb- Dr. Elliott


August 15th, 2013. My first day of junior year was already under way, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Everyone knows that junior year is indisputably the most stressful and anxious year of one’s high school life, but (as hard as it may have been), I promised myself to at least stay positive and optimistic on my first day as an upper-classmen. Truly, however, a new school year calls forth for a new beginning, a fresh start for everyone. A year to grow in all aspects of school-life—whether it was sports, academics or every day friendships one can easily create at YA. Nonetheless, upon receiving my schedule for the first time, I was definitely excited yet a bit apprehensive as I had never met a third of the teachers that appeared on my schedule before! But as I slowly made my way down the list of my brand new classes to go along with some brand new teachers, one teacher’s name instantly caught my eye by surprise—Dr. Elliott. Yes, that’s right, Doctor Elliott! I didn’t know if this was some type of trick, a typo, or maybe the Yeshiva faculty wanted to just have some fun with me. Maybe they thought I was smart enough to get my doctorate over the summer and teach myself Honors Pre-Calculus and Advanced Physics. Who knows?! But either way, the only thing I knew for certain at that point, was that they had spelled my name wrong, yet again. But really nowadays, who doesn’t spell “Eliott” with two “L’s” and two “T’s”? But to get back to my story of my first day, the day was going slower than ever. Another period of having to sit through going over the class syllabus and class requirements and expectations, and I was just about going to lose it! But the time came for G period—Honors PreCalculus. As I entered Dr. Elliott’s room and we sat down and got to introduce ourselves, I was set to ease over how incredibly welcoming and warm Dr. Elliott’s class-room environment really was. She was by far one of the most relatable and personable teacher’s I have had in a long time, not to mention her great sense of humor. Really though, I don’t know many teachers that appreciate rap music and RMB like Dr. Elliott does, but I don’t recommend anyone asking her to dance, because I’ve already tried repeatedly, without success. But truthfully, the atmosphere of relaxation and mutual respect between the students and the teacher that Dr. E creates is quite remarkable and motivates students like myself to really push myself in both my classes with her. But perhaps the best part of Dr. Elliott’s class that I came to love over the first few weeks is her ability to give us an enjoyable class day in and day out while persistently teaching us the meaning of what it truly means to work hard in a math class. As she told us when she was in high school, Pre-Calculus was the hardest math course she took, but by consistently

being on top of our work at all times, she explained to us that, that is what it means to genuinely be committed to our future success in mathematics and beyond.

Looking forward to a fantastic year Dr. Elliott!

Dr eliott, dos  
Dr eliott, dos