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CAMPI DI VOLONTARIATO IN LINGUA FRANCESE Uno dei motivi per cui si decide di fare un campo di volontariato è la possibilità di migliorare le competenze linguistiche. Infatti, generalmente nei campi la lingua comune è l’inglese però ci sono alcuni progetti dove è richiesta la conoscenza di un’altra lingua straniera. Abbiamo raccolto alcuni progetti in lingua francese per coloro che vogliono parler français cet été! Visita il nostro database: e scegli un campo che fa per te!

Festival! CONC 006 - VERDELAIS Dates: 10/07-30/07 Type of work: FEST Age: 18+ Number of vols: 12 WORK: Verdelais is a small village situated in the Gironde department, in the heart of the vineyards, where Concordia and its local partner are organizing a workcamp every summer since several years. Volunteers will participate in the preparation of two festivals of the villages Verdelais and Langon. Tasks will include construction (set-up and disassembly: tents, installation of safety barriers, decoration ...), logistics and facilitation of workshops on intercultural learning (the form and content of the workshops are largely determined during the camp). Created in the mid-90s by a few passionate leaders of the community center "La Vallée" of Verdelais, this festival is a crossroad of different projects, it involves artists, professionals and volunteers from around the world, “La Vallée" has become a popular meeting appreciated for its quality, its originality, its commitments and especially its human approach. It is strongly recommended to our volunteers to be interested in the intercultural learning process and aptitude in animation since they will be asked to facilitate meetings between festival population and international audience. Created in 1992, the “Atypical Nights” in Langon - festival of international renown plans to promote cultural diversity by discovering "world music", modern or traditional,

rural or urban, acoustic or electric, vocal or instrumental, profane or ritual. Through these songs and their multiple aesthetics, the challenge is the discovery of otherness, awareness of differences, the rejection of racism and intolerance, civic awareness. For more information, please visit the following website:

CONC 031 - RIOM Dates: 30/06/14 – 21/07/14 Type of work: FEST / CONS Age: 18+ Number of vols: 20 WORK: For several years, the city of Riom - which is located at the foot of the volcano chain has organized the festival “My summer in Cerey” every July. The main aim of this event is to offer free activities for those who don’t go out on vacations. The organization is very family-friendly, keeping in mind the non-formal education movement values: “meeting” and “sharing”. For ten days, sport, recreational and cultural activities will be held by the city of Riom and the local associations. This year, “My summer in Cerey” will take place from July 7th to July 18th. The animations will spread between 2pm and 7pm, followed by a show every two nights. You will fully enjoy this fair and share plenty of meals with the local population. You will start before the festival to help set up the place. You will build wooden sunshades, dry toilets, solar showers and a mini pool. You will also construct pergolas, from kits provided by the carpentry workshop. The decoration, safety signs and information panels will be yours to make. During the festival, you will be in charge of the reception and information desk, and the animation of activities like the zip line, waterball or inflatable attractions. Lastly, you will help deconstruct the structures after the end of the fair. JR14/03 FESTIVAL - INTERCELTIQUE DE LORIENT Dates: 29/07/14-15/08/14 Type of work: ENVI / FEST Age: 18-30 Number of vols: 3

SPECIAL FEE 50.00 EUR WORK: Lorient is a Bretagne in city of 60 000 inhabitants, close the ocean, famous for its football team and its festival! You will be part of a French volunteers team from Les Connexions (around 15 people in total) and participate in the worldwide meeting of celtic cultures. During 10 days, stage and bars concerts, free fest’noziou, music workshops, conferences, daily parades, art, book and costumes exhibitions, artisanal markets will occur. Your task will be to help in the festival’s waste and bin management (putting together and installing bins, collect tours, cleaning), therefore we’re searching environmentally committed volunteers. You will also take part in awareness raising initiatives on sorting for people in charge of stands and festival-goers: that’s why you have to be able to speak French! It’s going to be a hard work but you will have the possibility to arrange your working schedule to attend the concerts you are interested in.

Progetti ambientali! CONC 123 - SAINT LÉZIN Dates: 01/08/14 – 17/08/14 Type of work: RENO / CULT Age: 18+ Number of vols: 12 VOLS WORK: It’s the 11th year that a workcamp with international volunteers takes place in St Lézin in partnership with the organisation "Un Pas de Côté". This organisation develops cultural and artistic activities in the Cultural Area of Aubance in St Lézin. The workcamp aims at linking up the volunteers, the local organisation and the inhabitants with animations and meetings. The main task of the participants will be the enlargement of a playing ground through eco-construction and the restoration of ecoconstructed huts. Volunteers will be accommodated in a collective lodging in St Lézin youth centre, in eco-constructed cabins built by volunteers during previous workcamps. St Lézin is a small village of 700 inhabitants, situated in the Maine et Loire department.










JR14/106 - BIAU JARDIN Dates: 08/07/14-26/07/14 Type of work: ENVI / SOCI / AGRI Age: 18-30 Number of vols: 10 VOLS WORK: For 3 weeks you will take part in various activities of the organization: essentially gardening, plant maintenance, weeding, fruits and vegetables picking. An interest in gardening and growing plants would be great. You will work with people in social inclusion. BIAUJARDIN is located in the town of Gerzat (10,000 inhabitants). The garden is located in a protected rural area because these lands represent a specific agronomic interest (volcanic history) threatened by urban expansion of ClermontFerrand (10 KM). You will be accommodated in tents nearby the garden. Meals will be served with organic garden produce and you will be able to cook it.

Progetti sociali! JR14/208 - AVT ERMITAGE JEAN REBOUL 1 Dates: 09/06/14-27/06/14 JR14/209 - AVT ERMITAGE JEAN REBOUL 2 Dates: 31/08-19/09/14 JR14/220 - AVT ERMITAGE JEAN REBOUL 3 Dates: 19/12-05/01/15 Type of work: DISA Age: 20-30 Number of vols: 4 VOLS WORK: The Ermitage is located in the wonderful region of Trièves, surrounded by the Alps mountains. Your task will be to help a handicapped vacationer in his/her daily life (showers, meals...) but moreover you will be with him/her during the different activities organized by the centre (adapted sport, manual activities, mountain leisure activities, swimming in a lake, visits of surrounding cities). The first 2 days of the camp will be dedicated to a special training in order to allow you to learn the good behaviors and technics to help the people (how to drive a wheel chair, how to wash someone). Former volunteers will tutor you during this training. Working at the

Ermitage is a really intense experience including long working days, a lot of energy, however, supervisors and other volunteers will support you all the time. Once a week you will have to take on the night watch; the day after will be your day off. Remember that you come to allow a person to have great holidays, and that you should show a great involvement in the project. You have to be motivated, open minded and patient. Remember that you will have to deal with vacationer’s privacy (shower, clothing, stripping…) and show therefore care and respect. JR14/05 - EMMAUS 1 Paris Dates: 30/06-18/07/14 JR14/06 - EMMAUS 2 Paris Dates: 04/08-22/08/14 Type of work: SOCI Age: 20-30 Number of vols: 8 VOLS WORK: The work will consist of helping the community in the town of Neuilly-Plaisance in the everyday tasks such as: sorting out 2nd hand cloths, sorting out 2nd hand furniture or materials or books.... helping into collecting the 2nd hand things in the people house (only strong volunteers can do that), selling the books/cloths/furniture to the public, tidying up the different little “shops” in the community… finally any mission useful for the well being of the community. Most of the companions have had hard times and harsh experiences. They are often tough people in appearance, who won’t talk much at first. Volunteers should be mature, and aware of the difficulty of establishing communication with the companions and of gaining their confidence It is important to keep in mind that it is a social project, so that volunteers have to adapt their timetable to the one of the companions. We’re searching really motivated volunteers because it is a difficult work. Coming to Emmaüs means a commitment to respect both the companions and the rules of the community. You have to show tolerance and openmindness. To facilitate communication and integration, volunteers will take all their meals with the companions at the restaurant of the community.

Progetti di ricostruzione! JR14/110 - MONTMORIN Dates: 09/07/14-19/07/14

Type of work: RENO / MANU Age: 18-30 Number of vols: 8 VOLS WORK: Montmorin is a small rural village of 518 inhabitants, formed by 40 hamlets. It has a great built heritage, for example the Montmorin castle, built in the 12th century, partially destroyed now. It is classified “Monuments Historiques”. This village will delight those who love nature and old stones. The task of the volunteers will include the complete restoration of the oven in the hamlet of Coissard. You will learn the methods of construction and how to use antique materials. The goal is to re-open the oven. U03 - Haras nationaux Dates: 07/06/14-28/06/14 CULT / RENO / STUDY Age: +18 Number of vols: 8 VOLS Work : The National Stud institution of Rosière aux Salines will welcome you at about 15 minutes from the city of Nancy. There, you can discover equestrian activities and learn techniques in the renovation of old 'hippomobile' cars. The team will renovate 'hippomobile' cars, that is to say cars moved by horses, according to soft and traditional techniques. On your arrival, leaders will propose several activities; but your ideas are welcomed and everything can be discussed. So be imaginative, the workcamp is a place for having fun! The stud farm of Rosières aux Salines, where the camp will take place is a well preserved site, offering numerous activities around the horse. It is also a centre of pre-production, training and hosting of equine artists.


Idee per partire da volontari: Campi di volontariato in francese  

Alcuni progetti che vi aiuteranno a migliorare la lingua francese. Voulez-vous parler avec moi, ce soir?

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