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Yeong Yao Ting S10095266K PhotoJournalism Assignment 3

PHOTO: YEONG YAO TING CAPTION: Bangladeshi labourers enjoying a game of Carrom on a hot Sunday afternoon in Little India On a hot Sunday afternoon, a group of Bangladeshi labourers gathers under a sheltered area near Lembu Road in Little India, to play a game of Carrom. Carrom is a game that lies between billiards and table shuffleboard, and is described to me as “finger pool”. Typically played with powder to ensure the pieces slide easily, this group uses talcum powder in their game, which gives off a soothing, relaxing scent that suppresses the odours of sweat caused by the afternoon’s heat. Onlookers watch the two players’ movements in amazement, their eyes shifting from side to side as the players flick a large weighted disc at smaller wooden discs. The objective is to knock the smaller discs into any of the four corner pockets. The first player or team to accomplish this collects points, the points for the round, also known as “board”. The game is played until one player or team has 25 points, or 8 boards. The subjects captured in this shot are all captivated by the deciding moment of whether a disc goes into the pocket. Their eyes are fixed on the bottom left corner pocket on the board. The game has captivated them completely, taking their minds off their strenuous and almost mundane lifestyles. Both the players and spectators stand huddled together under this shelter as one community, enjoying the game. The limelight is never removed from the player, who also has his eyes trained on the table pocket. His focused and determined expression is a moment worth capturing. The reason for choosing the theme, is because the picture also depicts various sub-themes within the given theme of “moment”. Firstly, the player and his determination to win. Secondly, the spectators forming a tightly-knit community spending the afternoon joyfully. Lastly, the acceptance of Bangladeshi workers of others into their culture, as they warmly asked me to play this game alongside them.


A short photojourn article on the game of Carrom

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