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DE S I G N “ It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. ”


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“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” –Paula Scher

CONTENT 01 / Editorial Design 02 / Illustration Design 03 / Branding Design 04 / Typography Design 05 / Packaging Design 06 / Photography 07 / Video Editing 08 / Final Year Project

Yan Xin

About Me My name is Yan Xin and I am graphic designer graduated





University College with Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design. I specialize in


editorial design, photography and branding design. To me, aesthetics do matter, but aesthetics without a solid backbone made of good content is just artifice. I love learning and always striving for perfection and the best possible result.

+6016 382 3688 @ yanxxinn @ bearrandturtlee

Works 2015 - Present

Freelance Graphic Designer Responsible for branding design according to clients’ briefs.

2017 (February - April)

App Asia Studio Sdn Bhd Game Artist Intern Participate in a game project. Create visual elements and graphic design works.

Education 2016 - 2018

Bachelor of Design (Honours) Dual Award of Graphic Design University of Salford England

2016 - 2018

Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Graphic Design Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

2013 - 2015

Diploma In Graphic Design Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Experience 2018 (March)

Final Year Project “Grachapon” Exhibition Planning Team Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

2017 (July)

Committee of “Cre-art Play” Create Art Society Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

2016 (July)

Participate in “Apa Khabar Designer” Create Art Society Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


01 # Editorial Design

// Digital Publication for Leisure Asia // Publication for “ Taste � Magazine

01 # Editorial Design

DIGITAL PUBLICATION FOR LEISURE AISA A digital publication design for a travel magazine, Leisure Asia that introduce Asia’s attractions places to target audience who are young workers. I-pad would be the media for this publication.


01 # Editorial Design


01 # Editorial Design


01 # Editorial Design

PUBLICATION FOR “ TASTE ” MAGAZINE A publication design for a food magazine, Taste.



02 # Illustration // Ecosystem Problem - Plastic Pollution // Chinese Culture Appreciation // Little Red Riding Hood // “Puteri Gunung Ledang� Movie Poster

02 # Illustration

ECOSYSTEM PROBLEM - PLASTIC POLLUTION These are the illustration poster design with minimalist art style. The title for these poster are plastic pollution towards landfill and animals. One of the poster showed the causes of suffocation deaths of woodland animals as well as inhibiting soil nutrients. Meanwhile, another poster bring out the solution for this problem which is plastic upcycled - turning the plastics into workable items.


02 # Illustration


02 # Illustration

CHINESE CULTURE APPRECIATION These illustrations are design with maximalism art style for Chinese cultural appreciation. Both of the illustrations are visualized for the Chinese festival and the greetings. Meanwhile, the Chinese word in the design indicate the wishing when they meet each other during festive Chinese New Year. They believe giving or receiving greetings is a good ahead for the brand new year.


02 # Illustration

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD A project to recreate a illustration based on the characters “Little Red Riding Hood�. Final illustrations produced in 3 different colour combinations. This illustrations portrayed a new perspective with the concept of modern city issues that imply the message of society nowadays are full of wolves (bad people) but they are prentending themselves as polite and educational that actually not.


02 # Illustration

ILLUSTRATION FOR ‘‘ PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG ’’ MOVIE POSTER This series of illustrations are designed by using arabic font to create movie posters adapted from Sejarah Melayu “Puteri Gunung Ledang”. Arabic font that transformed in each poster design are having theirs own meaning behind. This series of posters indicate three of the conditions that demand by Puteri Gunung Ledang for marriage.



03 # Branding // San Francisco Coffee Branding

03 # Branding

SAN FRANCISCO COFFEE The smoke from the cable car implies the scent of San Francisco coffee is their brand identity.

A new corporate identity design created for San Francisco coffee. The logo colour is in red to create appetite as well as draw the target audiences’ attention.

Icon of cable car has been used as the significant of logo as San Francisco cable car system is the world’s last manually operated cable car system.

A rebranding project for San Franciso Coffee brand. The new design are more bright and young in order to attract the younger audience. However, red color is still remain as corporate color as its create appetite and create more attention.


03 # Branding

Stationery Set Design

Transportation Design

Packaging Design 25

03 # Branding

Posters Design

Uniform Design


03 # Branding



04 # Typography // Junk Typography // Dia De Muertos

04 # Typography

JUNK TYPOGRAPHY This is a set of typography inspired from water pipe. The formation of this typography are built up from pipe, distortion and twist. This set of typography named as JUNK .


04 # Typography

A short animation for JUNK typography.


04 # Typography


This is a set of typography inspired from the festive in Mexico, which is Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember their family members who have died. This typeface design are based on the cultural elements in this festival. For example: floral, skull, skeleton and candle.


04 # Typography

A motion typography for “Dia De Muertos”



05 # Packaging // English Garden Tea Packaging // Kuih-Buih Soap Packaging

05 # Packaging


This is a tea packaging for the brand “English Garden Tea�. The theme for this packaging is BLOSSOM. This is to indicate the garden are full of blossom flowers, the scent of teas and beautiful. The inspiration of this packaging design came from the Fortune Teller, which is a nolstagic paper game. With this idea, this packaging has transformed into a octagonal shape design.


05 # Packaging


This is soap packaging for the brand “Kuih-Buih” Delights. The pacakging label design are designed in one series to make it consistent with other promotional design. The label design are designed in 5 different colors and associate with 5 type of Malaysia inspired pattern. This label also included a short description of the soap and also the ingredients list that placed at behind. 37


06 # Photography // Ecosystem Problem - Plastic Pollution // Chinese Culture Appreciation // Little Red Riding Hood // “Puteri Gunung Ledang� Movie Poster

06 # Photography


Photography with the theme of traditional and modern. The process from tradition to modern is industralisation. It is not just the improvement from technology but the decay of the environment. Thus, by using a living rose and wilt rose to represent the nourishment of the nature in the traditional time while wilt rose represent the decay nature as the environment has been destroyed and polluted.


06 # Photography


A series of photographs with the title of “Surface�, it is to show the beauty of body part by closing up each part of our body. Design element such as texture and lines are presented in this series of photographs. 41


07 # Video Editing // Remember Me Lyrics Video // Despicable Me Kinetic Typography

07 # Video Editing

Remember Me Lyrics Video


07 # Video Editing

Despicable Me Kinetic Typography



08 # Final Year Project // Ms.TIY - Try It Youself // Kuih-Buih Delights - Skin Nourishment Soap

08 # Final Year Project


Try It Yourself

Objective - Make the unused materials to become a useful tool - To recycle creatively - Raise awareness of recycle alternatively - Explore the art of creative recycling

The concept of this project is about life wisdom’s project that make use of the items that can be seen in our daily life and decorate it into a new and interesting object. The target audience of this project is to make it into recycle campaign that aims the youngster and young adult as target audience to raise the awareness of recycling.


08 # Final Year Project

Name Card Design

Indoor Banner Design 49

08 # Final Year Project

Poster Design 1

Flyer Design 50

Poster D

08 # Final Year Project

Design 2

Poster Design 3

T-shirt Design 51

08 # Final Year Project




No u r





Kuih-Buih Delights is a handcrafted soap brand project and its inspired by Malaysian traditional dessert, kuih-miuh. The tagline of Kuih-Buih Delights is “Skin Nourishment Soap”. When we talk about dessert, it should be a food that pamper our taste bud, whereby the ‘Kuih-Buih Delights’ brand dereives from the idea of nourishing the skin through a truly Malaysian experience - kuih dessert that pamper our skin.


08 # Final Year Project

Name Card Design

Packaging Design 53

08 # Final Year Project

Poster Design 54

08 # Final Year Project

Product Photography


08 # Final Year Project

Packaging Design

Apron and Button Badge Design 56

01 # Editorial Design



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Portfolio (YanXin)