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Adopting a dog can make you life happier

Adopting a dog

There are large number of dog lovers in Uk, yet approximately 1,02 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Of the dogs entering shelters. 5,142 stray dogs were put to sleep by UK Local Authorities between 2014 and 2015, that’s one dog every two hours.

Dogs as people pet have a long history, it seems that adopting dogs have become a way for people’s life, but now, more and more dogs are abandoned, which has already become a social problem. There are many reasons why stray dogs are abandoned, such as lack of education, sickness, financial problem, migration, pregnancy and buying new dog. Becoming a stray dog before, the dog is an important part of the family for some people, to loved and take care of them is a normal thing. However, when it becomes a stray dog, its fate has changed.

Some stray dogs have been sheltered by some rescue agencies, there are also a lot of healthy stray dogs put sleep by local authorities cause some financial problems. Killing dogs is a very cruel and inhuman way. That means local authorities killed a dog every 2 hours. A medium-sized or large dog can live 11 years, people can imagine that how many dogs are killed. Sheffield RSPCA staff said: This is an urgent event that suggesting people to help the abandoned dogs and find a new home for stray dogs. When people come to visit the dogs, there are many dogs are barking in cages, that is because they want someone to adopt them, some dogs stay RSPCA rescue centre 7 or 8 years, even some stray dogs dead but no one adopt them. These dogs just have a small dream that they want to have a


warm home. They don’t want to be lonely and miserable again.

As dog lovers, it’ s a really sad situation for me. I wondered why people abandon their pets. I wanted to find out the key problem for the stray dog. I would like to come up with a new solution to improve this situation. The project proposes that is adopting a dog

The project will be divided into two parts to design, the first part of the design work is about infographic, the purpose is to use the data to tell people the seriousness of the problem of stray dogs. The second part of design is an application (APP) which is the design of a virtual test client. In my application the function include dog information, favorites, setting, are you ready?(test), get approved and setting.

1. Interface layout style clear, concise. The design process is like applying VISA, strict, serious. 2. It is convenient to use and simple operation 3. Interactive with users 4. Save paper, everyone can download and use it. 5.There are easier to check and looking for what kind of breed dogs are suitable for people 6. Save paper,save money, 7.Don’t need drive car to go long distance booking. Target Audience / Market

Primary: people who want to adopt or buy a dog. Secondary: people who love dog but never adopt a dog.



World: Countries With The Most Dogs Worldwide In the final I want to make a magazine, I want to people

knows what is happend for dogs in dog lover country. When I researched stray dogs data which is shocked me. Amount of dogs around the world. According to worldatlas reports there are 11 countries which includes USA (75.8 million), Brazil (35.7 million), China (27.4 million), Russia (15.0 million), Japan (12.0 million), Phillipines (11.6 million), India (10.2 million), Argentina (9.2 million), UK(8.5 million), France (7.4 million), Romania (4.1 million). Approximately 75.8 million dogs in USA. The number of dogs are more than the population of each country. It is amazing number which is shocked to me.The United States is the largest country to raise dogs.That means almost 2 or 3 family have 4 or 5 dogs.

Approximately 35.7 million dog in Brazil.There are also many stray dogs in the slums of Brazil. The third number of dog country is China (27.4 million). At the moment, I am thinking why so many dogs in the world. Do they really like dogs? Why cannot control the number of dogs, who lead to this issues? I continue to do the investigation about the dog problem with these questions.


The number of stray dogs put to sleep in 7 counties

How many stray dogs in UK 1997-2015

From above page researched that there are 8.5 million dogs in UK. The second step, I found that there are 102,500 stray dogs in the UK in 2015. Data show that in 2008 this figure dropped suddenly, but in 2011 it rose sharply. From 2011 to 2015 the number of stray dogs in the gradual decline. What is the cause of the decline in the number of stray dogs in the uk. I found that there are 5 reasons why they are: 1. Rescue and collect, 2. help dogs find a new homes, 3. microchipp 4. neutered, 5. treat, 6. investigate cruelty complaints.Many rescue and shelter agencies are trying to solve the problems of the stray animals.

Although the number of stray dogs had declined but there are still huge number of stray dogs in UK. People love dog, why there are many stray dogs.

The financial crisis broke out in 2008, Lead to a reduction in public donations, the public donations to reduce, pet owners continued to increase, The owner intends to adopt to reduce, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of dogs and cats, so many of the insurance groups have been caught in financial distress.


Why they are abandoned? 1. Do you concern about anything related to stray dogs? A.Yes B. No 2. What do you think are the reasons for the increasing no. of stray dogs? A. Lack of education B. World trend for a particular type of dogs is over C. Financial Problem D. Pregnancy E. The living area does not allow to keep dogs F. Migration G.Sickness (owner) H. Sickness (dogs) I. Broke up with the ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend J. Lost dogs K. Over produced by the pet shop L. Other(s) 3. Did you adopt a pet or buy a pet from the pet shop? A. Adopted B. Bought from the pet shop 4. Reasons for adoption A. Out of sympathy B. Easier to train C. Cheaper D. Desexed E. Other(s) 5. Reasons for buying one from the pet shop A.Purity B.Healthier C.More good-looking D.Not afraid of people E.Other(s) 6. Do you know which organizations you could adopt stray dogs? A.Hope House Organization B.Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals C.Hong Kong Animal Adoption Centre Limited

D.Society for Abandoned Animals Limited E.Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department F.Other(s) 7. Which fields of work do you think could the stray dogs do? A.Medical (e.g. Dog Doctor) B.Educational C.Police (e.g. Police Dog) D.Guide (e.g. Blind Leader) E.Others (e.g. Dog Actor) 8. In what way do you think the government could do to reduce the no. of stray dogs? A.Euthanasia B.Adoption C.Education D.Legislation E.Trap, Neuter and Release (T.N.R.) F.Other(s) 9. Do you think it is good for volunteer workers to feed stray dogs on streets? A.Yes B.No 10. Do you think the plan “Trap, Neuter, Release� (T.N.R.) is an effective measure to take on stray animals? A.Yes B.No



Statistics: Why in world many stray dogs? What is happened? Why they are abandoned? The first step I found why there are many dogs in the world. For example, America is the biggst raising dogs country. According to ASPCA reports that Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. Approximately 1.4 million dogs shelter dogs are adopted each year. “Approximately 35% are adopted, 31% are euthanized and 26% of dogs who came in as strays are returned to their owner”. I draw a pie chart showing the percentage of this problem, and then analysis that which part is a big problem? What is the reason? Why is there such a problem? The second stage I found five common resons about that stray dogs which is the 29 percentage of people don’t allow pets, the 21% of people who are not allowed dogs in the residence, the 11% of people allergies with pets 10% of people don’t have enough time, 10% divoce/death or behaviours issues with dogs



Minnie is a lovely Lurcher lass who came to us as part of a cruelty investigation. She was incredibly underweight when she arrived, all her ribs were visible and her coat was very dirty and full of fleas. With just regular meals of good quality grub and serious amounts of care and love she is now in great condition and seeking a fab new home. Amazing Minnie has been through a lot but she is still bursting at the seams with love, affection and enthusiasm for life. Its no wonder that everyone she meets falls in love with her! She is really playful too and she adores every moment you spend with her.

may be suitable to live with another canine, but sometimes can be a little silly around them. We are teaching her some good manners and a less offensive way to approach and interact with her doggy friends. This girl has a lovely bouncy nature but is all legs at times! :) She is looking for a home where any children are 10 years and over, who are confident around bouncy dogs and who would be happy to take part in her care and training. Could Marvellous Minnie be the dog for you?

Minnie quite likes the company of other dogs and


Magnificent Mercy came into RSPCA care due to cruelty and neglect. She has been staying with Blackpool branch for a while but has now come to South Yorkshire to try and find her perfect home. This amazing girl has had a difficult time and is ready for a new life of fun, love and adventure. Mercy has lots of energy and she is exceptionally intelligent, she is looking for a home with new owners happy to invest time in her training and who would enjoy an active and fun lifestyle with her. She adores tennis balls and pretty much toys in general - they are her absolute favourite thing!

Mercy is looking for a home where she is going to be the only pet in the household as she prefers to have all her resources and owner`s attention to herself. We are working on building confidence around dogs, as she is currently a little worried by them. We are looking for a home for Mercy where any children are 14 years and over, who would be willing to participate in her training and care. Mercy needs someone who will give her their full atteniton, love and all the home comforts she could ever need. Can you offer this gorgeous Staffie cross the home of her dreams?

1. You will save a life By adoptting a dog you are providing an animal with the second chance they deserve. Many have been rescued from horrific circumstances such as cruelty, neglect and abandonment, or quite simply their owners were no longer able to look after them due to illness or a change in situation. Shelter staff work tirelessly to nurse animals back to health, rehabilitate disturbed animals and do everything they possibly can to ensure they are prepared to go to a new home. Sadly, not all of them are as fortunate. Some shelters have to euthanise due to lack of space, meaning many healthy animals lose their lives. For example, There

are 50,000 dogs put to sleep by local authorities in UK in 2014. By rehoming a pet you can give an animal that has been abandoned through no fault of their own a loving, stable home, and help to stop overpopulation.

2. Adopting a dog can make incredible transformations when they are adopted into loving homes. 3. Most dogs are relinquished for reasons that have nothing to do with behavioural problem and hey are generally quite loving and gentle. 4. Choosing dogs means that you won’t be supporting inhumane puppy mills. 5. They will be not lone less if you help them finding their way home. 6. You can not buy love but you can adopt it from dog rescue. 7. Adopting a dog agencies group often include vaccinations, micro chipping and spaying neutering in the adoption fee. 8. At an animal , you can find a dog to fit you unique personality( even if you’re a little nutty) to help you settle into a new life together.

9. All of animals have been victims of cruelty, were suffering or abandoned. 10. You can give one of the dogs the happy future. 11. A dog can make you life happier.

OUTCOME: What I am changed? What is the meaning of logo? The shape of the logo comes from mushrooms in the picture, its shape like mushrooms, it keeps out the wind and rain for animal. as a mother holds up an umbrella for children as in real life. so I designed out the logo I wish home can keep out the wind and rain for dog whole life. Red colour: Adopting a dog can make people life happier


Dogs and Favorites: Users can choose their dog and save it through the application Information: User can check different breed dogs qualities. setting: is a function to help dog lovers match what kind of dogs they want to research. Are you ready: If users want to addopting a dog, they will be doing a simple test. this test is to check whether they meet the conditions for the adoption of the dog.


Are you ready? The function test people whether suitable adopt a dog, if not what are they need to prepare for adoption a dog in the future.

‘Get approved’ function which you need to fill in your personal information, family circumstances, and working conditions, and so on, if you meet all the conditions then you can make an appointment for adoption a dog.

Reflect application

Reflect application

APP(Application) You can go to online download the magazine that is free, you also can scan QR code for adopting a dog by application in last page.


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