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yan palapa Yan Palapa was born in Lampung Sumatra in 1974. Art runs in his whole family. He became multi talented in arts and when the time came to decide what to study, he definitely choose Design Graphic and soon worked at that field. His last passion is photography. Blurrism became his choice. His artwork describe his love for abstract painting, but this time it is done by using a camera. He did several photography exhibition in Bali and Jakarta.

Uniting defocus, motion blur and bokeh in a darkroom manipulation unity in the photography realm is the idealism of my works. Motion capturing, moving or creating the impression of moving from any stationary objects which in essence is always spinning. Viewing and recording the moment, while time is always running, creating its own absurd forms. Depths of space and time will always be the goal of every recording process and the preparation of the back story in giddy circles before the stopping of time and create a Photo Artwork which can be then appreciated.

Contact +62818357654 face book page: lingkara photo-art: jpg magazine: foto blur: behance:



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