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yann audic

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* heritage *

To eat at the stolovaya borsch - pelmenis kouristsa - kartochka tort kompot

« I noticed that, in three days, we had acquired the local way of standing at the table; the spine low, the neck stretched out to lap up, one hand gripping the spoon made out of tin, the other hand clawed to the piece of bread, both shoulders forming a protective wall around the food as if someone would want to steal it. » « Un roman russe » - Emmanuel Carrère - Edition P.O.L. - 2007

To ride a Lada

To live in the krouchtchovka

Stack up Gather Squeeze Rationalize Plan

To fear the other  How wouldn’t I be scared when I have been nourished with fear from the crib? We feared Tchrevaty, the finance inspector, who bullied to deprive us of bread. We feared the electricity inspector, who threatened us to cut the electricity that Uncle Leva diverted from the street post. We feared the dvornik who promised to blow the whistle on us. We continuously had to hide from the family without propiska. We feared the local gunman who could anytime pick up Uncle Leva who infringed Soviet laws.

We feared the lieutenant of the fire brigade who fined us for using the gas stove. We feared The “Union rep” because every year, they would register our wagon on the insalubrious dwelling list. We feared everything. Living on this earth was that scary. We were “ lichentzy , deprived of the right of living.” » « La corde et la Pierre » - Arkadi et Gueorgui Vainer - Gallimard Série Noire - 2006

To wait at the borders


* memories *

To go on vacation at the “Black Sea”

To be 29 years old in 1945 Vassili Dimitrievic is a World War II Hero. His buddy ChicotsPa誰aves said it to me. I have all the reasons in the world to believe him because Chicots-Pa誰aves, himself, gave a hand to bury Staline, and he assured me that Staline had died that day. Well and truly. Anyway, to be a World War II Hero is something big: an official title with a capital H, that is. What is really fantastic with Vassili is that he is not big-headed. Even though he is a Hero. At more than 90 year old, he continues to drink vodka with Chicots-Pa誰aves Sunday mornings and afternoons.

To be 29 years old under the Brejnev era Tatiana was 29 in 1981. That was the end of the Brejnev reign, one of the worst period for the Soviet Union. After the improvement under Krouchtchev, economic decay came, and the pressure exerted by the machine administrative was at its highest height. Ever. At the time, Tatiana was a geologist in Khabarovsk, in the far-east Siberia. The only little corner of blue sky was during her annual vacation to Yougoslavia. The holiday program was “farniente”, swimming. And more importantly, purchases of books of Soljenitsyne, under-the-table. Since then, USSR became Russia again. The Great and Glorious. Nothing much changed for Tatiana. She does not hope much anymore. “Normallo”. No one can strangle himself with optimism in Russia. According to her, the opportunity to go to a Western foreign country constitutes the most considerable improvement for young people such as her daughter. She will be much happier in Germany, Tatiana is sure about that … even though it is far away from her. From now on, only the building and development of the datcha are important, and this August 14th is a big day. She meets her daughter Natalia after 6 months of separation. She came to Moscow especially to pick her up. She is so excited in this train that takes them back to Voronej, to the datcha. Natalia is born in 1981. If there is something important to remember about Tatiana’s 29th year, that would be that event. Since 1981, Tatiana has been happy.

To be 29 years old in Voronej Train Moscow-Sotchi. That day, my “plasskart� neighbour is Svetlana. Svetlana is nice. She is the only one who smiles at me, and she even gives me sweets. They stick to their wrapings, it is 40C in the train. Everyone is sweating, and wipes himself with the linen from the Plasskart package: sheets, pillow cases, and towels. Svetlana was 29 in 1977. She was also born in the Brejnevien period. She lived in Voronej. At the time, she worked in the laboratory at the Hospital number 7, and she stayed there for a long time. Nowadays, she just aspires to a well-deserved retirement. August is here, and the Black Sea is calling. One goes to Sotchi, trailing up some excited little children who cannot wait to have fun and a swim. Tsinkvali and South Ossetia are less than 120km away. But that is far.

* Future *

Change of world Left behind by their more modern counterparts, the objects from the Soviet era are becoming covered by a thin layer of dust and a few digital prints. Sometimes, they are slightly touched by their owners who then think, while they then think about the old world with a sweet “ostalgia�.

Change of country Ukraïna, born August 24th 1991, is still in her full teenage, she chose the

anthem “Ukraine is not dead yet”. The title evokes survival rather than glory. This air seems desperately premonitory reflecting the difficulties met by this country still in his full teenage.

Change of life

Change of view

Change of style

‌ or just getting a new car I’d like a BMW instead of my Jigouli, or even better an Infiniti. That would be fantastic.

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Davaï le Kinzdé : le jeu, l’encyclopédie Caen l’amère Pourquoi je pleure Série « Un an au potager » * Un hiver au potager * Un printemps au potager * Un été au potager * Un automne au potager

La révolte de papier L’ivre de mots L’aventure ordinaire Projet Itapoa Boulanger La petite fille aux cheveux rouges J’irai taguer sur vos tombes Voix écrites (Slam à Caen) Un autre regard sur le Vénézuela La Ballade des Monstres

This book is published by LaSauceAuxArts (LSAA), an association involving illustrators, photographers, musicians, writers, slam poets and other creative fanatics invested in arts and cultural projects for popular education.

Publié par LSAA-éditions en mars 2009 ISBN 978-2-9526894-8-9 Dépôt légal à parution

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...LSAA éditions...

Davaï is an unexpected journey through the industrial and tourist sights in the southern part of Russia and Ukraine. A walkabout without any other aims than to adopt the Russian way of life for a couple of weeks and understand its identity. Going there is going to the East with the memory imprinted by the television reports of the eighties: Gorbatchev, the snow, the babouchkas. Davaï is after all an attempt of becoming close.

yann audic : 29 year old Living in Sydney - Australia



Davaï is an unexpected journey through the industrial and tourist sights in the southern part of Russia and Ukraine. A walkabout without any...

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