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All about Moving Boxes and Kits Unless you buy some made from thicker cardboard that allows for heavier packing or storing, moving boxes typically have similar weights and qualities as regular shipping boxes. So how should you purchase the right ones for a move? A lot of people have asked, “Should I buy new moving boxes or look for some slightly-used ones from grocery stores or friends who’ve just recently moved?” Though moving from one home to another may sound all too tricky, the logistics involved usually boil down to a combination of need and cost. For more valuable, fragile or important items that you don’t want lost or damaged, it’s highly advisable to be on the side of caution and acquire new moving kits or moving boxes. NYC residents, or those who are planning to move there, can make use of these tips when choosing to purchase moving kits. Purchase small moving boxes. NYC has a lot of specialty stores that sell sturdy boxes which do not weigh more than 50 pounds. As a rule of thumb, remember that you may have to move the boxes yourself, from one room to another, even if you’ve hired movers. Because of this, make sure that you’re able to lift them yourself. In some cases, boxes, such as wardrobe or electronic boxes may naturally be heavier due to its thicker density, designed for extra protection. Just try to maintain the number of boxes over 50 pounds to a minimum. What are the types of boxes and what are they used for? · 1.5 cubic foot moving box (16 x 12½ x 12½ inches) – these boxes can safely pack and carry up to 60 lbs. of your belongings. However, always remember to keep weight under 50 lbs. They are great for books, for packing kitchen utensils, cookware, fragile and compact home appliances, and lamps & shades. · 3.0 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 16 inches) – these boxes can safely pack and carry up to 65 lbs. and are great clothes, pots, pans and kettles, and electronics.

· 4.5 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 24 inches) – can store and carry up to 65 lbs. Perfect for linens, and larger lamps and kitchen appliances. · 6.0 cubic foot moving box (22 x 22 x 21 ½ inches) – though it can carry up to 70 lbs, never overstuff this box as it can become very heavy. Try using this box for packing pillows, toys, comforters and couch/chair cushions. · 6.1 cubic foot moving box (24 x 18 x 24 inches) – this box has a rectangular shape and may be used for packing blankets, comforters and cushions. Use a 6.1 cubic foot moving box for objects that do not fit properly into the 6.0 cubic boxes. · Hanging wardrobe boxes (small, medium or large) – each box has a metal bar for hanging and is shaped just like a wardrobe. They are perfect for hanging closet items that you can’t fold or pack flat.

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