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Fermentation By: Sofia and Emmanuel Teacher: Miss yanina


FREEZING The colder a food is, the slower its rate of deterioration. Bacterial action reduces with refrigeration, while freezing stops it altogether; enzyme activity, however, is only slowed down. Vegetables must be blanched in boiling water first to destroy enzymes and microorganisms, while herbs can be mixed with oil and fruit should be sprinkled with sugar to limit enzyme activity while frozen.

The 5 best ways to preserve food The aim of preserving is to slow down the activity of microorganisms and enzymes or destroy them altogether; they cannot survive in acidic or dry conditions, in high concentrations of salt and sugar, in alcohol, or in high temperatures. A preserve will often employ different techniques, for example jams combine heat with a high concentration of sugar.

Heat Boiling or blanching food at high temperatures destroys all enzyme activity and almost all microorganisms.

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