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ene Maxon Adigu is a young Nigerian network marketing leader who is passionate about promoting the business model and profession across Africa. Gene and his wife Didi live in Warri city, one of the major petroleum and business hubs in southern Nigeria. An entrepreneur at heart, Gene had been studying Robert Kiyosaki and other business thought leaders while still in school. Upon graduating, he was primed to start his own business, so when his wife told him about a network marketing opportunity, he recognized it as a vehicle to fulfill his dream. Gene first joined a 40-year-old U.S.-based company that had been established in Africa for over a decade. Meeting prospects at the company’s local office/store, he became good at selling and recruiting, but he knew he could do better. Looking to leverage his online relationships and love of social media, he responded to a Facebook contact in the U.S. who was promoting a coffee company with a seamless e-commerce platform and stellar leadership. “This was the first network marketing company in Nigeria where you can do everything online and enjoy home delivery,” Gene says. “I immediately saw an opportunity to build a truly home-based business.” He joined his current company in July 2014 and a few months later his U.S. upline traveled to Nigeria for Gene’s business launch. Gene advertised the event which gathered close to 500 people. Gene’s upline traveled to four more cities in Nigeria to give presentations and that month Gene’s team grew to over 2,000 people. Today Gene has close to 8,000 team members and is one of his company’s top five recruiters worldwide. While he looks forward to becoming a Blue Diamond in the near future, his bigger goal is to help Africans see how network marketing offers a powerful, long-term solution to many of the problems they are facing.

Tell us a little about your background. I grew up in Nigeria in an upper middle-class family. I studied business administration at Rivers State University and graduated in 2010. All university graduates in Nigeria are required to serve the nation for one year before they can be employed by any firm. I was about to enter this

July/August 2015

one-year service corps program when my wife told me about a network marketing opportunity. She didn’t have all the details so she referred me to our sponsor, who she knew could help me answer all my questions. This is a first and important lesson for building your business: if you are just starting out, refer your prospects to your


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