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Yang Lv


YangL v

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Si t e: Dex t orRes er voi r ,Or egon

Di gi t alMedi a: Aut oCAD,I l l us t r at or ,I ndes i gn,Phot os hop,Rhi no,Vr ay

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T hi r dyear ,f i r s tARCH484des i gns t udi o Denni sMcKf edden,Fal l2015

Si t e:

Hol l ywood,L osAngel es

Di gi t alMedi a:

Aut oCAD,I l l us t r at or ,I ndes i gn,Phot os hop,Rhi no,Vr ay

Des i gnAppr oach:

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T hi r dyearunder gr aduat edes i gns t udi o,s econdARCH484 Evol oSkys cr aperCompet i t i on NancyCheng,Fal l2015 Si t e:

s henz heng,Chi na

Di gi t alMedi a:

Aut oCAD,Rhi no,Gr as s hoper ,Honeybee,Vr ay,I l l us t r at or ,I nDes i gn,Phot os hop

Des i gnAppr oach: T her i s kofwat erpol l ut i onhasbeenr ai s eds omuchdur i ngpas t20year sal lar ound t hewor l d,andes peci al l yi nChi na,wat erpol l ut i ons t ar tt hr eat eni ngpeopl e’ sl i f e. T her ef or e,i tbecomest obeex t r emel yi mpor t antt opur i f yt hewat erf r om pol l ut ed r i ver .T henat ur eal wayshavei t ss peci alwayst oci r cul at et hewat er ,andeachofdi f f er entl andf or m hasi t sownwayst oci r cul at et hewat er .Kar s tl andf or mi smai nl ydi s t r i but edi nSout hwes tofChi na,wher ei st hear eat hathast hehi ghes tr i s kofwat erpol l ut i oni nChi na.However ,t hewat erf r om t hemount ai nsi sver ycl eanevenaf t eraci d r ai n.I ti sbecaus et her ei ss ubs t ancei nt hemount ai ns t onecal l edcal ci um i on,and t heal kal i nes ubs t ancehel pswi t hpur i f yi ngr ai nwat erbymaki ngneut r al i z at i onr eact i onwi t haci dr ai n.T hepl ant si nt hemount ai nhel pswi t hf i l t er i nghaz ar douss ubs t ancesi nt hewat eraswel l .Gener al l ys peaki ng,mydes i gngoali st oappl yt hepur i f i cat i on s ys t em f r om hi ghr i s ei nnat ur et os kys cr aperwehavenowadayst omeetwi t hl ogi cof nat ur enotonl yi nt er msoff unct i onbutal s oi nt er msoft hebeaut y.

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Wat erpur i f i cat i ons ys t em:

If Sky Were All Paper -

War Letter Museum


Portland, OR

Digital Media:

AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Rhino, Vray


The War Letter Museum brings us to a new arrival of war memorial. In this project, the war letter is particularly delivered for public people to understand the war more indeed by reading the war letter. The war letter is a common way for soldiers to communicate and express the emotion to their families, which contains full of personal emotions. Since the letter is always private for person so it expresses more true stories. So many touched stories were found through those letters, and the War Letter Museum takes a role of delivering those brave and impressive stories. People always fight for freedom and a better life, which means most wars start with hopes. However, during the long period of fighting, so many people get injured, and even died, an how many families were broken by losing the dearest one. The process is ruthless. In this project, the War Letter Museum mainly focuses on the feeling of the release from heavy sadness. It aims to give people hope and courage. A floating cube is proposed in this project. People feel regret for death and encourage families by giving the hope. Therefore, cube form of the building implies the pure minds when everybody travels here. The sunken garden below the grade is the a place where people refresh their minds after reading all those stories, so it is not accessible until to the definition. The whole journey in the building is designed to be smooth that allows people to have a continuous thinking with continuous experience.

Underground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Fifth Floor Plan

The project is located on NW Gilsan Street and NW Park Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The site is at the end of park with a shape of a long rectangle that takes six blocks. The other end of the park is downtown Portland. Therefore, the park becomes one of the most important considerations in terms of site analysis. The Pacific Northwest college of Art is right next to our site that shares a block with our site. The site is in an old district of Portland, and there are many artificial elements shown in this area. People live around here have a free lifestyle compare to people live in downtown area.

Fourth Floor Plan

accesses come from south side so it’s assumed that most people come to the building from north side. Therefore, the main entrance settles at south facade.

Design Process



West Facing Section

North Facing Section

Other Works...

Pavillion, 2013 Charcoal drawing, 2015 Watercolor, 2016

Yang Lv Project 2 -1

Earth Water Drainage Water Barrier Roof Membrane Yang Lv Project 2 -1

Gravel Metal Flashing 1/2 Plywood Spandrel Window Rigid Insulation

Green Plants 1/2 Plywood


Interior Gypsum Board Sheathing

Rigid Insulation

Exterior Gypsum Board Sheathing 6” Steel Stud

Metal Flashing Gravel

Water Drainage

10” Concrete Slab Drop Ceiling Metal Cable Batt Insulation


Gravity Connection

6” Steel Stud

Kawneer 1600 Curtian Wall Horizontal Mullion

Roof Membrane

Exterior Gypsum Board Sheathing

Drainage Layer (Water Barrier)

Interior Gypsum Board Sheathing

Shading Device 10” Concrete Slab

Batt Insulation

6” HSS Round Secondary Structure

Spandrel Window

Welded Steel Plate Metal Cable

Welded Steel Plate

Drop Ceiling

Wind Connection

Primary Structure

6” HSS Round

Gravity Connection

Operable Window

Drawing 10: Roof Detail Scale: 3” = 1’-0”

Kawneer 1600 Curtian Wall Horizontal Mullion

Watercolor, 2016 Construction Detail, 2016

8: Window Jamb Construction Drawing Detail, Scale: 3” = 1’-0”2016

Yang Lv Architecture Portfolio_2016