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Dun Gallery News 顿画廊新闻

Liu Guang Guang –Beyond the Cartoon style Liu Guang Guang is the youngest artist who took part to the first Dun Gallery exhibition “Reflect – Focus”. This young artist was born in 1986 in Gansu Province and graduated in Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied Animation Design and constantly cultivate his love for oil painting. In Liu Guangguang’s paintings, cartoon elements have been transformed from a frenzy market mark into an expression of emotions that’s prevalent and unspeakable; and this is where the charm of his work lies. In the interview made during Dun Gallery opening event, Liu Guang Guang declared that he always paints people he met and situations he lived, and that his paintings are deeply influenced by images and feelings coming from his everyday life. Although he has been influenced by the cartoon style, his paintings are free from the visual violence typical of this style and the artist has developed a style of his own. In the three pieces exhibited this time - ‘Can you take me with you’, ‘The boy under light’, ‘Bird-man in the curtain of night’, Liu Guangguang described two different worlds: one is a youthful and lost world; the other is a surreal world. In less than a month, Liu Guang Guang’s paintings exhibited during Dun Gallery’s “Reflect – Focus” have already been sold, but the gallery has also other paintings of the artists on its catalogue. Dun Gallery exhibition will last until September 6th and it is a unique occasion to see the paintings of this young artist in Beijing. 刘光光 - 后卡通时代 刘光光是顿画廊首展“聚焦——映射”中最年轻的艺术家。他1986年出生于甘肃,毕业于鲁迅美术学院卡通设计系,在这期间,他坚持不懈的追求着他至 爱的油画。 在刘光光的绘画作品中,卡通元素从狂热的市场符号塑造变化为一种无处不在的、欲说还休的情感诉求,这也正是他的绘画动人之处。在顿画廊的开幕 访谈中,刘光光表示他的绘画深深受到日常生活中所见所感的影响,经常画他见过的人和他生活中的环境,虽然刘光光的绘画受卡通风格的影响,但没 有包含直观视觉上的卡通造型,而是一种极具个体性的艺术语言,是自然的流露。在本次展览中呈现的《你能带我走吗?》、《灯下人》、《夜幕鸟人 》三副作品中,刘光光的画笔描绘了两个不同的世界,一个青春迷惘的世界,一个超现实的世界。 刘光光在画廊的首展“聚焦——映射”中展出的作品在不到一个月的时间里就已全部卖出,不过,画廊内部还有他其他的作品。这次展览将会持续到九 月六号,欢迎大家光顾。 Dun Gallery’s first art related event On Thursday June 18th, 2009 Dun Gallery has hosted the first of its art related event “Stories behind the paintings” an introduction to modern and contemporary Chinese oil painting. The art expert Xu Chong Bao has introduced a selection of famous, epoch-making Chinese paintings and has guided the audience while getting into the fascinating stories that lie behind this works of art. The lecture and the event have ended with a friendly and relaxing talk concerning art related topics and all the guests have express their wish to take part to similar future events. Check out our website and don’t miss the next art related event at Dun Gallery! 顿画廊第一次艺术有关活动 2009 年6月18日顿画廊举行了第一次艺术活动“名画背后的故事”,介绍现代及当代中国油画。艺术顾问徐崇宝选取了在中国现代艺术史中有划时代意义 的现代及当代名作,并带领来宾进入到作品背后精彩有趣的故事当中。讲座及活动在轻松友好的艺术话题的讨论中结束,来宾纷纷表示希望能够有机会 参加更多类似的活动。 为了得到顿画廊活动有关消息清常常访问我们的网站! Chinese Art in the world中国艺术在国际 Song Dong’s solo exhibition at Moma The New York Museum of Modern Art for the first time in 80 years will be hosting a Chinese artist solo exhibition: Song Dong’s “Waste not”. Song Dong has been a significant figure in the development of Chinese conceptual art since the early 1990s. His practice incorporates performance, photography, projection, video and installation. “Waste not” is an installation and event that the artist realized thanks to collaboration with his mother, Zhao Xiang Yuan who passed away this year. Occupying a huge space, the artwork shows all the domestic objects that the artist’s mother had collected all through her life and it is a deep reflection over the collective wisdom concept of “waste not”, a fundamental concept for the generation of Zhao Xiang Yuan.

纽约现代美术馆:宋东的个展 纽约现代美术馆80年以来首次展出了中国艺术家的个展:宋东的《物尽其用》。90年代早期以来,宋东就是中国概念艺术发展中的代表人物。他实践的作 品综合了行为,摄影,影像和装置。《物尽其用》是宋东和他今年去世的母亲一起合作的装置作品。艺术品展示了艺术家的母亲毕生收藏的家庭用品, 它深刻反映了艺术家母亲那一代人公认的基本观念,即“物尽其用”。 Auction News拍卖新闻 Qi Baishi’s “Oil Lamp, Cat, Mice” has been sold for 4,480,000 RMB On June 27th, during the last edition of the Guardian auction held in Beijing Hotel, in a wonderful location and warm atmosphere many collectors have taken part to the auction. There have been moments of real competition between the participants and at the moment of the closure 94 percent of the painting and calligraphy works had been sold, and between these works Qi Baishi’s “Oil Lamp, Cat, Mice” that just came back in China from Japan, has been sold for 4,480,000 RMB.


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