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PORTFOLIO YANGKENAN LI SELECTED WORK FROM 2015-2017 Adress: 75A Smithdown Lane, Liverpool, UK L7 3EE Tel: +44 07422901341 Email:

Architecture was created from actual needs, subject to the natural physics, and It was non-deliberately created form. This portfolio depict my exploration of different program within specific urban setting, context, and environmental conditions.

CONTANT 01 STATIC//DYNAMIC Architecture Design---Auditorium and Teaching Facilities for Music Department of University of Liverpool at South Campis, Liverpool

02 PROMENADE VILLA Architecture Design---Typological Housing in the Void of the City in Shoreditch, London

03 STIRING STIRLING Architecture Design---Innovation of TATE LIVERPOOL Art Gallery, Liverpool

04 CAMPOSAZ 9:9 ROCCAMONFINA Construction Project---A Tourist Information Pavilion in Roccamonfina, Italy



An Auditorium for Music D

Spring/ 2017/ Liverp

This project was to design a mul at south campus, providing m auditorium, rehearsal rooms, a ga activity area. This studio rstly inve material, structure and geometry the precedent study to the audito design strategy to organize funct space and how it in uences and det


Department of University

pool/ Individual Work

lti-functional auditorium located multiple programs including an allery, a restaurant, a cafe and the estigates the relationship between y and then apply the results from orium design. I use a programmed tional area. Focusing on modular termines architectural results.

CULTURAL INTERACTION The site is located in the fringe of campus of The University of Liverpool. It was used to be part of the public park, and people could go to the park through the site anytime. From the city to the campus, this special site attempts to play a role of “transition zone� concerning the relationship between the students and public.

1960s Sydney Jones Library

1930s Music Department of UoL 1950s Art Center

1930s Liverpool Philharmonic

Refreshment Auditorium


Public Area


Master Plan





Liverpool Philharmonic and Music depar tment of Liverpool could be connected by the site. The site create an interaction between university and public.

The site is accessible from different orientation which provide multiple entrance for activities.

Partition wall separate the site and organise the space in sequence to provide property environment for activities.

Compared to the surrounding building, the extensibility and openness transfer the region to an interactive space for public and student.



Entrance Hall

Rehearsal Room

Outdoor Stage Cafe

Refreshment Room Loading Bay Auditorium


Dressing Room

Ground Floor

View from Street


Rehearsal Room for Band

Outdoor open space like the roof top provide place for street artisans to performing and communicating. Moreover, it is a space to have activities for students and citizen.

The rehearsal room for students is relatively private. The sound-proof panels around the room provide a isolated space for students to practice. But the glass keep the connection with outdoor space.

The hierarchy of the open space system can also be seen from section. From the space on first floor, the courtyard in between of the foyer and auditorium, the hi could be interpreted in a building. Each functional modular provide enough indep promote more interactive communication.

e high and spacious auditorium, the outdoor open ierarchical open space configuration get from a city pendence for activities, while the space in between


A Semi-Detached Hous

Fall/ 2017/ London

Through the repetition of daily m internalized. This tacit knowledge i constant. Repetition of movements the establishment of tradition and binding movement, space, person the ‘ritual home’ . Trough the study of typology, I app zoning to response to the void that building, moreover, it is the space breath.


se in Void of the city

n/ Individual Work

movements, the dwelling space is is within the body is built up by the s in which the home contributes to d ritual in the individual over time, ns and objects together to become

ply a form not only form design but t it is more than just the absence of where inhabitants exists, live and

URBAN INTERVENTIONS Shoreditch, an inner city district in the historic east end of London, has low population density as well as building density. The density of landuse is relatively lower than other region in London. Adapting a new type/ building to the constraints of the site with the building could create an active community to balance the density.

Original: High vacancy rates of urban void

Negative Space Research

By using void as an analytical tool, I explored the conditions generated by different forms in precedent projects. Focusing on the experience generated through circulation and urban connection as well as the impact upon programmed space, particularly the environmental features (light and ventilation)

Use lattices to create extra space on void

New morphology of city



Spiral Tower


Spiral Dispersion

Step Tower

Centralised square

Progressive Function



View from Outside Staircase


1 Living room 2 Study room 3 Master Bedroom 4 Children's Bedroom 5 Dinning room 6 Kitchen 7 Tea room 8 Toilet





7 6




8 2


7 1 Living room 2 Study room 3 Master Bedroom 4 Children's Bedroom 5 Dinning room 6 Kitchen 7 Tea room 8 Toilet





An Inovation Struc

Fall/ 2017/ Liverp Group Member: Yax

This project was to design an innov art gallery by James Stirling in L gallery plays a strong role in the and as such, visually and spatially and culture. I needed to appro structure and demonstrate the si the city. I attempted to introduce a much about the circulation in ord transformation of the traditional sp


cture for an Art Gallery

pool/ Group Work xin Jiang

vative installation for an acclaimed Liverpool. As a public building, a city spaces in which it is located, represents, knowledge, education priately respond to its original ignificance of the building within a parametric solution to emphasis der to express the design idea, the pace.

Historical Significance Museume of Liverpool 2011

Liverpool One 2008

Albert Dock 1846

Exhibition Center Liverpool 2015

Site is located in Albert dock which is an ancient dock of Liverpool. The original gallery is required to redesign and reorganise the interior space. In addition, the original structure is required to protected and kept and combined with the function. This gallery is an important place for the residents and the visitors of Liverpool.


The concept is to set a new circulation which insert the original building and create an enclosure. It celebrates original architecture in two ways: responds to the original height as well as the structure.


Forth Floor

Second Floor

Ground Floor

The three inventions reactive the original interior space, giving new identi functional zones. The middle one embrace the entrance with a classical spir double height space. Inventions on the two sides reorganize the exhibition sp area separately. Abundant natural light is introduced into the building providin interactive arts.

ities to different ral staircase in a paces and activity ng conditions for


A Tourist Inform

Summer/ 2017/ Rocca Group Member: Alessandro Chojwa Lorenzo M Supervisor : Giov Consultant: G

With the common goal of develop sustainable designs based on the and its inhabitants, we are expect which play a roll as a tourist inform framed-in-wood


mation Pavilion

amonfina/ Group Work Sagrera, Ertunç Hßnkar, Kady Wong, Massimiano vanni N. Wegher, Gabriel Lenghel

ping an eco-friendly, practical and e relationship with the landscape ted to design a wood installation mation Pavilion.


SITE ANALYSIS Site locates in a playground of the town of Roccamonfina, where has been abandoned for a long time. It is close to the main road of the town as well as the central square where some activities took place. The town is also a tourist attraction to hiker and cycling lover.

Residential Area

Residential Area

Central Square Outdoor Market

Hiker Cycling lover

Human scale of the interior space.

Experience from street and park.

0 5 10




Circulation for visitor and their different purpose.

Use rubber band to define the site with actual human scale. It also help In order to create an icon for this region, the group tried to adapt a to create a basic shape of the pavilion. prototype of nonlinear roof to define the place and it is also a concrete of rubber band test.


Parking Lot

Vehicle Road

Vehicle Road







Yangkenan li portfolio  
Yangkenan li portfolio