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Dream On

Yang Jiao

Concept We all play a certain role in life. Being restricted by so many rules, we may find ourselves slowly losing the excitment and sparkles in life. Fashion is just like life therefore we need to walk into a different world, try to play a different role that can evoke the part that has been forgoten a long time ago or has never been awake...Time to escape reality and experence the dream world.

Content A. Fall/Winter 2012-2013 a. Oriental Garden 4-9 b. Dragon Warrior 10-15 c. Convert Operation 16-21 B. Fall/Winter 2011-2012 a. Fall in Love 22-25 Sources

Oriental Garden


Wake up in Oriental Garden, it is a fantasy from far, far away, Fashion travels through every place and time frame in this side of the world, the preppy, the western... where’s the future? Perhaps something ancient but new, something enigmatic but fascinating, we may just find it here.


Flowers, batterfly, gold, silver,jade... this garden has a countless amount of treasure, the ancient oriental decoration, which creates the untouchable beauty and flawless, ageless glamor.


Bow from Japanese kimono, high waistline, lace, layers, super tight waistband, big sleeves, high split in front of the leg, Mandarin create a unique look as if back in ancient Asia.


cherry bloom


honey cream

grand canyon

jade story

above ocean

Dragon Warrior


What if we could walk in the video game world and just fight, bleed, kill, conquer... Stop obeying the rules, create our own path, put on the sexiest suits and fly into the danger zone. release the beast in ourselves and expericence the amazing journey as a fighter. It’s your world, your weapon, your legend.

Inspiration Heavy metal tools give a sense of power, old stone, jewelry that symbolizes life and creation, something may have a magical story behind it and may come back alive someday...

Silhouette Leather pants, leather jackets, leather shorts, knee-high boots, poncho, heavy metal bracelet, fur... everything tight fit to create a strong, superpower look that only in a fantasy world would exist


sky high

olive juice

golden times

flame love

dark night

honey pot

Covert Operation


Time to go on an impossible mission, it’s not optional, use your secret identity, go to a strange country, get the information and escape... this is an adventure, will have to fight, bombs might explode, might be distracted, might fall in love, but show the sexiest toughest most misterious self and start thejourney.

Inspiration The old abandoned castle, sculptures, candles, dark night, something might happen anytime, that tension gives out the power to create and release.

Silhouette Military hats, jackets, patent leather boots, suits, headband, black leather gloves, suspenders, tough and sophisticated.


iceberg view

cold wind

sunset on the ocean

hot chocolate

apple martini


Fall in Love

Fall/Winter 2010-2011

Looking back at fashion Fall/Winter 2010-2011, we see extremely fit come back, hourglass sihouettes front and center. and cleavage has her come back as well. Faux fur has been used in many designs, bright color matching with the dark really catches the eyes. Also menswear inspired suits and outerwear are big for this season. Wrape sweaters and skirts are popluar. Both day and night wear has gone long, down to the ankle.

Andrew Gn


Alexander Wang

Alexander McQueen

Anna Sui

Ralph Lauren

Louis Vuitton

Jason Wu


trend forecasting fall winter 2012-2013  

trend forecasting project for up coming season

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